hello!! after seeing hoshino’s recent post on instagram i felt that we as a fandom should do something to show support and love for her between now and the release. here’s how this will work:

on tumblr, twitter, and instagram, i want as many of you as possible to post something with the tag #keepwalkinghoshinosensei, and say how you got into d.gray-man, how long you’ve been into it, and what it means to you, as well as a message of love and support for hoshino from all of us. you can draw art for her if you’d like as well.

as well as this, leave a message on hoshino’s most recent post on instagram using the tag and give her support and love and tell her we’re all proud of her for coming this far and we’ll be supportive no matter how many updates we get. even if you’re disappointed that dgm will be released quarterly, do not include that in your message.

there’s no set deadline or goal for this. between now and the 17th, and beyond that, if we keep posting support across these three sites i hope hoshino will see our support, and that’s all i’m aiming for with this tbh.

please post on instagram as well as tumblr. hoshino will highly unlikely see our supportive messages otherwise. but since the fandom is very active on here i felt a starter post would be better on this site than twitter/ig. posting on tumblr is simply to signal boost the tag and get it popular, instagram is where we mainly need to post stuff.

so yea, no idea how big this will turn out but if we can get enough people involved so that hoshino can see it that’d be great!! thank you ♥


Illustrations by Angela Rizza

Angela Rizza is a freelance illustrator from NY,USA. She graduated with her BFA in 2011 from the Fashion Institute of Technology and loves illustrating narrative works and characters. Since graduating she has been featured in Level magazine, Imagine FX, Creative Quarterly, Illustration Age.

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posted by Margaret

☆ by hoshino1000

Thank you for many warm messages.

Like the official announcement said, D.Gray-man will resume serialization in CROWN.

There are probably many who are disappointed because of the quarterly release, but this is the enviroment where the present me can properly continue drawing D.Gray-man, I’m very grateful to the editorial department who assisted me for that to be able to happen.

I honestly didn’t think I’d receive this many messages from everyone the past days, so I spent my time reading them one by one with feelings of happiness and regret*.

I’m sorry for never saying anything.
But from now on as well, please excuse me for not saying anything. This is the best way I can continue not causing trouble for my supervisor and the editorial department who allowed me to post on instagram.

The words from you are always encouragement to me. Thank you.

From Hoshino Katsura

*or guilt, like feeling sorry for those who weren’t happy about the quarterly releases


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Above is a handmade collage by Justin Angelos representing this partnership.



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