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Requested: (another) losing your virginity to Shawn

He clears his throat, looking me in the eyes. “You, um, you wanna do this?”

“O-only if you still want to.” I reply.

“Y/n, do you want to?” Shawn looks me in the eyes.

I nod, softly biting on the inside of my cheek. “Yeah. D-do you still wanna?”

He reaches into his pocket and takes out the gold condom wrapper, lightly nodding. I let out a small, shy laugh and Shawn does the same.

I stand up and lock the bedroom door and turn around, pressing my back against the door as I face Shawn. He stands up, setting the condom packet down on the wooden dresser next to the bed. I stand up straight, away from the door, and slowly take my shirt off.

The gray, loose tank top I wore now lies in the floor by my feet, leaving me in my shorts and white bra. Shawn takes off his white t-shirt and drops it to the floor. He’s shirtless, exposing his muscles, and is left in his jeans.

I take off my shorts, letting them fall down my legs and step out of them. Shawn takes off his jeans, letting them fall down and stepping out of them, too.

He sits down on the edge of the bed and I slowly walk over to him. My hands rest in his bare shoulders, his hands on my waist, as I straddle him.

We lean in and our lips meet each other’s. Our lips move in sync, our heads moving as we hungrily attack each other’s lips.

Shawn and I had a crush on each other since the middle of Freshman Year when we both had gym together. He invited me to the football game to watch him play. After that, he and I had been friends ever since.

And now, the summer right before we start college and go our separate ways, we lied on my bed, kissing each other with the passion we so long hidden deep within ourselves. I’m on my back, Shawn resting on top of me, as we scrambled to get under the covers.

“Shawn,” I say his name in a soft whisper-pant. “I’ve wanted this for a really long time.”

He kisses down at my neck and unclasps my bra with his left hand. He sits back to take off my underwear after dropping my bra on the floor. Shawn rolls in the bed next to me and takes off his underwear, then grabs the condom packet.

“Be careful,” I say. “Don’t rip it.”

“I’m not.” He replies, lightly ripping off the top corner of the wrapper. I hold the sheets to my chest and wait for him to roll the condom on his erection. “Alright,” Shawn says when it’s on.

He rolls on to me, proving himself on his forearms and looks at me. “We doing this?”

“I think we are,” I nod. I open my legs a bit more, slightly bending my knees as my feet rest on the mattress. My hands go to his shoulders as he kisses my lips once more.

“Ready, y/n?” He asks me one last time. I nod.

“Ready,” I whisper. Shawn looks down at his body and he slowly brings his body closer to mine.

I feel his tip begin to enter me. I inhale slightly and he adjusts himself and continues sliding himself in me. “Oh, God,” he softly moans once our skins come in contact with each other.

I exhale softly as he looks me in the eye, slowly pulling himself out. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine,” I truthfully tell him.

Shawn looks at me, as if waiting for a sign from me to tell him to continue. “Go.” He rests his head in the crook of my neck, peppering my skin with soft and delicate kisses as he softly thrusts himself into me.

“Shawn,” I pant his name. His left hand travels up to my right hand. He takes it in his as he intertwines our fingers together, our hands clasped together rest out on the pillow besides me. Shawn kisses up my neck to my lips, kissing at them hungrily and sweetly.

He accidentally thrusts a bit too rough in me, accidentally making me bite his bottom lip. “Fuck,” he curses under his breath.

As bad as it seems, I lightly laugh. Shawn chuckles with me, still thrusting into me, before kissing my lips once more. “Don’t bite me this time.”

“I won’t,” I smile, “unless you want me to.”

Shawn moves at a different angle, making me moan a bit louder.

“Are your parents home?” He asks me.

I shake my head. “They’re having - ah - d-dinner next door.”

He slows down before coming to a slight stop. “So, we can be loud?”

“Yeah, just not too loud for the neighbors to hear.” I reply. Shawn smirks, kisses my lips, and thrusts into me again - this time, a bit faster.

“Oh, God. Shawn.” I moan, wrapping my legs around his waist.

Shawn wasn’t a virgin. He told me about his first time, how it happened at the Junior year Homecoming after party. He, along with some football friends, went to this party and he got drunk, hooked up with a girl, and lost his virginity to her. After that happened, he came to my house. I snuck him into my room and listened to him tell me it was a mistake while he threw up in my trash can. That same night, he fell asleep in my bed and we had our first kiss together. He was too drunk to remember it happened.

“Y/n.” He moans. “Oh, fuck.”

I wince as he pounds into me. He goes rough, causing me to hurt.

“Oh, shit.” He apologizes. “Sorry.” He slows down, but still thrusts into me.

My hands rest on his upper back while his forearms rest besides me on the mattress. “You feel good.” He groans.

“Don’t stop.” I moan. “Shawn, don’t stop.”

“I’m not stopping, baby.” He replies.

“Don’t stop.” I toss my head back on the pillow beneath me and he seizes the opportunity to kiss down and suck at the skin on my neck.

“Oh, y/n.” He moans my name. “You feel so good.”

Shawn slows things down and I look at him. We make eye contact and he smiles, kissing my lips. I feel butterflies in my stomach at the touch of his kiss. The bed squeaks softly as we both pant each other’s names and soft little moans. We both moan silently, even though no one is home.

“Are you okay?” He whispered, kissing at my lips.

“Ah huh.” I nod, kissing him back. His right hand holds onto my thigh, running his fingers lightly up and down my skin while his left hand is holding onto the side of my face, deepening our kisses.

I wrap my arms around his upper body, my hands resting on his back. He smells so good. And the feeling of him inside me is a plus. He’s big, I can tell, but there’s no pain.

I think it’s because we’re connected emotionally and now physically.

Everything about Shawn made me realize that the feelings I had for him was strong. And I’m sure he can say the same.

He slows down and pulls himself all the way out. Shawn looks me in the eyes and slowly slides himself back all the way in, making me gasp. “Sorry,” he mumbles. Again, he pulls out and slides back in very slowly, making me gasp and moan in pleasure.

“I want you,” Shawn says to me. “So bad.”

Shawn picks up the pace - but he asked if he could go fast. I nod, and he starts to go slightly rougher. His hand is in my hair, softly tugging at it.

I gulp and that’s when I feel it.

“Shawn,” I moan a bit loud. “I…”

“Almost there?” He asks me.

“Uh huh.” I reply, panting and gripping into the bed sheets.

“I’m almost there too. Hold it.” He picks up the pace, trying to hurry his orgasm, too.

I can’t hold it in any more. My right hand goes to his shoulder, my left clenched to the white bed sheet as I orgasm. Midway through, Shawn orgasm’s. His body collapses on top of mine, and I wrap my arms around his slightly sweaty body. Both of our breathing is hard. My chest heaves up and down as I try to catch my breath. I bring my hands to Shawn’s hair and run my fingers though it as he kisses my collarbone.

“I’ve got a confession.” Shawn says.

“What is it?” My throat is dry.

“That night we kissed,” he speaks, “I wasn’t really drunk.”

“Want to know mine?”


“I knew you weren’t.”

Shawn lifts his head up and smirks, kissing me on the lips. “We’re meant for each other, aren’t we?”

I nod and laugh.

“High five.” Shawn jokes, raising his hand up for me to smack it with mine. I do and Shawn’s slides himself out of me and rolls onto his back, removing the condom and tossing it in the trash can next to my bed.

“Hey?” Shawn asks me. “How’s it feel to sleep with one of the top quarterbacks ranked in state?”

I laugh and rest my head on his chest. “Pretty good.”

Five years later, Shawn and I married.

this low key sucked :-) and I didn’t know how to end it

Fantasy Tiers - QB

Tier 1

  • Aaron Rodgers
  • Michael Vick
  • Tom Brady
  • Phillip Rivers
  • Drew Brees
  • Peyton Manning

Stud QBs from top to bottom. Consistent performers to keep you in it week in and week out. Little to no risk in selecting these guys in the first few rounds.

Tier 2

  • Tony Romo
  • Ben Roethlisberger
  • Matt Schaub
  • Matt Ryan
  • Josh Freeman

Solid grouping of QBs that will get you points for a reasonable price. Good production with upside as well. If you miss out on the top tier guys, you can wait on one of these QBs. I believe the young QBs in Matt Ryan and Josh Freeman have a chance to take the next step to top tier production.

Tier 3

  • Eli Manning
  • Matthew Stafford
  • Jay Cutler
  • Sam Bradford
  • Joe Flacco
  • Matt Cassel
  • Mark Sanchez
  • Kyle Orton
  • Kevin Kolb

I wouldnt recommend waiting this long on your QB but these guys are in good situations to improve their fantasy stock. Young QBs who have shown some promise in Sam Bradford, Matt Stafford and Mark Sanchez could develop into very productive QBs if they can stay healthy (Stafford) and improve their consistency (Sanchez). If your looking for reliable backups in good situations i suggest one of the tier 3 guys.

- Cat