Meet twelve women who have transformed the phrase “you play like a girl” into a huge compliment! Among them are Mo'ne Davis, a 13-year-old baseball pitcher who made history when she threw a complete-game shut out that led her team to the Little League World Series; Erin Dimeglio, the first varsity high school football quarterback in the state of Florida; and Billie Jean King, who won 39 Grand Slam titles in tennis.

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the signs as high school topics

aries: the quarterback

taurus: prom queen/king

gemini: hippie guy 

cancer: cheerleader

leo: everyone’s crush

virgo: kid with overprotective parents

libra: the emo 

scorpio: anime nerd

sagittarius: rich kid

capricorn: the one who is always in the library and gets A+ in everything

aquarius: science nerd

pisces: drama club president


August 28 2014                Christian Hackenberg/Penn St

College Hunk 2014  #6 Christian Hackenberg

Tall, athletic, muscular and a leader of men. Ok so Christian is perfect. Did you know that Christian went to a military school and is growing long hair for the first time in his life. Long hair or short this studly QB will lead Penn St to numerous victories on the football field. And as you can see by the way Christian acts around his teammates… This hot boy is not to shy to show what he’s got!!