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oKAY so some months ago, I saw this post from @snapback-gravity-falls detailing a partial timeline for a Gravity Falls/Hunger Games crossover, and I haven’t stopped thinking about it for all this time…

Since then I’ve had a ton of fun expanding the idea, and time permitting, maybe I’ll acTUALLY end up doing something with it? Little sketchy comics of some scenes, or something? Hopefully! :D


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Prompt 22

Prompt 22: Canon Divergent fic where the Quarter Quell never happens and Katniss and Peeta have to continue living their lives in front of the Capitol [submitted by Anonymous]

*Hope this isn’t too dark(ish) or too short. I’m probably going to make this into a longer fic because man I was getting really into this prompt and this is only a small portion of what I blabbered out!*

Rating: Teen Audiences and up

The silence of the barren home resounds around me. My hands, having nothing better to do, swirl the last dregs of tea leaves about in the long-chilled mug. The musty shack lets the dust thickly frost abandoned washbins and counters. The table where Prim once laid out my Reaping Day breakfast has warped, from an unattended leak in the ceiling. I should take better care of this place, I know. If anything were to happen to me, my mother and sister will need to move back here. A shudder runs through me, at the thought. It was proven to be more of a possibility than anyone had let us know, during our Victory Speech in District Two several months ago. The memory of shots ringing out, of Peeta slumping to the cobblestone floor haunt my already troubled dreams. The sob choked out of my chest, my panic and tears doing nothing to allay his injury. Faintest, shallow breaths escaping his lips before Peacekeepers dragged me away from him. Peeta still has the scars on his chest and arms, bitter reminders as achingly hard for me to see as his offset leg. The fear of loss, of all my work to keep him safe, him, the kindest boy I know being in vain. The memory of Snow’s approving nod, during our feast at his mansion, comes full-forced now, kicks at me to drown in my punishment until all I can do is stop myself from crying out.

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Jennifer is begging you to vote for Catching Fire’s actors and scenes  nominated at the MTV Movie Awards.

Masterlist: Long Fics - Complete - Rated T and Below

This is a list of really long complete fics in the Hunger Games fandom.  Our definition of “really long” is over 100,000 words.

Please make sure to read the tags and summary before diving into the fic.  Some stories may feature subject matter which is not to everyone’s tastes

As with all masterlists, if you find a story that fits but is not on this list, let us know by sending us a message or fanmail with the story link.


Canon-compliant means that the story could be a part of the series and does not contradict anything within the series.  

A Far Worse Game To Play - YoAngel4E (has an unfinished sequel)

A Tale of Two Victors - sfcbruce

Baby Steps - ronja

Burned - oddcoupler222 (has an unfinished sequel)

Dead by Morning - KnottedEnergy

Growing Together Again - pookieortega

Here is the Place Where I Love You - Meadowlark27

I Am Strong - mtwordsr

Stay With Me - Dell-Indilwen

The Mockingjay Marries Mellark - Cinna’s Bird (has an unfinished sequel)

Written in Stone -offmyheadwritings

Young Blood - museofmirth


Canon-divergent means that the story will follow the source material up to a certain point then split off covering new ground.  Common points of divergence in the Hunger Games fandom are just after the first games and on the train during the victory tour.

A Little Princess - Forfun100

A Night Visit - jmint945

Breaking Hope - cheezebuns

Courage and Sacrifice - manniness

Gale’s Amaranth - spectrum700

I Found You - michelle1039 (has an unfinished sequel)

Lo and Behold, Gravity, and Hourglass - TheSoggyBug

Married In The Quarter Quell - riverknowshisname

Someone to Watch Over Me, My Last Breath, and Come Rain or Come Shine - ArthursCamelot

Something Has To Be Real - RestlessIdeas

The 100th Games - nerdhourariel (has an unfinished sequel)

The Difference - Lovely Kacey Faith

The Mockingjay - crisskisses

Vox Libertas - forfuturereference   (has an unfinished sequel)

In Panem Alternate Universe

These stories take place in Panem (either with or without the Games) but due to circumstances do not follow the same path as canon.  Common In Panem Alternate Universes include: Katniss goes to Cray, Peeta talks to Katniss before the 74th Hunger Games, the Hunger Games do not exist, the revolution already happened, etc. 

74th Hunger Games Challenge: We Always Were and Catching Fire: Rekindling - jamie sommers (has an unfinished sequel)

House of Chaos - dandelion-on-fire

My First Date With Katniss Everdeen - holymfwickee

Safe With Mellark - MissBunburyHope (has an unfinished sequel)

Saving the Boy - Embracing-Immensity

Spectator - fanficallergy (has an unfinished sequel)

Stay With Me - FirePearl97

Modern Alternate Universe

These stories take place in the modern world.

A Date with Panem’s Golden Boy - hoshiakari7

Goodbye (Again) - soamazinghere

Graceland - Juliet’s Shadow

Katniss and the Rebels - KillianJones32

My Love - KatPeeta23                    

Reasons to hate Monday - ilovepeeta4ever

Running - thggirl

The Fighter - MoiraCPercy

The New Girl - ilovepeeta4ever

They Shall Not Break - dracoisalooker76 (second in a series)

Whatever Happens Here - cchester1985

You’re Mine - KatPeeta23

Other Alternate Universe

These stories take place in other alternate universes - historical, fairytale, etc.

Daughter of Samland, Son of Denmark - manniness (historical au)

Mockingjay: Legacy - Pen1 (crossover with Transformers)

Completed: 1/3/16

Last Updated: 7/23/17


Yes, you read that correctly… I actually wrote stuff O.o

I may have finished Mockingjay at 7AM the other day and started scribbling because OMG feels! right?!!

It’s barely a series of drabbles loosely linked by some sort of mental trip of mine but ellanainthetardis said I could post it =D

Below a cut because of reasons:

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AU: Gale Hawthorne, District 12’s Victor of the 71st Hunger Games, and Johanna Mason, District 7’s Victor of the 68th Hunger Games, have found hope and happiness in each other and have built a new life together. But when the Third Quarter Quell comes with a bad twist for them, their happiness is torn to pieces and they’re forced to leave their home and family to face death again in the 75th Hunger Games. And only one of them will be able to go back to their children.

anonymous asked:

Hi :) Are there any fics where Katniss is pregnant in district 13 while Peeta is hijacked? Thanks!

Hi! Here are a few:

A Pregnant Mockingjay - 2fast4u2

On Our Own - icalledherocean

More Than Words - OfPearlsandShoelaces

Ghosts That We Knew - ILoVeWicked

Married in the Quarter Quell - riverknowshisname

Come Rain Or Come Shine - ArthursCamelot

Mockingjay: Broken Wings - Jamie Sommers

A Love Lost - thefaultinourstarfish

Bread on Fire - Scandalous Sparkle

Quarter Quells and Baby Shoes - riverknowshisname