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Title: Dawn

AN: Thank you @norbertsmom  for betaing at the 10th hour hugs 

Snow was dead.

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La fille du feu

The Girl on Fire! :D based on one of Mucha’s pieces.

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Note about the translations: after consulting several French-speakers and the French Hunger Games wiki, these are the translations I’ve decided to use. In the past, people have complained and criticized my choice in French translations (despite the fact that I always get input from French-speakers), so I assume that–no matter what–people are going to disagree as to what the best translation is, especially with pop culture stuff. 

So, basically, this is what I decided on after a lot of deliberating with those familiar with the language, and it’s what I’m sticking with. :) Sorry if you don’t agree!


“I want you guys to forget everything you think you know about the games. Last year was child’s play. This year, you’re dealing with all experienced killers.”
Haymitch Abernathy

do you like AXE-WEILDING, REVENGE-DRIVEN LADIES? have you ever had an intense craving for some ANGST??? do you remember when THE HUNGER GAMES had a fandom that wasn’t dead? well, look no further! because here’s JOHANNA MASON, victor of the 71st hunger games, survivor of the 3rd quarter quell, and an all around tough lady! she’s got heaps of sarcasm, dark humor, anger, abandonment issues, loneliness, and also she’s pretty gay, too??!?!?!! if you’re interested in roleplaying with her, please give this post a LIKE or REBLOG! you’ll be in for a super fun time !

The odds are never in our favor!

Jynnic Hunger Games 75th Quarter Quell AU: Orson Krennic is a former winner from District 3 who forms an unlikely and tenuous alliance with recent winner, District 11′s Jyn Erso, during the games…an alliance that expands and deepens as rebellion spreads into war.


Peeta Mellark x Reader

Word Count: 722

Rated: PG

Point of View: You POV

Warnings: Mini spoilers from Catching Fire, nothing huge

Written By: harry-stiles-boyss


It is the 75th Hunger Games, the Quarter Quell. Unfortunately this meant that you and Peeta were entering the arena for the second year in a row. It was a miracle that the two of you got out of the 74th Hunger Games alive, but you know that after the ‘mysterious’ absence of Seneca Crane. There is a good chance that the two of you will not make it out together so you are spending every second together.

You are madly in love with Peeta and Peeta is madly in love with you. You really only met when you went to the first games together. You bonded then when you continued to save each others lives.

Right now you are sitting underneath a tree watching guard of your little group of allies while Peeta was out trying to find some food. You couldn’t imagine if you won. At this point you can’t bear to win because you didn’t want to live without Peeta. You would rather die then know you have to spend the ret of your life without him. Even if you found someone else nobody could fill the void. 

Peeta is so gentle and kind. He cares more for you then he cares for himself. When he looks at you his eyes are simple and pure. They are filled with love and passion. It isn’t the kind of passion that makes him want to make out every second, but kiss you gently. 

He had been gone for about twenty minutes and you can’t help but be nervous. Even though Peeta’s skill has improved since the last game he still is more of a lover then a fighter. He does fight though when he needs to because he wants to protect you.

Out of nowhere you began to hear faint scream in the distance. you moved your head to hear where the screams were coming from. As the screams grow louder you begin to recognize the voice.

“Peeta!” You scream

“(Y/N)! (Y/N) help me!” Peeta screams

“Peeta! Peeta!” You scream sprinting to the direction of the screams. Your allies begin to follow after you. The screams began to circle around you. You see many birds flying around the sky above you. There are many screams around you when you realize that the screams you are hearing are jabberjays. They project the sound of someone who means a lot to you. They are a mind torture device. You have heard of them, but you have never been in the presence of them.

Even though you know that Peeta is okay you can’t help but panic and think of how they got those sounds.

You continue to scream as you run back to the shore. Once you look up from the ground you see Peeta running toward you. A wave of relief washes over you until you hit a force field. As much as you push you cannot break through the force field. You slide to the ground and put your hands over your ears. You are trying your best to distract yourself from the screams.

Peeta makes his way to you. He also tries to push the force field, but he is stuck on the other side.

He is screaming your name, but you can’t hear the comforting sounds of his voice. He rests his head and hands on the force field trying his best to get as close to you as he can.

At one point your hands are on your ears and your are rocking on the ground and you hadn’t eve noticed that the force filed had broken. Peeta immediately engulfed your shaking body into his arms and you rested your head on his chest. You is chest heaving up and down. Peeta is running his hands through your hair as you continue to shake. 

“Shhhh shhhh your okay…your okay.” Peeta says. He runs his hand up and down your spine. This gives you chills, but calms you at the same time.

“I’m okay… I’m right here and I’m okay. They were just mutts, I’m okay.” Peeta whispers. At this point you you couldn’t properly say a full sentence so you simply reply with;

“I love you.”

He smiles knowing that your words are sincere, “I love you too.”


“We star-crossed lovers of District 12, who suffered so much and enjoyed so little the rewards of our victory, do not seek our fans’ favor, grace them with our smiles, or catch their kisses. We are unforgiving. And I love it. Getting to be myself at last.”


Just an AU where siblings are chosen to battle in The Hunger Games. Quarter Quell. 24 people enter only one pair, or one person survives.