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1855 John Stull Stereo Viewer Double Dag Daguerreotype Quarter Plate

A stereoscope is a device for viewing a stereoscopic pair of separate images, depicting left-eye and right-eye views of the same scene, as a single three-dimensional image.

Two separate images are printed side-by-side. When viewed without a stereoscopic viewer the user is required to force his eyes either to cross, or to diverge, so that the two images appear to be three. Then as each eye sees a different image, the effect of depth is achieved in the central image of the three.

Embossed United States of America, Patented by John Stull Feb. 27, 1855. Orders furnished to any part of the United States or in Europe by the patentee S.W. Corner 6th 8 Chestnut St. Philadelphia, PA, green cover with gold embossing, Item is complete and comes with a rare stereo dag of a beautiful young girl in period clothes



Henri the IVth of France, Henri the IIIrd of Navarre, the “good king Henri”, forst monarch of the Capetian house of Bourbon.
Seen here rocking a bitching three-quarter plate harness, along with his telltale panache blanc - the white feathers on his helmet. Succeeding Henri the third of the house of Valois after his assassination by an ultracatholic during the French wars of religion, Henri the fourth reigned from 1589 to 1610 when he was himself assassinated by a catholic extremist. He was remembered fondly by the common people, something which cannot necessarily be said about his grandson Louis the XIVth.

Out of the frying pan, into the fire

Happy May the fourth, @yavemiel!!

Hope you like this, I went with your “domestic Rebelcaptain” prompt :-) 

*Special thanks to @wheres-your-rum for being a lovely beta and giving me ideas for a title, even though it’s not her ship <3

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Words: 1300

Rated: T (some groping, but nothing explicit :-)

“Hold the knife like this.”

Cassian came behind Jyn, slipped his arm around her, and gently placed his hand over hers. The touch was electric, she tried to ignore the heat that ignited in her hand and spread to the rest of her body. She tried to pay attention to the way he was showing her how to cut the onion, but then his breath was hot against her neck, his nose gently nuzzling her skin.

“Cassian…” his name came out in one long breath as she struggled to stay coherent. “Please, stay focused.”

“I’m sorry, I just can’t help myself.” he grinned mischievously, leaving her to the chopping and moving to prep the saucepan for the meat. “Why do you want to learn this so badly anyway? I can always cook you whatever you like.”

“That’s not the point.” Jyn furrowed her brow, trying to remember how he had instructed her to cut the onion. “I’d just like to learn, okay?”

Cassian chuckled. “Okay.” he conceded. “Oh, and make sure you’re holding the knife with your thumb out, otherwise you’re going to cut off your fingers.”

Jyn sighed.

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Exceptional Quarter Plate Daguerreotype of a Woman Telegrapher,  Daguerreian images of telegraphers are hardly unknown, but to Cowan’s Auctions knowledge this is the first featuring a female operator.

Anonymous, ca. 1850, housed in a full black leather case with gilt and mother of pearl highlights.

When Samuel Morse used an electrical telegraph to send the message What Hath God Wrought in May, 1844 from Washington, D.C. to Baltimore, Maryland, he transformed communication in the United States. By the end of the Civil War, the telegraph had become the means by which information was transmitted long, as well as short distances.

Daguerreian images of telegraphers are hardly unknown, but to Cowan’s Auctions knowledge this is the first featuring a female operator. She stares confidently into the camera, her hands on a key and relay, a tape suspended magically in the air. On the left side of the plate the telegrapher has her first two fingers positioned on the ivory knob of an early camelback (also called a humpback) telegraph key, and in the center is an early and scarce Morse-design weight-driven telegraph register by J. Burritt & Son of Ithaca, NY. The register recorded the dots and dashes of the telegraph signal onto a paper tape so that messages could be received (and recorded) at any time, thus allowing the telegraph office to receive and record messages even when no telegraph operator was present. The paper tape can be seen entering the machine from an unseen spool of tape suspended above the machine. After the dots and dashes were recorded onto the tape from a pointed stylus, the tape exited the machine and fell to the floor.

Daguerreotype portrait of Second Lieutenant David Adams, c. 1845. He served with Company D of the Palmetto Regiment during the Mexican-American War and was killed at the 1847 Battle of Churubusco in Mexico. By Mathew Brady.



Let’s talk a bit about changes brought to the bridge:

- The most striking aspect and seen throughout the movie on the rest of the ship is lighting. It’s a lot darker on the ship for a more dramatic effect, whether internal (such as the bridge or sickbay) or say from orbiting the Armagosa Star (the ready room, Ten Forward, Picard’s Quarters). There’s also grill plating over the turbolift entrances.

- Additional stations: Gone are the plush side panels. The Art of Star Trek stated that they always wanted the side stations but the cost of having those manned all the time proved to be too prohibitive. But here they wanted to say, nah it’s been like this from day one. So additional stations are in and all their supported doodads!

- Raising the Command Well: There are now two small steps leading to the command area I guess to make it easier to film over the shoulder and see them on wider shots?

- Accents: Everything is made to been seen more in the film. The struts over the dome are thicker, the lights at the captain’s chair are also larger. 

- More chairs: Worf now gets to sit down at tactical (not seen here) on a stool. The cube-like chair they had shifting in the back in the series has been replaced by stools like the one on the side.

- Handholds: the ship does shake a lot after all. Was the set on gimbals for Generations?

Congratulations! You have acquired one (1) roommate!
Fandom: Haikyuu!! 
Words: 465
Based on that time I asked for five words to work into a story. This happened. 

Iwaizumi is done, Oikawa is adaptable, and Kuroo is so fucked. 

“It was an accident, I swear!”

“How on earth do you call this an accident?!”

“What else should I call it?!”

“Your unlimited, jarringly insistent talent to destroy anything you touch?!”

“Wow, that was pretty harsh, Iwa-chan.”

“Don’t you Iwa-chan me. Put that pout back where it came from or you’ll lose your teeth. And explain again how you … wait, is that an apricot in the lamp.”

“Technically it’s three apricots and a condom. I’m not entirely sure why we thought there should be a condom.”

“It’s time for you to die, Oikawa -”

“Hey, hey, wait, wait – ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch -”

“Bravo, you’ve done it now. You’ve earned your ticket out of being my roommate.”

“What? Iwa-chan, you look a little …”

“You cut open my sofa, shattered three quarters of my plates, spilled alcohol over my carpet and broke the door because you wanted to show someone my hamster. The hamster I left back home. No, Oikawa. You’ve gone too far. I’m done with this, look, I’m done with parties and what you deem college life. I want to not fail my exams and get some peace and quiet. Get your stuff.”

“You’re cute when you’re kidding.”

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anonymous asked:

Would you have any recommendations of a vegan pho recipe? Thanks!

i’ll share mine but a few things first: 1. i don’t use measurements just like my mom so you’ll have to deal  2. this is for a big ass pot bc that’s the only way we make phở 3. you can use diff sugar. i am one of thsoe vegans that doesn’t consume refined sugar either. idc what you do obv 4. i’m bad at vietnamese don’t laugh 5. consider yourself lucky that i’m sharing this. it took me a lot of years of a lot of annoying stuff including climbing internalized bullshit mountain to get this recipe how it is


- ingredients:

  • củ cải (daikon radish - prob go to a s.e. azn market)
  • gua sang? (jicama)
  • 2 white or yellow onions
  • white part of hanh (green onion)
  • a lil ginger thing
  • spice bag: like a.. soup spoon full of fennel and a soup spoon full of coriander, 1-2 cinnamon sticks, couple pinches of clove, and maybe a palmful of star anise
  • shiitake mushrooms (not a lot of ppl do this but i do)
  • duong - rock sugar or palm sugar… how mcuh?? idk. maybe like.. 2 or 3 of those pog chunks you get at the azn market
  • veg broth somehow (cans or bullion- whatever)

- cut ginger so you get long faces of ginger cross-section > char ginger and whole onions (or like stick it in the oven until a little juice comes out of the onions)
- get a giant ass pot and fill it with water, or a mix of water n canned broth. heat that shit up
- spice bag > pot
- white part of hanh > pot
- bullion if you’re using it > pot
- duong > pot
- cut cu cai across its girth into fat chunks > pot
- skin gua sang? & quarter it > pot
- onions & ginger when they’re done > pot
- cut up shiitake mushrooms into thick slices (this is for flavor but you can also def eat them. they’ll be so good after a few days) > pot


- ingredients:

  • ngò gai (they won’t have this at “conventional” supermarkets, you’ll have to di chợ việt nam or a general SE azn market)
  • hanh (green onion)
  • rau mùi (cilantro)
  • la hue (“thai basil” - go to an azn market)
  • giá (mung bean sprouts. i HATE gia in my pho but i think most ppl like it)
  • chanh (lime)
  • yellow or white onion
  • jalapenos

- cut up ngò gai, hanh and rau mùi into like lil pieces. like how you usually see green onions chopped up. cut them all that small. they can mix too > plate ‘em
- wash la hue & giá > plate ‘em
- cut mandoline thin slices of onion > plate
- quarter chanh > plate
- slice jalapenos across girth > plate


- đậu hũ (tofu) sliced and friend - this is my “meat”
- bánh phở (phở noodles) - soak noodles in water
- tưởng đến & tương ớt (hoison sauce & sriracha)


- cook the broth for AT LEAST a few hours. if you can wait, eat it the next day. it will be so much better. once the green & white onions start getting mushy take them out

- fill up pho-sized bowl (this is like 5x volume of white person soup bowls) with noodles - boil them somehow for a VERY short time (you can boil water and pour it into bowl then immediately strain out water, or you can boil water and drop the noodles in then immediately take them out) the timing is important bc the noodles cook again some more when you pour the boiling pho broth over them. you don’t want them overcooked

- put dau hu, herbs (la hue- just the leaves, ngò gai, hanh, rau mùi) jalapenos & giá on top of cooked noodles

- pour boiling pho broth over everything (you can take the shiitake mushrooms too.) you’ve got to put like TOO MUCH broth. that’s how you eat it. the noodles have to drown in that shit

- squeeze chanh into broth

- add tưởng đến & tương ớt

- don’t use a fork

- don’t instagram that shit unless you yourself are vietnamese or unless you think you’ve been super respectful to the recipe. if you haven’t, if you felt like using fucking soba noodles or putting goddamn asparagus in that shit, don’t even call it pho and don’t ever tlak to me again

charliepeaceout  asked:

I've always imagined a late evening where the student just came from detention from Umbridge and her hand is bleeding and she just collapses onto the floor and starts to cry and Snape finds her there and brings her to his classroom and fixes her hand and is gentle with her but still his usual and then as she leaves he comments on how she needs to stay out of trouble if she doesn't want that to happen again

The short, huddled form shuffled down the deserted hallway, not seeing the long, dark shadow following close behind.

Severus Snape allowed his lips to curl back in a ghoulish grin as he prepared to swoop on the first year student, who was obviously unaware that she was not alone. But, just as he was about to clear his throat loudly to announce his presence and enjoy the look of pure horror that was sure to be on her face, the student took a big stuttering breath and collapsed onto her knee with a gasp of pain, cradling her arm.

Immediately, he ran to her, his mind racing with possibilities- she was so tiny, a child really. What if her housemates had given her a cursed object or cast a spell on her? What if she’d had a bad reaction to one of Zonko’s novelty products?  Plenty of muggleborn students found their way to the Infirmary the first few months for all of these reasons and more.

“Can you speak?” he asked, his voice as flat as he could make it. He did not wish to be known for being over-motional, for students could smell fear like wolves, yet he still had to know.

“It…it’s….” the girl pulled her sleeve back with a shaking hand and Severus saw red, literally.

Long, red incisions curled up her wrist and forearm, and as she pulled her sleeve up to her shoulder with a choked sob, he could see where they disappeared into her robes.

“How did this happen?” He could not help the edge in his voice.  

The girl looked up with brown, tearful eyes and shook her head, unable to speak.  She was only a child, with scrawny arms, a dusting of freckles across her nose, and dark hair pulled back in a disheveled ponytail.

“Let me see,” he asked, his voice growing gentle as he turned her arm over and examined it in the flickering torchlight.

It was then that he realized that the wounds were…words

Severus knew what sort of item would do this.  He also knew that it was the sort of implement that only old, pureblooded families would have.  When he realized what the words said, he found himself clenching one fist tightly at his side.


Of course, that would be why he would not have known that a student was serving detention that night.  The other professors would know to leave a note in the staff room, but that damned pink menace thought that she was above all of that.  She didn’t respect the rules unless they served her, and Severus found himself filled with revulsion at the sickly sweet way she always grinned when she knew she had gotten her way. He knew she was probably grinning fit to burst in her quarters, those damnable cat plates gamboling silently behind her.

“You don’t have to strain yourself.  Here.” Severus pulled out his wand, which made the girl flinch and he mentally berated himself.  

Of course. He was the feared Potions professor. He never showed his wand in class except to tap the board to make the day’s lesson appear, and many of the students assumed that he was a Dark Wizard.  

“I’m going to conjure up a stretcher and tend to your wounds. They are serious and you should not be moved too far,” he said slowly, keeping himself as still as he could.

She nodded weakly and he did as he’d said, moving the stretcher to the floor next to her.

“Can you get onto it yourself, or do you require assistance?” He stood back, giving her space to choose.

“I…I can do it,” she sniffed, scooting onto it clumsily.

“There will be a bit of a jolt as I levitate it, but I shall go slowly. I shall take you to the Potions storeroom first because the salve you need is not kept in the Infirmary on a regular basis, but afterwards, I will take you to see Madam Pomfrey for observation.”

He tried to be businesslike and cold. He did not want her to know how furious he felt on her behalf.  Children should not be treated in this manner, especially not first year students! Sure, he had assigned students to scrub toilets and pick up thestral dung, but none of it was designed to be serious or cause permanent scarring.

He walked silently, levitating the stretcher next to him.  The girl lay quietly, her chest shaking slightly as she breathed.  He knew that magical bloodletting pens were only customarily used for two things in pureblooded families- to sign the at the bottom of binding contracts and Dark rituals. The most common of these rituals were the blood wards that protected old pureblooded family homes, and usually required the services of a professional Bloodletter to properly set them.

“It will sting, but I have a numbing cream that I will place on top of it.  These are deep wounds, and you are being very brave. Do not move. I will be back momentarily,” he said, leaving the stretcher hovering a couple of feet in the air next to the desk in his office as he walked over to the storeroom.

The girl sniffed again. “I can be brave.  I’m Gryffindor after all.”

His back was to her, but he still had to stifle a snicker with his hand.  He’d let the girl hold onto her delusion for a little longer.  He knew from experience that it was often useful to hold onto a sense of hope while in pain, even if it was all just a lie in the end.

He made short work of gathering the materials he needed.

“Place your arm out,” he said sternly, and the girl did as he’d asked, even though she still winced and grit her teeth tightly at the obvious pain of her efforts.

He started by rubbing in the salve, which neutralized the dark magic in the wounds.  It would also prevent permanent scarring. Luckily, once it was deep in her wounds, it began to move on its own up her forearm and disappeared up past her shoulder. They had already faded from an angry red to a pale pink color. Then, he administered the numbing cream, which made the girl nearly go limp with relief.

“I shall allow Madam Pomfrey to check your…additional wounds,” he said, knowing that there was no way that he was going to disrobe a female student in his office. “I will, however, bandage your arm to help keep the numbing salve from rubbing off.”

He made quick work of wrapping the wound, as he’d had many opportunities to practice on himself in the past, then pulled out his wand again to move her stretcher. He noticed that this time, she just looked up at him, her eyes filled with a mixture of awe…and respect.  

He turned away, pretending he hadn’t noticed.

But he had.

Madam Pomfrey had made quite a display when he dropped off the student, along with a large phial of the cream.

The girl finally told them both why she’d given him detention.  Apparently, she’d pronounced her name incorrectly, and Umbridge had…well…taken umbrage. 

“I will make sure to brew more, as that harridan is sure to be sending students to detention for absurd reasons all year long,” Severus said, looking at the bed where the student, a Melissa Stephens who was indeed a first year Gryffindor, lay.  Her eyes were closed, but he knew she wasn’t sleeping as Madam Pomfrey closed the privacy curtain.

“Poor dear, she didn’t deserve such a terrible experience,” Madam Pomfrey tutted. “It’s a good thing that you were there to save her, Severus.”

“Saving is a bit of an overstatement, Poppy,” Severus said, deadpan, “I merely happened to see her in the hall and noticed that she was injured.  No more, no less.”

The Mediwitch rolled her eyes as she walked him back to the entrance of the Infirmary. 

“I saw how she looked at you, Severus.  As far as she’s concerned, you saved her life.”

“Hardly,” Severus replied, rolling his eyes as well. “However, I do find it disturbing what this Umbridge woman is doing to students, especially mere children like that.”

“It’s true,” Madam Pomfrey nibbled on her thumb and frowned, “After all, that girl there is young enough to be your daughter.”

Severus stopped mid-step and looked at the Mediwitch with an arched eyebrow.

“Well, she’s someone’s daughter!” Poppy replied huffily. “I shall be sure to send an owl first thing in the morning to inform her parents.”

“Do me a favor and leave my name out of it. I’ve had enough good publicity.  If anyone found out that I have a heart, it would cause the Wizarding World as we know it to crumble apart.”  Severus turned and raised his hand in a slight wave and began his journey down the stairs back to the dungeons again.

He could hear the Mediwitch chuckling as she closed the door, but he pretended not to notice.  After all, a man had to keep at least some of his dignity intact.

But, as he walked on his own into the darkness of the dungeons, his mind began to turn over the problem that was Dolores Umbridge and he scowled at the thoughts that began to fill his head.  He knew he wouldn’t be sleeping much for the rest of the week.  There was no time for such luxuries. It was time to do research and prepare.

Darkness was coming, and it had a damnable pink bow.

Double Portrait Of A Woman
Date ca. 1850
Artist: Unknown
Ninth plate daguerreotype | Hair | Pencil | Paper

These are two ninth plate daguerreotypes mounted in an early three-quarter plate case, with hair locks and pencil on paper inscription: Have a care of this vain deceitful World & the lusts of the flesh; be sure You choose God for your portion, hea - ven for your home God’s glory for Your end his word for your rule & then you need never fear but We shall meet with comfort. Baxter

Chrysler Museum