quarter plate

Daguerreotype portrait of a man posing with a pile of books and a flute, 1857.

Source: Sotheby’s.


1855 John Stull Stereo Viewer Double Dag Daguerreotype Quarter Plate

A stereoscope is a device for viewing a stereoscopic pair of separate images, depicting left-eye and right-eye views of the same scene, as a single three-dimensional image.

Two separate images are printed side-by-side. When viewed without a stereoscopic viewer the user is required to force his eyes either to cross, or to diverge, so that the two images appear to be three. Then as each eye sees a different image, the effect of depth is achieved in the central image of the three.

Embossed United States of America, Patented by John Stull Feb. 27, 1855. Orders furnished to any part of the United States or in Europe by the patentee S.W. Corner 6th 8 Chestnut St. Philadelphia, PA, green cover with gold embossing, Item is complete and comes with a rare stereo dag of a beautiful young girl in period clothes



Henri the IVth of France, Henri the IIIrd of Navarre, the “good king Henri”, forst monarch of the Capetian house of Bourbon.
Seen here rocking a bitching three-quarter plate harness, along with his telltale panache blanc - the white feathers on his helmet. Succeeding Henri the third of the house of Valois after his assassination by an ultracatholic during the French wars of religion, Henri the fourth reigned from 1589 to 1610 when he was himself assassinated by a catholic extremist. He was remembered fondly by the common people, something which cannot necessarily be said about his grandson Louis the XIVth.

luminescence | jhs

summary: hoseok + birthdays = a wild time


pairing: hoseok x reader
word count: 2k
genre: fluff
a/n: not much to say about this one! requested by @heart-baek-bleed​! happy birthday!

It might be your birthday, but you’ve never been the biggest fan of surprises.

Which is exactly why your boyfriend has decided to surprise you with a spontaneous birthday date to an undisclosed location, two things that make you shake in your boots at the thought. Hoseok’s lovely, he really is, but this is pushing it, especially when it’s your birthday, and you should be calling the shots, not him.

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“To Us”

2 Year Anniversary Drabble #10

Prompt: “I love you from the bottom of my heart, but I don’t trust your cooking.“

Characters:  Klaus x Reader

A/N: This has got to be my favorite Klaus gif ever. I can´t stop looking at it……help.

Your name: submit What is this?

“Who are you and what have you done to my boyfriend?” you say half-joking, as a peculiar sight lies before you. Your boyfriend is…cooking.

“Hello, my love. You look ravishing as always.” Klaus pulls you close and kisses your lips. He leans in a second time before returning to the stove, his arm snaked around your waist  “Dinner is almost ready.”

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fandom: naruto
characters/pairings: sasusaku

He always picks the reddest ones.

They are often not the best ones—the ones she buys are always the best, not too sweet and not too sour either but hers are not red like blood, they’re more of a color of red and yellow like an autumn leaf. Sometimes, she buys green apples too, the same color of her eyes.

Sasuke doesn’t complain about the taste. He’s not one to be picky with food. Neither is Sakura, but she is more comfortable than him in the marketplace and always takes her time to pick the best products so that the food she buys from the market and cooks taste always good.

Sasuke functions in the plainest ways and having wandered for some years around the world have made him quite the minimalist, even more so than before. He ate what he found on the road, and drank water from rivers. When he stopped at villages, he simply bought omusubi since this was practical food. Since he came back to Konoha, when Naruto doesn’t invite him to Ichiraku or when Sakura is too busy to eat with him, he only eats what he buys from the market, fresh products and easy to cook.

Grocery shopping is a small affair, but Sasuke finds comfort in the routine and the time he spends with her. They don’t lead an ordinary life but they do simple things like simple people and it is good—it feels nice.

It’s a process—for him to buy his apples. Whenever he adds them in the basket, Sakura eyes the fruits for a moment and then looks at him in silent wonder, as if she wants to say, are you sure? but she never says anything and smiles gently at him. She knows better to ask silly questions.

He knows Sakura’s gaze is always fixed on his face when he takes the first bite, musing if the fruit is sweet enough or sour because it’s not completely ripe yet. Over time, he’s developed the mannerism of looking back at her when the fruit is good, frowning slightly when it feels a little too sweet on his palate, and he stops chewing for a short instant when it is too sour.

Still he eats.

They might not taste the best but Sasuke finds pleasure in choosing carefully the reddest ones, but also the moment when they reach Sakura’s hands after dinner, the stark contrast of the fruit’s red skin against her fair hands. He watches as she holds the apple in one hand, full in her palm and the sharp knife in the other, peeling off the skin slowly, and yet effortlessly. There’s something about the way she moves her hands, one turning the apple around as the other holding the knife peels the skin away, moving in the opposite direction. There’s something about the crimson color of the apple against her pale complexion that makes him wonder why red is such a good color on her.

It also makes him wonder about a crest that would suit her back, or at least he’d like to think so.

One day, he thinks, when they’ll want more of this routine—more than doing the grocery shopping together, feeling her gently tug at his cloak when she wants to stop at a particularly stand, walking side by side in the streets, helping her cook and wash the dishes, watching her peel off the skin of his apples and cutting them into quarters on a small plate she pushes before him.

When he swallows the first bite and looks back at her, Sakura giggles and loudly bites into a quarter.

(“Argh, Sasuke-kun! It’s sour!”

He just smirks and takes another bite.)

One day.

My @feastoffortuna2017 gift for @feanor-no. Hope you like it :)
It’s also on AO3.

If Given A Chance
Word Count: 2453
Nico takes Will to the Underworld to officially meet his father. Things do not go according to plan.
The one where Will goes to meet Hades and meets Persephone instead. Will is wonderful, Persephone is surprised and Nico needs a hug (and a mother).

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Out of the frying pan, into the fire

Happy May the fourth, @yavemiel!!

Hope you like this, I went with your “domestic Rebelcaptain” prompt :-) 

*Special thanks to @wheres-your-rum for being a lovely beta and giving me ideas for a title, even though it’s not her ship <3

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Words: 1300

Rated: T (some groping, but nothing explicit :-)

“Hold the knife like this.”

Cassian came behind Jyn, slipped his arm around her, and gently placed his hand over hers. The touch was electric, she tried to ignore the heat that ignited in her hand and spread to the rest of her body. She tried to pay attention to the way he was showing her how to cut the onion, but then his breath was hot against her neck, his nose gently nuzzling her skin.

“Cassian…” his name came out in one long breath as she struggled to stay coherent. “Please, stay focused.”

“I’m sorry, I just can’t help myself.” he grinned mischievously, leaving her to the chopping and moving to prep the saucepan for the meat. “Why do you want to learn this so badly anyway? I can always cook you whatever you like.”

“That’s not the point.” Jyn furrowed her brow, trying to remember how he had instructed her to cut the onion. “I’d just like to learn, okay?”

Cassian chuckled. “Okay.” he conceded. “Oh, and make sure you’re holding the knife with your thumb out, otherwise you’re going to cut off your fingers.”

Jyn sighed.

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Sunday - Family

Space was awful. Well no, not really, but God Lance didn’t half wish he was back on earth, surrounded by his family on this exact day. It was his birthday, the 28th of July, and his family always made it worthwhile. His mamá never failed to bake him the most wondrous cakes, iced to perfection and looking crazily like the ocean. She had such a talent, and the year prior she had even allowed her baby to help. Being the youngest child in such a large family meant that his parents had always doted on him, making his birthdays a massive celebration. Today, he was sitting in his quarters with a plate of food goo and a pencil sticking out of it in place of a candle. What he wouldn’t give for a single day back home.

Maria, the eldest, he knew would wake him up with hugs and kisses, tickling his side’s until he’d groggily roll out of bed. His big brother Teo would probably join her, maybe even give him a piggy back down the stairs into their cramped living room. He closed his eyes and kept imagining. His mamá and papá would be sitting in front of a small pile of gifts, maybe three or four, and his other sister Rosa would grin at him as soon as he came in with Teo, grabbing him from his brothers back and smothering him in a tight hug. As soon as he’d be free, he’d swoop down and kiss his parents cheeks, his mamá would run a hand through his bedhead and crack a joke about his breath smelling, and then they’d push him to sit down and open his presents. There would be something silly but meaningful from Maria, a sketchbook or coloured pencils or even a voucher for his favourite art shop on the beach. Teo would have somehow sourced some strange food or drink for him to try, as well as sweets, always sweets. Rosa, being the closest to him in age, would probably have made something. She was so artistic and amazing, so possibly a painting? Maybe of the beach that they all adored. His mamá and papá would have splurged as much as they could afford to. Maybe they’d have gotten him those fancy glasses that reduced glare and stuff for fighter pilots. Maybe it would simply be tickets to the yearly summer carnival. Lance never cared, it was always the thought that mattered. Later on, his Tíos and his abuelos would visit with his cousins, nieces and nephews, and he’d entertain Marco, his youngest nephew while his mamá prepared food. His abuelos would give him some cash, money to spend on himself rather than the family, and his Tíos would have chipped in together to get him something cool, like art lessons or something. Just thinking about what could’ve been had lance crying quietly, alone in space on his birthday.

Exceptional Quarter Plate Daguerreotype of a Woman Telegrapher,  Daguerreian images of telegraphers are hardly unknown, but to Cowan’s Auctions knowledge this is the first featuring a female operator.

Anonymous, ca. 1850, housed in a full black leather case with gilt and mother of pearl highlights.

When Samuel Morse used an electrical telegraph to send the message What Hath God Wrought in May, 1844 from Washington, D.C. to Baltimore, Maryland, he transformed communication in the United States. By the end of the Civil War, the telegraph had become the means by which information was transmitted long, as well as short distances.

Daguerreian images of telegraphers are hardly unknown, but to Cowan’s Auctions knowledge this is the first featuring a female operator. She stares confidently into the camera, her hands on a key and relay, a tape suspended magically in the air. On the left side of the plate the telegrapher has her first two fingers positioned on the ivory knob of an early camelback (also called a humpback) telegraph key, and in the center is an early and scarce Morse-design weight-driven telegraph register by J. Burritt & Son of Ithaca, NY. The register recorded the dots and dashes of the telegraph signal onto a paper tape so that messages could be received (and recorded) at any time, thus allowing the telegraph office to receive and record messages even when no telegraph operator was present. The paper tape can be seen entering the machine from an unseen spool of tape suspended above the machine. After the dots and dashes were recorded onto the tape from a pointed stylus, the tape exited the machine and fell to the floor.

Daguerreotype portrait of Second Lieutenant David Adams, c. 1845. He served with Company D of the Palmetto Regiment during the Mexican-American War and was killed at the 1847 Battle of Churubusco in Mexico. By Mathew Brady.



Let’s talk a bit about changes brought to the bridge:

- The most striking aspect and seen throughout the movie on the rest of the ship is lighting. It’s a lot darker on the ship for a more dramatic effect, whether internal (such as the bridge or sickbay) or say from orbiting the Armagosa Star (the ready room, Ten Forward, Picard’s Quarters). There’s also grill plating over the turbolift entrances.

- Additional stations: Gone are the plush side panels. The Art of Star Trek stated that they always wanted the side stations but the cost of having those manned all the time proved to be too prohibitive. But here they wanted to say, nah it’s been like this from day one. So additional stations are in and all their supported doodads!

- Raising the Command Well: There are now two small steps leading to the command area I guess to make it easier to film over the shoulder and see them on wider shots?

- Accents: Everything is made to been seen more in the film. The struts over the dome are thicker, the lights at the captain’s chair are also larger. 

- More chairs: Worf now gets to sit down at tactical (not seen here) on a stool. The cube-like chair they had shifting in the back in the series has been replaced by stools like the one on the side.

- Handholds: the ship does shake a lot after all. Was the set on gimbals for Generations?