quarter mile race

Furious 7 paid tribute to Paul Walker. It was a bittersweet ending of letting Brian O'Conner go. If anything, it was the most whimsical good bye someone could give to a good friend of theirs. You could see and feel how Dominic Torreto let go of Brian as he now has a family to take care of. He doesn’t dare to say good bye. He just states that he knows he’s - Brian - always going to be around, even if they are on the other sides of the world. And for a few moments, it wasn’t Dom talking. But rather, it was Vin Diesel letting go of his beloved brother whom he affectionately nicknamed as “Pablo”. As Vin said his good byes, silence dominated the moviehouse along with quiet sniffles and some people were wiping their tears away.

It’s hard for me to cry with emotional movies. Hell, this is Fast and The Furious we’re talking about; an action-packed movie with loads of quarter mile races and handling of firearms, along with the involvement of the FBI and CIA across the other countries. But for one moment, it was simply sentimental. And I nearly cried because all of us have to let go of Brian. We have to let go of Walker sometime. He was a great man, and may he rest in peace, wherever he may be. For me, this was the best movie of Paul Walker that he’s done.