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Laundry Mat Romance

Pairings: Crowley x Reader

Warnings: Fluff

Word Count:444


You were shoving piles of wet clothing into an industrial sized dryer, cursing the Winchester boys for always waiting until their last clean pair of boxer before demanding nicely that you needed to spend the day doing launder when the sound of fancy dress shoes approached from the front of the poorly lit dreary laundry mat.

“Go away, Crowley.” You groaned as you picked up the last small pile from the basket and tossing it in with the rest of the clothes. “I’m not in the mood.” You heard his shoes stop as you stood on your tip toes to put the quarters in the machine. With a simple snap the quarters were removed from the machine, the clothes were folded and dry and you were left still standing in front of the dryer.

“I was wondering if you would join me for dinner this evening. I have a proposition for you.” You rolled your eyes as you placed your feet flat on the floor and walked over to the table, grabbing the laundry bags and beginning the task of putting the piles of clothes into them.

“What is it?” You asked without looking at him; knowing that you would blush harder than you already where if you did. You heard his shoes on the cheap linoleum once more as he walked around to force you to look at him.

“Ahh. Why spoil the fun of dinner first.” You shook your head and looked back at the task at hand before Crowley’s hand found your chin, gently forcing you to look at him. “Darling, can we stop with the act. We are both aware that the only reason you fight this is so you don’t upset them.” Your face turned bright red as you yanked away from Crowley’s grip.

“Don’t have any idea what you’re talking about.” Before you could blink, he was beside you, pulling your hips flush against his and looking down at you with desire. Without even thinking about it, you gave in and grabbed the back of his head, pulling him to you in a cruising kiss. You moaned as his tongue danced with yours for only a teasing moment before he pulled away to admire you.

“Are we done lying to ourselves, dove?” he asked and you nodded as you grabbed the table next to you for support. “I’ll pick you up around seven then, love.” You didn’t even have the chance to blink before he disappeared. A small smile spread across your face as you dragged your fingertips across your bottom lip, grateful that you finally got the chance to know what his lips felt like against yours.


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RFA + V and Saeran with an MC who enjoys stuffed animals.

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hopefully I get everything done within at least a few days and my wifi situation figured out so I can focus on requests more, i’m sorry I’m not posting as much as I usually do!

Zen thinks it’s adorable honestly, he’ll even add to your collection by buying you little stuffed teddy bears with hearts on the tummies, they usually come with gifts like chocolate or roses.
He tries to win you a little plush puppy out of a claw machine in some arcade but he’s awful at those games, so ended up wasting all his quarters on some slot machines or pinball instead since he’s a lot better at those.
He earns tickets to get an even bigger stuffed puppy for you from the prize counter.

Jumin thinks it’s childish, but honestly he really doesn’t mind it all that much since they’re something you truly enjoying having. Even considers getting himself a couple of plush Elizabeth the 3rds.
However draws the line at sleeping with a teddy bear, makes him feel like he’s being replaced :’)
Goes all out, gets you a big glass case for you to store everyone of them in so they won’t get damaged or Elizabeth the 3rd won’t mistake any of them for a new toy. He’ll even buy collectors items for you instead of just normal plushies.

Yoosung thinks it’s the cutest thing he’s ever seen. It makes him feel like less of a kid honestly, but not in a bad way. He likes to baby you with stuffies galore, his favorites are the fluffy stuffed animals with the ball shape and the big pretty eyes. Totally unashamed to sleep with them too.
After awhile he even develops a slight passion for them, buying a pink turtle keychain-style plushie for you, and a green one for him. You both keep the opposite stuffies on each other’s keychains, he has the pink and you have the green to remind you both of each other when you’re away.

Seven makes a few jokes about how some of those things creep him out just sitting on the bed like that, but he’s fine with your goofy little plushie obsession. Says if you don’t slow down on buying them he might even have to call the TV show ’ My strange addiction, ’ but of course he’s joking. Maybe.
When you two are hanging around Target
( seven basically lives in target honestly )
he’ll buy you the cutest little stuffed kitten that poops out jelly beans. How romantic!

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Just imagine leader and boyfriend Jaebum hugging Youngjae the first time he saw him after winning the first round. Think about the huge smiles they’d both have, and the excited laughs between them. Jaebum’s hand cupping the back Youngjae’s head and pulling him in and holding him like he’s the most precious thing this world has. Then the rest of the members storm the room cheering for him, giving him hugs and high fives. Yugbam coming up with a chant for him and asking if he kept the quarter machine, Jinyoung and Mark lowkey trying not to cry because their baby is growing up, Jackson being extra af and Youngjae throwing his head back laughing and then hitting Jackson for being so embarassing. Imagine how proud they all were, and imagine how loved he felt, how accomplished. I can’t wait until he can discuss it and we can see everyone hype him up. I’m so ready.

trc headcanon
  • so blue takes her raven boys to the arcade
  • bc she knows noah would have loved it there… 
  • gansey (mister i like experiencing new things) is of course fascinated by it all even though he enjoys going to the woods more
  • but it’s blue. so he knows it won’t be boring.
  • he isn’t disappointed.
  • gansey ends up playing air hockey w/ blue and adam (they take turns, the loser lets the third person play the next round )
  • ronan plays a few rounds of air hockey with them before he wanders off-
  • he finds the driving game, and of course it excites him (not as much as actual racing though)
  • adam, on the other hand, likes the bowling (he and gansey play a few rounds)
  • and it’s funny how it goes: ronan turns out to be the person who loves the arcade the most
  • when blue and the boys can’t reach ronan, they assume he’s in the Barns. but he’s not there.
  • “the arcade,” adam mutters.
  • they check, and there ronan is.
  • his hands on the plastic steering wheel and he’s humming happily to himself
  • “ronan.” gansey says.
  • ronan shushes him. “hold on, im winning-”
  • and then he finally turns to face them.  
  • //needless to say, by then, they had all realized ronan was going to be here for the next few days
  • adam had to drag ronan out 
  • eventually ronan leaves the arcade-
  • “no.” adam says immediately.
  • “what?” ronan replies. “i didn’t say anything.”
  • “i know what you’re going to do.”
  • “no, you don’t.”
  • “you’re going to try and dream that racing game aren’t you?”
  • “…maybe,”
  • and ronan eventually does. 
  • adam doesn’t stop him because well, ronan wasn’t in any danger 
  • and he wasn’t endangering himself by racing (w/ actual cars)
  • so everyone decides to leave him alone, new obsession and all
  • ronan eventually decides that real racing is better, and goes back to racing random cars
  • gansey wants to step in but blue intervenes. she shakes her head.
  • adam is the one that gets involved.
  • he just kisses ronan and then ronan loses interest in racing-
  • kissing adam parrish is better.
Turn Down the Heat - 12 (Leonard Snart/Reader)

Part One Part Two  Part Three  Part Four  Part Five  Part Six  Part Seven  Part Eight  Part Nine  Part Ten  Part Eleven

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Snart woke up in the morning staring at he ceiling. There was something in his gut that told him today was going to be one of those days.

He swung his feet off onto the cold floor grabbing his boots. He pulled them on lacing them up tight before he stood up. He looked at the side table grabbing his wallet putting into this pocket. It was a routine. It wasn’t that he anticipated needing, but more of a habit.

He sighed as he reached for a ring. Nothing special. Just a plastic quarter machine one. 

He rolled it around his thumb and index finger. It was rough from holding onto it for so long. He shoved it into his front pocket clearing his throat before grabbing his interior jacket of his parka. 

He walked putting it on and looked over seeing Mick walking toward. He had a look on his face that said he wanted something, “It’s going to have to wait Mick.”

“Can’t.” Mick stopped next to him, “Y/N, needs are help in the hanger.”

Snart looked at him surprised, “Really? Did she say why?”

Mick rolled his eyes, “Look, I don’t ask questions. I just go where I’m told and she needs help with something. It’s supposed to help us get home.”

“Well…” Snart adjusted his collar and started walking down the hall, “What are we standing around for.”

Mick hung back a moment let a long breath out of his nose. He had no idea what he was going to do once they got there and Snart didn’t see you.

You stared into the core taking a deep breath. 

“You don’t have to do this.” You looked over at Sarah behind you.

You smiled a little, “Yeah I do. If I don’t we’re all going to die, and I can’t let happen.”

She watched you look down at your hands, “What do you want me to tell him?”

You looked back at her frowning, “That I’m sorry. I know he won’t understand…but…my time with him has…”

Sarah frowned walking over to you giving you a hug, “I’ll tell him. Don’t worry.”

“If Mick…”

“I’ll make sure he doesn’t get by.” Sarah pulled away looking at your face. She smiled brushing a tear away, “Thank you, Y/N. I won’t forget this. None of us will.”

You took a deep breath turning away from her, “Dr. Stein, Mr. Palmer, can hear me?”

Palmer’s voice came through the com link you were wearing, “We hear you and we’re getting clear readings.”

“Mr. Palmer.” You smiled stepping up to the door, “Don’t be sad…help them get home.”

“I will.”

“Y/N…” It was Rip, “I have documented your work. Everything found while you’re inside…it will be put to good use. I assure you.”

That was as close of an ‘atta girl, as you were going to get, “Just promise me you’ll take them home.”

“I’ll do my best.” Rip cleared his throat, “Your sacrifice will not be forgotten.”

You took another deep breath, “I’m entering the core now.”

Everyone on the bridge waited quietly. Rip glanced over at Palmer and Stein looking at the readings. Jax was comforting Kendra. He looked away from them all silently praying to himself that this would work.

“Rip…” He listened as your voice came through, “It’s beautiful…time all at once. There’s an elegance to it. It’s not contain in the sphere at all…it’s branching out to the variance tubes.”

“I’m sure it is.” Rip said trying to be comforting, “Are you able to see what’s wrong?”

“Yes…I’m working…my way over.” Your voice sounded labored, “I can see a branch…it’s attached to the hall from the center…it makes sense. It’s like a virus…spreading on the ship instead of the drive system.”

“Is everything going alright?” He asked glancing at Stein. The doctor shook his frowning.

“I’m managing.” You told him working your way around pipes. You could feel your skin blistering, “I’m almost there…how are the readings looking?”

Ray swallowed blinking away the tears, “Strong…and clear. Your vitals…”

“Don’t worry about that.” You interrupted him taking a deep breath. It burned going down. “I can see the tilt. I’m going to start pushing…Gideon as soon as you see an inch…take off.”

“We’ve got a problem.” Sarah’s voice came through.

Rip sighed, “Subdue him. No matter the cost. Gideon lock the core door.”

“Move Sarah.” Snart stood in the room staring past her too the door.

“I can’t do that.” Sarah looked at him frowning, “She needed to do this. She wanted to do-”

“I don’t care! We can still save her!” Snart shouted taking steps toward the door. Sarah stepped in the way, “Don’t…push your luck Canary…”

“Snart…I know…but I can’t let you.” Sarah raised her fist, “I am prepared to do whatever it takes.”

“Let me talk to her.” Sarah’s eyes got wide. He stared at her, “Please, Sarah…let me talk to her.”

Sarah looked down for a moment before reaching into her ear handing the com to him, “I don’t think she has much time.”

He took it putting it in his ear, “Y/N…”

You paused for a moment, but then kept pushing the metal barrier watching the tendril slowly inch away. You need to hurry…you could feel the pain take over.

“Y/N…I know you can hear me.” He walked toward the door looking inside trying to see you, “Please come out.”

You felt tears slipping down your face as continued, “Please…I’ll tell you everything…please…I can’t lose you again. Come out.”

“Len…” You frowned pushing your back against the wall putting your feet against barrier. You took a deep breath, “Don’t be angry…”

“I could never be angry with you.” He whispered putting a hand on the window, “Just come out…let me take care of you.”

You started to push, “Thank you…”

“For what?” He tried the handle again.

“For teaching me what it’s like to be wanted.” You let out a yell as you put all your might into it. As you did the tendril latched onto your leg burning into your skin.

“Y/N!” Len shouted as he started to throw himself at the door, “Open the door!”

“Gideon?” Rip asked shutting his eyes as he sat in his chair, “Are we able to move?”

“Yes sir. Plotting a coarse out of the stream.” Gideon stated.

The bridge remained still as Snart’s cry for you filled the ship. 

Mick sat in the hanger on one of the spare ships listening to his partner until he couldn’t anymore and shut the shuttle’s doors.

Sarah stood there watching him bang on the door getting no reply from you. Finally she walked over grabbing his arm only for him to rip it away from her, “Snart…”

“She can’t be gone…” He whispered, “I still remember her…”

 Sarah frowned staying there with him until he would be ready to walk away. She knew it might be a while.

You landed hard against the ground feeling the last bit of the air in your lungs escape. You rolled on your side gasping for air as you tried to see where you were.

Everything was so dark and damp. You slowly found your breath again getting to your knees. You looked around seeing a neighborhood.

“Wh…” You stood up spinning slowly seeing antique cars lining the street. You turned stopping as you looked at a blue house. He had described it perfectly to you right down to the deck furniture.

“1629 Hadley…Avenue…” You whispered slowly walking toward it glancing at the mailbox that read Snart.

Richard Siken poems be like

I have twelve quarters in my pocket
Or was it thirteen?
Either way they keep falling out and you’re not here to pick them up
Remember I used to make you pick them up?
So you’re six feet under and my twelve or thirteen quarters keep falling out into the street
I promise I won’t make you pick them up this time


sarah | [sair-uh]

fresh bedsheets, when your eyeliner matches on the first try, putting quarters into a vending machine, playing wii tennis, finding a great new book series, swinging at the park, hearing your favorite song on the radio at night, bath bombs, bottle rockets, stepping on leaves so they crunch, my roommate added ‘the crunch of the first cheeto out of the bag’

First tutorial!

Okay, bear with me here–I tried to take as many photos of the process as I could, but today I made a polymer negative of a piece of Garnet’s pendant: the bail. It was obviously far too unique to buy in any store, so I knew I was going to have to make it somehow. JC and I picked up the stuff to make the silicone mold and the resin casts today (just realized I forgot to buy the mold release though) so I wanted to get this done before I go back to work on Tuesday.

Anyhow, without further ado allow me to show you my work. First I actually put my space heater up on my desk to help warm up my clay and make it workable. Then I got ahold of one of those little pods you get out of quarter toy machines (do they have those in other countries? I hope that’s not too confusing) which I affectionately call ‘spaceships’ and used it to make the initial bowl shape:

Next, I added a little loop to the inside which I reinforced with copper wire (in case I don’t actually cast it and then have to use this one).

I added the cross sections to the top.

And then I added the little crosses using a stencil I made with construction paper. I rolled out the polymer using a wooden skewer as a rolling pin and cut the shapes with my Buck knife, but an Xacto probably would have been easier tbh.

After that, I affixed the bottom ring and the little ‘wings’.

Next I sculpted a little pillar and put a hole in it using the wooden skewer so that I could run chain through it.

And then I added the little rivets to finish it off.

Then I wrapped it gently in foil and baked it in my home oven at 275 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 minutes and voila!

So there you have it. It’s a little larger than I’d planned, but I feel like it’s closer to scale than what I originally had in mind when compared to the game. It took me about 3 hours to complete and was a blast to make. I’ll upload the next parts of the tutorial as I finish them. Next I’ll be making the negative for the pendant itself, hopefully tomorrow morning. Thanks for taking a look. If you have any questions or would like more pics, feel free to send me a message.

wefight  asked:


Marriage was never something Jesse or Tulip thought they’d ever need to do. Between them, they always expressed that it felt good to just belong to one another. Partners in crime and partners in life. Sometimes Jesse joked about it, bought her a ring from a quarter machine that’d turn her skin green and told her it was just for her, but it was all for shits and giggles. They didn’t need a fancy title, fancy rings, fancy nothin’. Bonnie and Clyde never got married, their ‘holy matrimony’ was the day they got all shot up, united in death. 

Still, though she’d never admit it, Tulip was horribly insecure about one damned thing. John Custer. 

As long as she’d known him since they found one another again, Jesse’d always worn his daddy’s old ring on his left ring finger. It was always there, glinting at her like it was leering with John Custer’s disapproval. Felt like he was goddamn married to carrying his daddy’s corpse on his back, sometimes, but she never knew that Jesse knew. He always caught her looking at it with a sour little twist of her lips. At first, he didn’t get it, but eventually, he understood. That ring was special, to remind him of what his daddy told him as he waited, with bated breath, for that gunshot to his head. Tulip was just as special, though. Hell, she washed away all that agony and guilt he carried from John Custer’s death and blew into his life like a tornado full of sunshine. 

They were shacked up in a motel in Alabama when he left for “takeout,” returning not only with takeout, but a stinging back. Took her forever to notice the tattoo, and when she did, she scrunched her face up and asked: “The fuck is that?” Jesse’d never seen her face so tender as it was when he replied, “That’s my Tulip.” She sat there in their shitty motel bed for a few moments, lips parted before, after wiping her moist eyes against her arm, she grabbed his face and kissed him damned hard. “About time,” she said, though her face told him nothing but “I love you, I love you, I love you, you’re so cool, thank you, I love you.” 

Today, I fucked up... by almost burning my wife’s vagina

My wife and I wanted to spice things up in the bedroom. So I went on this big chain adult toy website. I ordered what I thought was a small introductory butt plug which came with a complimentary free gift: G-spot tickler vibro or a misc. porno. My gal isn’t into watching porn, so naturally I picked the tickler.

The day we got it, we couldn’t wait to try out the “toys”. The buttplug scared her and got an immediate shut down due to the girth. So we tried the vibrator. The thing was made from the cheapest fucking plastic. It was like they melted one of those plastic easter egg cases you get at a quarter machine and shoved in a battery operated motor. You’d think the plastic and the no name AAA batteries with chinese logos all over them would be red flags. NOPE! I fire that baby up and pop it in my gal. She liked it at first until she was like “it’s getting hot!” I took that as a compliment with my mad skills piloting. She then jumps up and yells “IT’S FUCKING BURNING!” And jumps/chun-li kicks me off the bed.

I reach down and grab the thing and sure enough, the fucking thing felt like it was about to melt. You could see a trace of smoke fluttering from the seams of the vibrator. I panic and scramble to the bathroom and toss diablo’s cheap g spot tickler into the toilet. It continued to buzz for a little bit until it fully submerged with a sizzle.

tl;dr Tried spicing things up in the bedroom. Almost burned wife’s vagina with cheap malfunctioning vibrator.

Check out more TIFUs: Internet`s best fuck ups are here.

Mephisto, the German A7V tank captured by the 26th Australian battalion, at Monument Wood, near Villers-Bretonneux, in France, on July 14th, 1918.

At the 5th Tank Brigade demonstration ground, Vaux-en-Amienois,  Australian soldiers inspect Mephisto, a German A7V tank. After being bogged and abandoned on the battlefield it was recovered on 14 July 1918 by the 26th Battalion and the 1st Gun Carrier company, 5th Brigade of Tanks. After been recovered from the battlefield and studied by the Allies, Mephisto was handed over to the Australian War Records Section for despatch to Australia.

Scattered on the ground are elements from the tank’s interior, including a fuel tank and radiator (left hand front quarter) and a machine gun mount (under the rear towing hook). Resting on its end against the crew cupola on the tank’s rear upper surface can be seen the underside of a portion of the tank’s driving compartment flooring. The horizontal bar visible in the photograph is connected to the driver’s steering wheel (on the other side of the plate).

Mephisto was painted with a smiling, red demon, Mephistopholes from German literature hence the name of the tank, Mephisto. Tucked under the arm of the grinning demon was a British tank. 

After its capture by the Allies it was inspected and graffitied by hundreds of British and Australian soldiers. In response to the mocking demon holding a British tank a rampant lion was painted on the side of Mephisto. And sure enough, sitting under the paw of the British lion was the silhouette of a German A7V tank.

Mephisto was shipped back to Australia after the War and came to rest in Brisbane. With the explosion of commemoration of the War due to the centenary, Mephisto - the only surviving A7V tank in the world - has been shipped down to Canberra and is now on show in the Anzac Hall at the Australian War Memorial.