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Hi! This blog is a life saver haha! I have a little question; I'm going to be looking for apartments soon and it's my first time ever being away from home,,, is there anything I should look out for in general? Thank you!

Hey I’m so glad I’m helping! I have been meaning to write a post of this nature for a long time, so thank you for asking. Here. We. Go.

Apartment Hunting 101

Overview: There’s no getting around it, apartment hunting is a stressful process. The waiting and wondering gets the best of everyone, so give yourself a break and remember not to be too hard on yourself. The more prepared and decisive you are, the better off you’ll be!

1. Step One: The most important step in this entire process is coming up with your list of “Need and Won’t”. This list can always be adjusted in the spur of the moment, but will act as a baseline to help you easily disregard impractical apartments. Before you even start your search, sit down with any roommates (SO or otherwise) and come up with a list. Here is my list:

  • Need: Dishwasher, pet friendly, heat included.
  • Won’t: First floor apartment, all or mostly carpeted apartment, no closet space.

2. Step Two: Decide your price range. The paycheck to paycheck life is not a great one to live, so try to find an apartment that still allows you to put anywhere from $100-$500 into savings every month. Figure out how much you make monthly, with taxes taken out. If you’re paid every other week, this is two paychecks. If you’re paid every week, this is four paychecks. Start with your total monthly income, and subtract the following expenses. Let’s say you make $1,000 with taxes taken out:

  • Rent - Let’s say you’re living with a roommate, and your rent is only $500 per month.
  • Electric - My electric expense is $60 a month for a one bedroom. Once again, you’re living with a roommate so let’s say that you pay half of that. $30.
  • Internet - $30 a month internet only. Please don’t waste your money on cable. Just use your mom’s Netflix account.
  • Travel expenses - I spend about $85 a month on gas. Let’s say you use public transportation and spend around $100.
  • Food - Figure you’ll be spending $100 per person each month. So that’s another $100.
  • Misc expense: Let’s just add an additional $50 worth of expenses on. Because you never know what’ll happen.

That leaves you $130 a month extra to put in savings or to use in the event of an emergency! That’s awesome. Substitute your own numbers in, and figure out how much you can afford for rent. Immediately disregard any apartments that do not fit in this budget.

3. Step Three: The best way to find dependable apartments is to consult with your fellow apartment renters. Consult with coworkers, friends, family- anyone who is currently renting in the area that you would like to rent in. Get the inside scoop on potential apartments, both their advantages and their pitfalls. If you don’t know anyone who is renting where you’d like to rent, here are some other apartment hunting options:

  • Craigslist: Obviously
  • Drive-bys: Literally drive around until you find a cool looking apartment complex. Find their rental office and go right in, this is how I found my first apartment.
  • Your college: The Dean’s Office will have a list of apartment offerings to give kids who don’t qualify for on-campus housing.
  • This Site: A list of the top ranked apartment hunting sites.

4. Set up an appointment: After finding a potential apartment, consult with the landlord or apartment representative to set up a date and time to see the apartment. Respond promptly to any email or phone call they leave for you. On the flip side, if they aren’t prompt in their response to you RUN.

The first apartment I ever looked at, my boyfriend and I showed up on time and the landlord wasn’t there. We called her and she said that she was running late, and told us that the apartment was open and we could show ourselves inside. Serious red flag, but we gave it the benefit of the doubt and went in. Long story short, she never showed up. She gave us a tour of the apartment over the phone and kept saying that she was five minutes away, but never came. We later found out that her rental office was two minutes from the apartment we looked at. Talk about flakey! We told her we weren’t interested, if she can’t even show up to show us the apartment, how the hell can we depend on her to fix any problems we might have? Because you’re young and inexperienced, some landlords will try to give you the run around. Your age is no concern of their’s, and has no bearing on how you will act as a tenant. Here are some red flags for flaky landlords:

  • Not contacting you within one day of leaving them a message. Disregarding the weekends.
  • Not showing up when they say they will.
  • Repeatedly telling you that you’re “young” or “inexperienced”.
  • Telling you that the apartment “is good for college kids” or “a good first apartment” (that just means it’s a shit hole).
  • If they tell you that the apartment has a large turnover (people are leaving for a reason).
  • If you speak with one person on the phone, and meet a different person who shows you the apartment.
  • If they can’t or refuse to give you the exact rent amount.
  • If they tell you that have to “run some numbers” based on your history. An apartment’s rent should be the same for everybody.
  • If they can’t answer basic questions about service providers for the apartment.
  • If you get a weird vibe from them. Listen to your intuition! This is the person who is going to be responsible for fixing all your apartment related problems, you will be dealing with them every month at least. If they seem unreliable, don’t sign the lease!

5. Step Five: Find your appointment buddy! Never, ever, EVER go to look at a potential apartment by yourself. I don’t care how friendly Wendy seems online, she may be a serial killer. There’s no way to tell. Here’s a list of people who can accompany you:

  • Your older brother
  • Your boyfriend/girlfriend
  • Your Aunt Meredith
  • Your second cousin
  • Your friend who can scream really loudly
  • Your Mother
  • Your Step Mother
  • Your old nosey neighbor who smells like cats
  • Literally anyone you can trust

Bribe them with chocolate, I don’t care. Take someone with you! If you absolutely cannot find anyone to go with you, then you need to take additional precautions. Here are some options:

  • Kitestring
  • “Share My Location” on your Iphone
  • Pepper Spray
  • Posting to Facebook the address you are going to and when you are expected to arrive and leave.
  • Rescheduling your appointment to a date and time when you can be accompanied


A mental checklist is good in theory, but will you remember it when you’re actually at the prospective apartment with your Aunt Meredith? I think not! Make a physical list of some of the following points, and feel free to add your own. my list is super extensive, but that’s just who I am. I am detail oriented.

Tuck this list in your back pocket and consult it when the person showing you the apartment is not looking.

Expense related

  • How much is the rent?
  • Is the rent just the rent, or are there any amenities included? Some apartments include heat, hot water, or electric expenses.
  • Is hot water included (if the apartment has a washer/dryer in it, then the water is probably a separate expense)?
  • What Internet service providers are available?
  • What electric service providers are available?
  • Do I have to pay for garbage removal?
  • What is the average electric expense that other renters deal with?
  • Ask when rent is due. Find out what the rent check procedure is.


  • What type of heating/cooling is provided?
  • What appliances are in the kitchen? *If there is no oven or fridge and you are required to buy your own then run*
  • What is the apartment complex turnover rate?
  • Do you have a choice of carpet vs. hard wood floors?
  • Will window blinds be provided? *If the apartment complex won’t pay for something as simple as window blinds then the landlord is a cheapskate and can’t be trusted*
  • Is there a “curfew”? Most apartments have a time of night when all the tenants are supposed to be quiet. This is generally not enforced.
  • What will your address be?


  • Is any furniture included?
  • Is there a Laundromat in the complex? If not where is the closest one?
  • Similarly, is the Laundromat in the complex card operated or quarter operated? Do you have to pay a fee for the card? Is there a quarter dispensing machine?
  • Will you be given a free parking permit? *If parking is not free then run*
  • Ask about local shopping and gas stations.
  • Ask where your mailbox will be.
  • Ask what their pet policy is. (some apartment complexes charge an fee)
  • Ask what their policy on repainting/decorating is.
  • Ask what their maintenance request policy is.
  • Ask where the nearest dumpster is.
  • How often does the complex loose power?
  • Is there a nearby police station or fire department?

General check

  • Check all cabinets (for bug infestations or mouse droppings or that they open properly).
  • Open all the windows and check to see that there are screens installed. Especially important for us cat owners! If there are no screens- are they going to install screens before you move in?
  • Check that all the light switches work.
  • Check that the water turns on.
  • Flush the toilet.
  • Check all the closet space (for size, mold, and water damage).
  • Check how all the doors are set (some apartments will put doors in incorrectly and they’ll never close properly).
  • Check the outlets (bring a phone chord and plug it in).
  • Check any balcony access.
  • Take a look at the paint- is it chipped? Is it stained? Will they be repainting?
  • Knock on the walls to see how hollow they are (hollow walls require studs if you want to hang anything up).
  • Open up the oven and make sure it’s clean. If it’s not clean make it clear that it should be cleaned if you want to move into the apartment. It’s not your job to clean up after the previous tenant.
  • Check that none of the floorboards are sticking up/creaking.
  • Check for nails and screws in between hardwood floor, tile and carpet (I’m not even kidding).
  • Check your phone to see how much cell service you have.
  • Can you hear any neighbors? Could you hear them in the hallway?

Final Decision

If the apartment you visited fits all your criteria, feel free to tell the landlord that you’re interested in pursuing this apartment. This way they can advise you of the next steps. Before you sign ANYTHING, visit the apartment complex twice more to make sure that everything is kosher. Do NOT tell the landlord that you will be coming by.

  • During the day: Do a drive-by of your prospective apartment to see what it looks like during the day. Is it safe? Are there lots of people standing around outside? Is it loud?
  • During the night: Come back another night to check the safety of your apartment. Ask yourself- would I feel comfortable taking the trash out late at night? Having friends over? If the answer is “no” then run…

Additional Resources

Apartment Setup: My post that briefly outlines locating, checking out, and setting up a new apartment. Also has some next steps that I’m not going over in this post. It’s pretty good if I do say so myself!

Apartment Hunting 101: A list of helpful resources all relating to locating and checking out potential apartments. Some of the links aren’t set up correctly, so you will need to copy and paste them into a new browser.

NYC Renters: This post is designed for NYC Renters, but the points are still valid even if you’re not renting in NYC. A must read!

Stuff Nobody Tells You: I love love LOVE @hipdomestic so much! They haven’t posted anything recently, but this blog is an incredible resource. Check out this post that really goes into depth about apartments.

Peter Piper Pizza is god damn hell hole of “parents” allowing their “children” to “run” around screaming and “playing” with the “arcade” “machines” while not having a “quarter” “in” “the“ “machine”

But yeah it was a fun date playing DDR with Sheepy. Decided to order Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix off ebay


Clexaweek2017 - Day 1 Prompt  - Enemies to Lovers

VERSUS (Click here to read on AO3)

Some punk continues to beat Clarke’s high score on her favorite game at the arcade. She isn’t about to take it laying down.

Lexa doesn’t know how to talk to the cute blonde from school, what better way to get over her weird feelings than to declare a silent rivalry. (It’s so not a crush)

[One shot continues under the read more]

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Take It All Back

Part One

Summary: As season one filming comes to a close, Jensen gets some shocking news from home.
Pairing: Jensen x OFC (Macy)
Word Count: 1635
Warnings: Drinking, language, mentions of hospitalization. 

A/N: The new Jensen x OFC series begins! It will be twenty parts total, so hang on to your hats. Something new I’m doing with this: the intro stuff (summary, pairing, etc.) will pertain to that part in particular. Never too late to be added to the tag list if you’re interested! Also, if you haven’t already, check out this song, as it was the inspiration for this fic. 

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The Mall

Originally posted by hardyness

Kurt Wagner x Reader

The Mall

Author: Morgan


Warnings: None?

Jubilation Lee knew how to have a good time. So naturally, when she invited you to the mall with Jean and a few of the new kids, naturally you had oblidged. You loved the mall anyway, but Jubilee was just a blast. The cute new guy from Germany was a bonus.

God, what a cutie. So sweet and nice, not to mention the accent. Jean smiled as you slid into the back seat of the car beside the blue mutant. Scott turned up the radio as the five of you made your escape in Charles’ borrowed (stolen) vehicle.

First things first upon entering the mall, Jubilee dragged all of you into the nearest clothing store. She insisted Kurt change into something more fashionable. And if Jubilee knew anything, she knew fashion. Kurt stood beside idly, watching the four of you piece together a new outfit for him. His tail swayed behind him curiously. He liked this. He liked shopping, and he liked having friends.

You held up a bright red jacket. It looked like it had fallen out of a Michael Jackson music video.

“How’s this?” you asked. Jubilee admired the jacket.

“Kurt, try this on.” Jubilee called him over. “With these.” She handed him jeans and a plain black t-shirt.

“Okay. Danke,” he bamfed into a dressing room, emerging a few minutes later dressed like any other American teenager would.  

“Spin.” Jubilee motioned in a circle and Kurt turned around. A proud grin tugged at your lips. He looked good. “I like it.”

The four of you chipped in a few bucks for the clothes and then you rode the elevator up to the second floor to the arcade. You slid a quarter into the Pacman machine and set to work, winding through the maze and avoiding the ghosts. Kurt was set up at the machine next to you, managing two games at once. One with his hands and the other with his tail.

“That’s so cool, Kurt!” you told him. “How does it function? Like how do you control it?”

“It’s like having anozher arm.” Kurt explained. “I control it as easily as you control your hands.”

“That’s really, really cool.” You smiled, focusing on the machine. You moved the joystick back and forth, weaving through the electronic maze. “All I can do is heal people.”

“Zhat sounds like an amazing gift.” Kurt grinned.


“Yeah.” he nodded, a charismatic grin tugging at his lips. “I do have a tail zhough, so I zhink I win.”

“Yeah I think so too,” you chuckled, giving him a playful nudge. He nudged you back, and so it became competitive, nudging eachother until one of you messed up and lost. The racing game Kurt had been playing with his tail was long forgotten, and you hardly noticed that his tail had coiled around your waist. In fact, you didn’t notice until the group met up outside the arcade after half an hour or so.

“Um…?” Scott motioned to Kurt’s tail, still secured around your hips.

“Oh!” you noticed, smiling. Kurt unwound it as fast as he could, a look of apology on his face. His amber eyes searched yours for forgiveness, as though he had done something wrong.

“I’m so sorry! Sometimes it has a mind of its own, and I didn’t mean to creep you out or-”

“Kurt, it’s fine. I promise. No harm done,” you assured the tall blue mutant.

“Are…are you sure?”


“Okay.” he nodded, swallowing the lump in his throat. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay.” you repeated, smiling. Jean peered into each of your minds. She knew there was a connection there, and as she would bet with Scott later, she figured you’d end up together in less than a month.

Next, the crew went to the food court to get Slushees. Kurt took a large sip of his cold drink before you could warn him otherwise and clutched his head, yelling out in pain.

“Aah! Somezhing’s wrong!”

“It’s called a brain freeze.” Scott told him, leaning forward.

“Vhat?! I froze my brain?!”

“Yeah.” Scott nodded. You set down your drink and scooted towards Kurt a little. His face was still scrunched up in pain.

“Come here,” you told him. He leaned towards you. You pressed your hand to his forehead, focusing warm energy towards him. He let out a little hum, eyes rolling back in his head as you got rid of the pain.


“No prob.” you shrugged.

“Mom friend,” Jubilee teased with a smile.

“Is that a bad thing?” you smirked, taking a sip from your drink.

“Mom friend?” Kurt asked.

“It means she takes care of everybody.” Jean explained. “Getting extra napkins and tissues, sneaking food into the movie theater, fixing collars, tucking in tags…”

“Comes with being a healer, I guess.”

Kurt’s fangs poked out as he smiled at the concept. A mom friend.

After hanging out in the food court for a while, Scott, Jubilee, and Jean wandered off to the record store. Kurt agreed to come with you to the Nike store to get shoes. You needed new sneakers for school, and he insisted on accompanying. He didn’t want you to be alone. You appreciated the gesture.

Kurt stood near the wall display at the front of the store while you retrieved your shoes from the back of the store. He looked up at the tall wall of shoes. There were so many in all sorts of sizes and colors and styles. He never really wore shoes, what with his abnormal feet and all.

“That guy your friend?” asked one of the girls in the store. You nodded.


“Where’s he from?”

“Germany.” you smiled. She nodded.


“Met him today. He’s a sweetie.”

“I can tell.” the girl smiled. You liked the teens at the mall. None of them seemed to mind that you and your friends weren’t exactly normal. They were cool with it. It was usually in adults that you found problems.

“Did you find zhem?” Kurt appeared in front of you in a puff of smoke. You coughed, nodding.

“I forgot you could do that.” You chuckled, leading him up to the register to check out. After you left the Nike store, you met up with the others. You had all planned to see Star Wars at 1, but Kurt wanted to watch the break dancers. He watched a few before trying his hand at it.

He moved robotically, popping and locking like you had never seen before. He was amazing. Of course, he could spin on his tail which was pretty cool too. You rooted him on with the others. God, he could move.

“How vhas zhat?”

“That was awesome Kurt! You killed it!”

“Danke,” he smiled.

“Come on guys! We don’t want to miss Star Wars,” Jubilee dragged you all along as the group gushed over Kurt’s awesome skills.

You ended up sitting between Kurt and Jean, and sometime during the movie, Kurt’s tail wound around your leg. You scooted a bit closer to him, fingertips grazing over the blue skin of his one of his three-fingered hands. He smiled. So did you.

By the time you and the others got out of the theater, Kurt wasn’t concerned over the mild argument over which Star Wars movie was better. All he cared about was the fact that your hand was still wrapped tightly with his own and that his tail was comfortably coiled around your waist.

Need a Hand? | Yoongi

Summary: “We really have to stop meeting like this.” / Or, three awkward moments with Min Yoongi
Genre: Humor/Fluff
Word Count: 3,660
Author’s Note: May or may not be loosely based on my own life. Ha, I hate myself. Also, because these recent pictures of Yoongi with black hair kills me. Very slowly.

| #1: I tried to get the candy bar that didn’t drop out of the vending machine and now my hand is stuck can you help me out? |

The day is about as bad as it can get as you sluggishly make your way across the campus, mindlessly approaching a vending machine just a little out of the way of your next class. The box with a seemingly endless supply of junk food serves as your only window of opportunity to have some sort of solid food in your stomach, given your whole day of classes and last minute editing to your essays that you’ve needed to complete before their due dates on the dot.

To say that your sanity is starting to spin out of control would almost be an understatement with all the caffeine in your blood stream and the vague feeling of jitteriness settling into your bones. It leaves you with an uncomfortable sensation of emptiness, one that usually occurs when you haven’t eaten anything of healthy substance for 24 hours.

But desperate times call for desperate measures, and you don’t even see a free hour in your schedule to drop into the cafeteria for a snack—but alas, college life at its finest.

Quickly grabbing the wallet from your bag, your eyes light up momentarily at the sight of a bag of hot cheetos safety perched behind a wiring protection. Although hot cheetos are far from the ideal food (if it even should be considered food) you want to be putting into your body, especially on an empty stomach, you’ve run out of alternative options to settle with.

You fish through your wallet to produce the respective amount of quarters before feeding said quarters into the vending machine. You punch in the code for the hot cheetos, watching with baited breath as the wire coil slides and pushes the bag of chips closer and closer to the front, where it finally drops—!

However, there is no satisfying clunk of the bag hitting the bottom of the machine for you to reach in, to grab and go…

Frowning, you lean forward to press your forehead against the glass to look down in a suddenly desperate search of your beloved hot cheetos. You curse loudly when you find that it has been caught right between the bottom shelf of products and the interior wall of the machine.

Very quickly, the thought of leaving the precious bag of hot cheetos that you have invested six quarters in for someone else to reach in and quickly grab for free makes the blood underneath your skin boil with much unnecessary desperation.

With a huff, you drop down onto your knees and unceremoniously shove your right arm into the bottom flap of the machine. Ignoring the curious stares that are quickly being fed into your general direction, you bite down on your lower lip to ignore the smallest flicker of pain from trying to twist your arm into angles that are clearly not meant for certain bones. You readjust, pressing your cheek against the glass to try and reach as high up into the machine as your arm could dare go.

The crinkle of a bag being gripped in your fingers makes the corner of your lips curl up into the slightest of victory smiles. This is it, your moment to walk away with a pathetic excuse for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in your hand, this—!

You try to pull your hand out of the machine, but the way your arm is stuck ever-so-firmly underneath the flap doesn’t do good things to the sudden spiking of your heart. You tug again, but the pain of your bones undergoing awkward angles doesn’t sit well with your nerves.

So you utter the only word that you feel can perfectly describe the situation and your own personal feelings on the matter. “Fuck,” You hiss under your breath, trying to keep a firm grip on your hot cheetos as you tug once more, twice more—!

“Need a hand?”

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Mephisto, the German A7V tank captured by the 26th Australian battalion, at Monument Wood, near Villers-Bretonneux, in France, on July 14th, 1918.

At the 5th Tank Brigade demonstration ground, Vaux-en-Amienois,  Australian soldiers inspect Mephisto, a German A7V tank. After being bogged and abandoned on the battlefield it was recovered on 14 July 1918 by the 26th Battalion and the 1st Gun Carrier company, 5th Brigade of Tanks. After been recovered from the battlefield and studied by the Allies, Mephisto was handed over to the Australian War Records Section for despatch to Australia.

Scattered on the ground are elements from the tank’s interior, including a fuel tank and radiator (left hand front quarter) and a machine gun mount (under the rear towing hook). Resting on its end against the crew cupola on the tank’s rear upper surface can be seen the underside of a portion of the tank’s driving compartment flooring. The horizontal bar visible in the photograph is connected to the driver’s steering wheel (on the other side of the plate).

Mephisto was painted with a smiling, red demon, Mephistopholes from German literature hence the name of the tank, Mephisto. Tucked under the arm of the grinning demon was a British tank. 

After its capture by the Allies it was inspected and graffitied by hundreds of British and Australian soldiers. In response to the mocking demon holding a British tank a rampant lion was painted on the side of Mephisto. And sure enough, sitting under the paw of the British lion was the silhouette of a German A7V tank.

Mephisto was shipped back to Australia after the War and came to rest in Brisbane. With the explosion of commemoration of the War due to the centenary, Mephisto - the only surviving A7V tank in the world - has been shipped down to Canberra and is now on show in the Anzac Hall at the Australian War Memorial.

Title: “Ran Here?”

Warnings: None

Author’s Note: Italics indicate a flashback in the story. Feedback is always appreciated. (For real, love it or hate it, I appreciate constructive criticism!)

Words:  3,073 

Twenty blocks was a long way to run, but you didn’t have any other option. Your legs burned as you carried yourself past the standstill traffic; getting closer and closer to the boy you had let go, again. He was sitting right there and you let another opportunity pass you by. The two of you ran with the same crowd through your years in school; you were friends, that was it. And if you didn’t risk it now, that’s all you’d ever be. Colton was on his way to the train station, heading back to St. Louis for the season. If you didn’t tell him how you felt now, you may not get another chance.

You were waiting for your friends to make their way back to you. The three of you had driven 5 hours to Fort McMurray to watch Colton play during your senior year of high school.

“Hey, (Y/N)! I didn’t know you were coming to the game tonight.” Colton said, as he dragged his bag behind him through the lobby of the rink; his smile bringing the butterflies in your stomach to life as he came to a stop in front of you. “Did you drive up here?”

“No, I ran.” you joked, fiddling with your bracelet, glancing up at him, his smile dropping as he processed what you said. “God Colton, relax. As much as I wanted to see your game, my legs would have fallen off in the first 5 minutes. Jake and Linds told me they were making the drive up here, so I figured I’d tag along.” You laughed.

“Oh, yeah, right.” He grinned, shaking his head. “I’m glad that you and your legs all ended up here intact. Where are Jake and Lindsay, anyway?” he asked looking over you, his eyes scanning the lobby.

“Uh, I think they went off in search of rations for our drive back to St. Albert.” You replied, joining him in the search for your friends. “Yep.” You said pointing them out to Colton as you spotted them shoving quarters into the vending machines at the back of the room. Lindsay hit Jake’s arm when she saw Colton had come out of the locker room, arms filled with foil packets and bottles of Gatorade, they made their way over to the two of you.

“Hey man! You played a great game.” Jake said; Lindsay nodded in agreement, her mouth already stuffed with an Oreo.

“Eh, it could’ve been better. Sorry we didn’t pull a win out for you guys.”

“No worries, man, next time. I think we’re coming back for another game in… what? 3 weeks?” he asked looking back to Lindsay, who again nodded as she shoved another cookie in her mouth.

“(Y/N), will you be coming?” he implored.

“Uh, maybe? If Linds and Jake don’t mind dragging me with them again.” You replied, looking over to your friends.

“Yeah girl, I think we can manage that.” Lindsay mumbled through her cookie.

“Colton! You ready to go?” A man yelled from the main doors.

“Shoot, my ride is gonna leave without me. Thanks for coming all the way up here.” He said as he shook Jake’s hand. “It was great seeing you guys” he continued, wrapping Lindsay in an awkward one-armed hug, careful not to knock the snacks out of her arms. “(Y/N) I really hope you’re able to make it to the next game. Seeing you was a nice surprise.” He said pulling you in for a hug, he kept his arms locked around you for a moment longer than he needed to, warmth radiating through your body. He pulled away, smiling at you as he grabbed his bag and pulled it towards the door, turning and waving as he exited the rink. Lindsay raised her eyebrows at you, smirking.

Your heart thundered in your chest as you continued down the street. You weaved through moms pushing strollers, businessmen, and college kids moving back into university. You were halfway to the train station. Glancing at the time on a digital display outside of a bank you realized you had 15 minutes before Colton’s train left.

You looked at your watch 7:00 am; Colton would be running past soon. You grabbed your book and your cup of tea, making your way out the door and onto the front porch. You settled onto the swing, tucking your legs under you as you put your tea on the railing. Normally, you would be sleeping until at least nine, before getting ready for your summer job, but the opportunity to see Colton was the motivation you needed to wake up at a decent hour.

You cracked your book open and quickly glanced up the street. Colton had just turned the corner, jogging down the block. Normally you waved; he would yell a greeting and continue on his run. You grabbed your tea, taking a sip waiting for him to look up so you could wave. Today as he got closer to your house, he didn’t look up, but he did slow down. You almost choked on your drink as he turned up the sidewalk, then climbed up the porch steps.

“Hey, (Y/N)” he panted, resting his hands on his hips.  “We do this every morning. Thought I’d change up our normal routine. Say a proper hello.” He said, smiling.

“Uh, yeah. Hello.” You stuttered, still surprised that Colton was standing on your porch. “You wanna sit down?” you asked, closing your book and gesturing to the assortment of patio furniture that decorated your parent’s porch.

“Yeah, thanks.” Colton replied, wiping his forehead with the back of his hand before maneuvering past the empty bench, rocking chair, and ottoman; taking a seat directly beside you on the swing. “You know, not many people are up at this hour. You get up this early on your summer break just to read?” he asked.

“Y-yes.” You sputtered; your attempt to hide your true reason for getting up so early failing miserably. “Just want to get the day started off right, you know?”

“What are you reading?”

“Oh, um, ‘Slaughterhouse-Five’… It’s abo—”

“Oh yeah, I’ve read it, I am in college you know.” He smirked as you rolled your eyes, putting the book down on the table in front of you. “I’m not just a dumb jock.” He laughed. “I wish I had time to read, haven’t had much of a chance with all the training this summer.”

“Jake was telling us about your training, he said there’s a pretty good chance you’ll make the Blues roster this year.” You said looking over to Colton. “When do you leave for camp?”

“Leave for camp? Geeze, (Y/N), I just got home and you want me to leave already?” he laughed.

“Of course not, I miss when you’re not around to bug me.” You smiled. “Just curious.”

“Camp starts at the end of September. So I’ll be home for a few months. I have to train a lot more to even have a chance at making the roster this year. Jake’s just always been really good at overselling me.”

“Come on, Colton, we all know you’re gonna be in St. Louis this year.” You said.

“We’ll see, gotta keep working hard. You know, instead of shoving your face in a book every day, you could come running with me.” He said, chuckling as he saw the horror spread across your face.

“Running is the worst form of exercise there is; it’s practically torture. I’ll stick with swimming, or yoga, or weights. Really anything that’s not running.” You retorted.

“I dunno, (Y/N). You seem pretty interested in running. I mean, you’re sitting out here every morning during prime jogging hours.” Colton said standing up, lifting one long leg onto the porch railing to stretch.

“The only aspect of running I’m interested in is seeing you run by every morning.” You said, the weight of your words not hitting you until he turned to face you, a shit-eating grin spreading across his face.

“Oh man, (Y/N), that’s high praise. Waking up early every day just to see me run by?” Colton said, switching legs.

“That’s not what I meant. I just meant, that, um…” you floundered, not finding the right words.

“Is it alright if I stop by again tomorrow?” He asked, straightening up and backing towards the porch steps.

“Uh, yeah. Yeah.” You stammered. “That’d be great.”

“Cool, I’ll see you tomorrow then.” He smiled; he turned down the sidewalk, continuing his jog.

Your breath was coming in short bursts as you ran down the final block. You slowed as you came to the end of the block, flinging open the glass doors to train station. You took off to the left, rushing down the stairs to the platform, your eyes scanning the crowd of people from the stairs to get a better view. Colton was usually so easy to find, he was a head taller than most people, his bright blond hair a dead giveaway, but you couldn’t spot him. Heading down the stairs, you searched the platform; no Colton in sight. You glanced at your watch, 10 minutes until his train left.

“So you made it a full season in the big leagues and still slum it out in your hometown over the summer?” you laugh as Colton threw one of his French fries at you.

“I mean, I guess I could be training in Bora Bora or something more exotic, but everything that’s important to me is here.” He said, picking up another fry, biting it in half.

“You’re right, I guess it’s not so bad.” You smiled. “I mean, in what other city could you sit with your old pal (Y/N) and cheat on your diet with such secrecy?”

“Well, we could be doing this in St. Louis if you would just come out and visit me.” He said, raising his eyebrows.

“I’m trying, Colton, I really am. Flights are just really expensive and I really want to get my car paid off before I have to start paying back my university loans.” You frowned. “I do want to get out there to see you play, I’m just trying to be a responsible adult.”

“Well, you know, if you start running now you might be able to make it to the home opener…”

Cutting him a dirty look, you rolled your eyes. “Of what? The 2050 season?” you questioned as he laughed, opening his backpack and pulling out an envelope.

“Here, this is for you. I would really like for you to be at the home opener this season.” He handed you the envelope.

Running your finger under the edge of the envelope, you lifted the flap and pulled out the contents. Plane tickets to and from St. Louis and a ticket to the game. “Whoa, Colton, this is way too much.” You concluded, stuffing the contents back into the envelope, trying to hand it back.

“Nope, not gonna take it back. I haven’t spent any of my salary on anything crazy, it’s a gift. You have no idea how much I’d love for you to be at the game. I got tickets for Lindsay and Jake, too. Other than my parents, you guys have been my biggest supporters. Please come.” He said, reaching over and taking your hand. “It would mean a lot to me if you were there.”

You turned and headed back up the stairs to the entrance, now realizing that your lungs felt like they were on fire, your legs just about numb. You were gasping for breath as you carefully pulled yourself back up the staircase; your head down, a lump in your throat rising as you thought about letting him get away, again. He was off to St. Louis, to new friends, new opportunities, new girls…

“(Y/N), is that you? Jesus, are you okay?” You looked up, Colton appearing at the top of the stairs. He jogged down the few stairs that separated you, wrapping his arm around your waist, helping you to the top and walking you over to a bench. “Are you alright? What are you doing here?” the concern evident in his voice.

“I, uh… yeah, I’m fine… J-just gotta catch… my b-breath.” You managed to get out. “I came here… t-to find you…”

“When did you get here? How did you get here?”

“J-Just got here… Well, y’know… traffic was r-really bad. So, uh… I ran here.” You said, taking a deep breath to calm your breathing. You lifted your hand to fan your face, trying to cool down.

“Ran here? You?! From you apartment?” he questioned. You could tell he was doing more than questioning your statement; he was questioning your sanity. “You actually ran?”

“Y-yeah. I wanted to tell you something… Shit, I am not good at running.” You gasped, taking a few more deep breaths, Colton’s eyes not leaving you. “Wait, don’t you have a train to catch?”

“My train doesn’t matter, there are other trains. You ran. You, (Y/F/N)(Y/L/N), ran from your apartment, to tell me something. What could be that important? Are you sure you’re alright?” he asked, his voice more firm as his questioning went on.

“Colton, I swear, everything is fine.”

“If everything were fine you wouldn’t have run 20 blocks to find me.”

“God, will you please get over the fact that I ran here?” you said, exasperation filling your voice.

“I mean, you’ve only been telling me about your aversion to it for the past 10 years, I can’t help that—sorry, what did you need to tell me?” he asked again, his hand rubbing circles on your back, trying to help you calm down.

You sat there quietly for a few moments, your breathing had almost gone back to normal; the feeling in your legs had started to return. Trying to think of what you were going to say was already difficult, but feeling Colton’s hand still massaging your back only made it harder. His eyes never left your face, looking at you worriedly. The words caught in your throat as you tried to explain your reason for coming.

“Colton, fuck… I really like you.” You blurted out. You saw Colton’s blue eyes flash with surprise, his hand freezing on your back. You continued on before he could stop you. “I’ve liked you for a long time. Years, actually. With you going back to St. Louis, it seemed like a now or never kind of situation. I needed to tell you; whether or not you feel the same, even though I really hope you do, it’s fine, I just need you to know th—“

Colton had heard enough of what you were saying to make perfect sense of the situation. “Stop.” He said. He studied your face for what felt like an eternity. “You ran here, the day I’m leaving to go back to St. Louis, to tell me you’ve liked me for years?” he questioned, the surprised expression not leaving his eyes.

You stood up, Colton’s hand dropping to his lap as you turned to face him. You wanted to cry, even if he didn’t feel the same, which he apparently didn’t, you had hoped he would have something more to say; not just to reiterate what you had already said. “I’m sorry my timing was so shitty, I just… fuck, never mind. I’m just gonna go.” You sniffled turning slowly to walk back out the doors.

“No, no, no. You don’t get to drop that bomb on me and walk away.” Colton said as he leaned forward to grab your arm lightly, turning you around to face him. “You’re telling me, that for years, I could’ve been kissing the girl of my dreams and she would have been okay with it?” he asked, a smile tugging at the corner of his lips, his hand sliding down your arm, tangling his fingers with yours.

You stared at him in disbelief, watching him as he rose to his feet, towering above you. “You know, I always thought I was making it pretty obvious that I liked you, too.” He said, dropping your hand so he could slip his arms around your waist; you mimicking his actions, your hands bunching in the soft fabric of his t-shirt as he continued. “I tried making sure you knew how glad I was to have you at games… I changed my jogging route in the summer to run past your house…” his voice faded as he glanced down at you a smirk dancing across his face. “I thought you just wanted to stay friends. I should’ve made my feelings more obvious.” He finished.

Not wasting any time, Colton bent down pulling you flush against his strong body. He brushed his lips against yours, softly, hesitantly. His lips were warm; the smell of his mint gum and cologne enveloped you. Pulling back slightly he looked down at you, waiting for your reaction. You looked up at him, your eyes glancing down to his lips before wrapping your arm around his neck, bringing his mouth back to yours. You kissed him more fervently, his lips moving in sync with your own. After a few moments, you pulled back, catching your breath.

“I guess that’s a better way to lose your breath than running, eh?” Colton said.

You laughed. “Yeah, much better.” Your smile quickly faded as you realized no matter how well this may have ended up, Colton still had to leave today. Noticing your change in expression, Colton sat back down on the bench, pulling you down beside him, wrapping his arm around your shoulders.

“What is it?” he asked.

“My timing is really garbage.” You sighed. “Even though I finally managed to tell you how I felt, you’re still leaving.” You said, leaning into him, resting your head on his chest.

Colton exhaled before placing a kiss to the top of your head. “This was the best timing. Who knows where we would have ended up if you hadn’t told me today? Even though I do have to leave today, I get to go back to St. Louis knowing my favorite person likes me as much as I like them. This is just the beginning.” He said as his fingertips lightly tracing lines on your arm. “We’ll figure it out.” He smiled.

“Yeah?” you questioned softly, tilting your head to look him in the eyes.

“I promise.”

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Got7 Mark Crush Reaction

-          I don’t think he’d be too obvious because he’d know how to hide it if he wanted to, but if you were perceptive, you’d probably pick up on it

-          He’d do subtle things to try and impress you, probably even just subconsciously

-          Like there are a lot of subconscious things that most guys do, like get more rambunctious with their guy friends (kind of a subconscious I AM THE ALPHA MALE type of thing but a lot more lowkey than that, thankfully) and they stand with their legs spread a little under them and their arms and shoulder and everything resting in such a way that it makes their figure appear broader and just bigger and more muscular

-          So if you know all of those little things, you’d pick up on that

-          He’d lean in closer to you across the table a little or lean his elbows on his knees when you were talking just to be a little closer and listen more intently

-          He’d giggle a little more just because you make him feel all fluttery and nerves and stuff

-          He’d hold the door for you

-          And he’d kind of just be aware of you and if you needed anything all the time

-          And if you ever did need anything, he wouldn’t be obnoxious about it, but he would be ready to help

-          Need an extra quarter for the vending machine? He gotchu. Cold? He has an extra scarf that he’s not using in the back of his car and if you want it, he’ll take the opportunity to loosely drape it around your neck himself because he wants to and he’s all casual about it but if you pay close attention you’ll notice that he’s blushing just a tad for a minute afterwards, but he hides it pretty well

-          Anytime there was an opportunity to talk to you naturally, he took it, albeit a little shyly at first

-          He asked you about yourself a lot because he wanted to know everything you liked, everything you disliked, all of that

-          And if he found something cute that you did, like giggle, or a weird habit where you wiggle in some particular way when something particular happens, or just any tick that he found cute, he’d get that kind of ooh cute look on his face before looking back down at his feet for a moment

-          And if he saw you hanging out with another guy that he didn’t know, he’d get a little sad and insecure, and then he’d be kind of quiet next time you two were around each other, but it’d wear off soon enough

-          And if you ever did anything remotely skinshippy with him like grab his hand to drag him somewhere or lean on him in any way or anything, his heart would just scream and he’d have this internal ‘waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh’ in his brain for the rest of the time you were around him, but if it would feel natural to do so, he’d try to lowkey return the skinship like if you leaned on him, he’d casually reach an arm around your shoulder and if you grabbed his hand, he’d hold yours back

-          The boys had found out about his crush like a couple days after everyone met you because as soon as he saw you he was like woah pretty and they were like so what do you think of the new girl while they were all back at the dorms, and so he was like …:3 and they were like MARK. MAAARK

-          So they’re constantly like yo get her nuuuuumber. Get them DIGITS

-          And he’s like guys, no, you’re embarrassing me and eventually every time you walk into the room, they start elbowing him and looking between the two of you all eyebrows and stuff, ya know what I’m sayin’

-          And you pick up on it because while he is not painfully obvious, they are

-          So then eventually he just goes up to you like “HEEEEeeey… sooo..” and he’s scratching the back of his neck and he’s clearly a little nervous and bashful but he goes on “would you like to maybe go to a movie this weekend?” And you smile and say yes because of course, this boy is beautiful, and adorable, and just UUUGGGHHHHSSNGJWAASDFFMMGG

-          And he breaks into this big smile and giggles a little and he’s like okay, I’ll pick you up at seven? And he gets your number and both of you are smiling like idiots for the rest of the day

Tip: Those quarter machines at stores that have candy and toys and crap sometimes have pretty good cheapo stim toys such as squishy things, keychains, etc. I always check them if I have quarters to spare

Magic Fingers

Characters:  Dean x Reader, Sam

Summary:  This is for my 2K drabble celebration.  The prompt was “Shit! Uh, I think we broke it.”  Requested by @thing-you-do-with-that-thing and also @scorpiongirl1

Beta’d by @for-the-love-of-dean.  Thanks girlie!

Word Count:  1195 (I know, it’s supposed to be a drabble.  It got away from me.)

Warnings:  SMUT, language 

As always, feedback is welcomed and appreciated.  Tagging the squad at the end cause this ended up a one-shot.

Magic Fingers

“Oh my god, YES!”  Dean drops his duffel bag and crosses the motel room in two long strides and flings himself across the bed.

Sam groans.  “Oh god, NO.”

“What?” you question, certain that you are missing some private Winchester conversation.

“Magic Fingers,” Dean answers, digging in his pocket.  

“NO WAY!  I’ve heard of Magic Fingers, but I’ve never actually seen one.”

“Get your ass over here.  And bring quarters,” Dean says, patting the empty space next to him on the bed.

Rummaging through your pockets, you produce some change and climb onto the bed next to Dean.  

“Your life is about to change forever, sweetheart,” Dean says, taking the quarters from you and depositing one into the metal box next to the bed.

The bed immediately begins to vibrate. Leaning back against the pillow, you imitate Dean, arms folded over your chest, eyes closed.

You hear Sam huffing around the room. “I’m gonna go to the library,” he says.  

“Fine,” Dean replies. Sam closes the door, leaving you and Dean to enjoy the magical vibrating bed.  

“This is amazing,” you murmur. Dean grunts in agreement. The vibrating seems to move your body slowly, closer to Dean’s. Eventually the bed stops moving. Dean sits up and drops another quarter in the machine. The vibrating starts again and he flops down on the bed again.  This time he’s close enough that you can feel the heat of his body next to yours.  

Were you attracted to Dean? Hell fucking yes. The two of you had a made out a few times, bodies pressed together, tongues tangled in the corner of some dive bar after a hunt. Timing had always been an issue. There had never been an opportunity to take things further. And on some level, there was reluctance. Would it change the dynamic of the team? Hooking up with hunters had always been disastrous in your experience.

As you drift in a blissful state of semi consciousness on the vibrating bed, you idly think about making a move. When Dean moves his arm so that it brushes yours slightly, your body become hypersensitive, every nerve on fire. Was it an accident? Was he thinking the same thing? He doesn’t pull his arm away, the vibrations of the bed causing your arms to brush against each other every so often. You feel the bed dip as he rolls on to his side, facing you. His large hand lands on your forearm, gently stroking circles with his thumb. You hold your breath for a moment, then exhale slowly before rolling to face him.  

“This okay?” he asks. You can hear in his voice that he wants to be certain. And you know that he’ll back off if you tell him to.  No questions asked.

“Yes,” you whisper. Dean leans forward and stops just shy of your lips. Your heart is hammering in your chest, trying to break out of your ribcage. You can feel the heat of his breath ghost across your lips before he presses his mouth to yours. All those sloppy, drunk bar kisses leave this one in the dust. His lips are soft and plush and taste faintly of chapstick. His hand moves to your hip, leisurely running up your rib cage. You moan against his mouth, allowing him an opening to slip his tongue past your teeth. Dear god, he’s thorough as he sweeps your mouth with his tongue. All the heat in your body pools low in your abdomen.

He pushes you onto your back and straddles your hips, pushing your shirt up and over you head. Off come his shirt as well. He bites his lip and closes his eyes as you run your hands over his broad chest, up over his shoulders, down his well muscled biceps. Leaning over you, he spreads his palms next to your head and captures your mouth again. His hips press to yours and you can feel his impressive length against your core. The gentle pulsing of the bed moves you slightly back and forth against his cock. A large hand finds your breast and cups it, kneading and squeezing. Pulling down the cup, Dean rolls the sensitive nub between his thumb and forefinger. He grinds his hips against you in time with the rolling of the bed.

Breaking away from his mouth, you moan as the pressure builds between your thighs. Dean grins, cock sure and pleasedd with himself at the moan and presses harder in response.  “Oh…god…oh…shit,” you murmur as he grinds shamelessly against you. “Fuck, Dean…ah!”  Your hands flail about searching for purchase. Your fingernails dig into the flesh of Dean’s lower back as the waves of pleasure crashed through you, smashing you to bits. The orgasm leaves you a panting, quivering, gasping mess. Dean ceases his grinding and pulls his hips back to give you a moment to recover. The bed stops shaking at the same time.

“Shit!  Uh, I think we broke it,” Dean jokes. You giggle as you reach for the button on his jeans.  “One sec, sweetheart.” He reaches over and drops another quarter into the machine.  Shimmying out of your shorts, you watch as Dean removes his jeans and boxers. Your eyes widen in appreciation. Dear lord, this man is genetically blessed.

Reaching a hand between your bodies, you wrap your hand around his length.  He closes his eyes and moans in response. Guiding him to your slick folds, you rub the tip up and down your slit.  Inserting the blunt head into your pussy, you release your hand and he pushes into you with a groan, stretching you, filling you completely.

“Jesus,” you rasp. “Fuck me, Dean, need you so bad.”

Dean doesn’t hesitate, pulling his hips back and snapping into you. Every muscle in his glorious body tenses as he pushes and pulls. You meet every thrust, your ankles hooked around his waist. He nips at your neck, sure to leave a mark that his brother will notice. When his teeth scrape your earlobe shivers cascade down your spine.  

His breath tickles against your ear when he whispers, “You’re so fucking beautiful, (Y/N).  Wanted this forever.”

His words send you over the edge into a sea of pure ecstasy. “Oh god.  Fuck…Christ…Just like that…oh…oh…Dean!” Your entire body goes rigid as you pulse around his cock.

Dean lets out a guttural sound when he feels you clamp down hard on his thick cock. “Fucking Christ,” he says into your shoulder, before biting down on the skin.  He shudders, his thighs shaking, as he cums inside of you. The hot liquid fills you, spilling over and pooling between your thighs.

Dean remains inside of you, growing soft while he catches his breath. You lazily run your fingertips up and down his back, coming slowly back to earth, the bed still humming away.

Dean’s lips find yours again, swollen and plump. He rolls off you and pulls you into the crook of his arm. He nuzzles your hair and inhales. “Mmm. That was awesome.”

“Mmm,” you murmur in response as the Magic Fingers lull you into a blissful sleep.

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