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I believe very deeply in the human spirit and I have a sense of awe about it because I don’t know how people carry on. I’ve known people that the world has thrown everything at to discourage them, to kill them, to break their spirit. And yet something about them retains a dignity. They face life and don’t ask quarters.
—  Horton Foote

“Rhodian Mercenaries” Coin

This silver drachm was struck circa 175-170 BC in Thessaly most likely by King Perseus of Macedon. The obverse shows the head of Helios facing three-quarters to the right and the reverse is a rose bud.

Although the attribution of this issue has been debated, it seems likely that it was struck by Perseus to pay Cretan mercenaries, who would have been familiar with Rhodian issues, in the Third Macedonian War against the Romans.

hc that when dave takes snaps he’s always super picky about framing himself well and schooling his expression first and is prone to doing a bunch of takes on them until its good before sending 

meanwhile karkat is the only one worse at selfies than john egbert, mostly because he has zero interest in being in the picture. john sends a quarter of his face, karkat just sends errant tufts of hair poking out from the bottom

karkat hates dave’s attention to framing and skill at catching him unaware and spends months trying to avoid being in them altogether but eventually gives up, there’s no stopping him, he’s just going to keep fucking taking pictures of me forever isn’t he

okay BUT jim kirk in cute and trendy glasses. jim kirk with glasses falling off of his face after turbulence on the bridge. jim kirk with glasses reading quietly in his quarters, his face lit up by a padd as he’s typing up reports. jim kirk with glasses sliding down his nose and spock pushing them back up with his classic vulcan smirk.

Handsy Killian X Reader

“Killian I told you so!” Y/N hanging from a rope on the foresail. Killian swashbuckling away at some cretin on the forecastle.

“I know darling! Next time we chose the left!” Killian parrying a blow from the undead soldiers. His hook sinking into the decaying bodies neck, it’s head falling to the side.

“No next time we follow MY intuition.” Y/N swinging on a rope to avoid the mass of undead that had assembled at her feet. Smee firing an explosive straight into the crowd taking out the lot of them.

“Three cheers for Smee!” A random member of Killians crew yelled out. Y/N and Killian walking towards each other to the oblivion of the crew.

“We should clear the rest of the ship.” Y/N said gazing around the ship for enemies.

“We will, let us celebrate first.” Killian wrapping an arm around your waist. His lips grazing your neck, a flush spreading throughout your face.

“Killian, quarter deck, now.” Ripping yourself from his arms as you walked on. Grasping his hook in your hand in the process.

Killian smirking at your actions. You were so straight forward with words but love foibadled you constantly. He found it adorable.

Walking through the decks hand in hook until the quarter galleries was all that was left. Something wasn’t right. Your intuition attempting to force you to seek out the problem and snuff it out.

“Love, let’s simply take a moment to celebrate.” Killian yet again grasping you around the waist. Lips locking as your thigh came up to his hip. Killian pushing you against the wall. Small mewling sounds coming from your throat. His groin grounding into yours in slow circular movements.

Hands grasping his hips pulling him flush against yourself.

“Killian.” His lips attacking your neck tongue lavishing attention just short of your sweet spot.

“Killian!” Pushing him against the other wall as you created a force field. Forcing yourself onward as the necromancer finally appeared.

“You know I prefer a different tone when you scream my name.” Killian shouted lunging forward his cutlass aimed at the decrepit being. It’s sallow translucent skin clearly past it’s prime.  The necromancer wasn’t quick ,but it seemed to scarcely notice the cutlass protruding from his side. Killian retracting his blade as you conjured a lightning bolt.

Preparing to sling it at the fetid creature. Until a projectile came out of nowhere. A billow of electric smoke surrounding you. The breath leaving your body as you reappeared in front of the projectile and Killian. The lightning attacking your body instead. Killian grasping you towards himself twitching from the pulse’s that hit him.

“Love, say something.” He managed to grunt out through the pain.  The projectile disappearing from your breast.

“Should have screwed you sooner.” You chuckled humorlessly as blood seeped out of wound. Blood slowly leaking in through the cut in your lungs.

“Made love would have been more appropriate.” Killian smiled, the necromancer moving closer. His unbearable stench slowly choking the air. Wood beginning to rot from it’s presence.

“Killian, I don’t want to go.” Tears dripping slowly down your cheeks. Fighting to hold onto your life and him. The one man that you had loved, yet never given yourself the chance to love.

“I know love.” Burying his face in your neck, inhaling your scent. His stubble grazing your cheek as his eye’s lingered on your face. Your fingers attempting to reach his hair. Unfortunately your arms were numb from lack of blood. Killian reaching down to bring your hand up. Your fingers grazing his temple with his assistance.

The necromancer now within reach of Killian. His spirit reaching out of his body. Attempting to force Killian’s soul out replacing it with his own.

“One…..” Was all you could rasp out. Fortunately Killian knew what that one word meant. Every time you would tell yourself just one more kiss from the scoundrel. It always ended up being more. You had once spent an entire afternoon in Killians bed kissing. Muttering one in between breaks for air only to pull him back more. He was your drug, you refused to be sated.

Lips meeting just as the necromancer’s soul reached Killians body. A wave of light energy emanating outwards; true loves kiss. The necromancer incinerated.

Tinker bell running toward Killian and yourself. As your lips parted Tink glimpsed your palor, you were dying.

“Killian!” Tink kneeling next to your unresponsive form. Pushing him out of the way as she sprinkled your wound with fairy dust.

“Y/N hold on.” Tink and Killian hoisting you up onto their shoulders. Bringing you back to Killians room. Tink giving an odd look to the pirate. Thus far your relationship had been low key. The crew knew you flirted, but every attempt at public displays of affection had resulted in a kiss off.

The way Killian laid you onto his bed told Tink everything.

“True love’s kiss defeated the necromancer.” Tink said to Killians back, watching him flinch at the accusation.

“It’s defeated that’s all that matters.” Killian moving towards his trunk grabbing an extra pillow. Moving it behind your head your breathing became steadier. An easy smile slipping onto Killian’s face.

“Killians’ in love with Y/N.” Tink said in a singsongy voice, skipping out of the room.

“Keep it to yourself Twinkle!” Snapping an angry look at the blonde woman.

“It’s Tinker, we’ll see!” Giggling as she trounced out of the room in glee.

Sitting on the bed next to you as he stroked his fingers through your hair.


It took many days for you to even awaken. Fading in and out of consciousness catching glimpses of life.

Finally awakening long enough to ascertain your whereabouts.

“Killian.” You rasped out dehydration had set in yesterday. Getting water into your body had been difficult. Killian mostly resulted to mouth to mouth.

“At your beck and call darling.” A tired voice projected out to you. A lithe figure moving gracefully towards your outstretched hand. Grabbing his hand pulling it towards your chest. Eye’s closing for a fleeting moment.

“I’m alive.” A tired smile falling into place. Kissing his knuckles as you attempted to sit up.

“Careful love.” Killian removing his hand from yours to assist in sitting up.

“Thanks. I don’t smell as bad as I should….Killian?” Your eyebrow arching as you stared at him.

“Well I knew you wouldn’t be please to awaken smelling like a necromancer. I simply took the liberty of bathing and changing your clothes.” Killian giving you a rakish once over.

“Killian Jones, I don’t know if I should slap you or kiss you.” Killian looking shocked at your lack of rage. Pulling him down to your lips, wishing you had the strength for more.

“You were all I dreamed about.” You whispered as you broke apart. Killian leaning up an obvious erection between his legs.

“Now dear. Why would you tell me that when nothing can be done about this?” Killian resting his hand on his thigh as Tinker Bell came bouncing in the room.

“Y/N! You’re awake I was so worried!” Throwing herself onto you. Most of the air leaving your lungs.

“Ow ow ow, shoulder.” Grounding your teeth through the pain as Tink scrambled off of you.

“Sorry!” Tink falling backwards off the bed with a squeak.

All of you laughing together as Tink rubbed her head.

“Thank you for your assistance Tink. I believe she needs to eat and rest. So.” His hook gesturing towards the door.

“Fine but if he get’s too handsy, just call.” With a wink Tinker bell was out the door.

“Thank you.” Ending it with a chuckle.

Shutting the door with his foot, as he walked over.

“Speaking of eating.” He produced a plait laden with fruit’s, roasted vegetables, and meat’s. A goblet filled with clean water on your bedside.

“We must be in port.” Head falling to the side as you smiled coyly.

“We are Y/N, now eat you’ve scarcely consumed a drop in days.” Drinking down half the goblet in seconds. Hook taking the goblet after he placed the tray. It’s surface laden with fresh food.

Popping a fresh strawberry into your mouth. Smiling as the juice dribbled down your throat. It’s sweetness permeating your mouth. Lips slowly turning red from the berries on your plate.

“You remembered?” Wiping your mouth with a satin napkin Hook had procured from a lady.

“That red berries are your favorite? Yes.” Hook sending a charming smile your way. The same smile that resulted in joining his crew. Damn pirate. That was a story for another day.


Purpose: Banish that which is no longer serving us in 2016 (see this post for full explanation of purpose)
MOON: New/Black
- Burn Bowl/Fire pit, Rosemary, Black Salt
- Printer
- Rosemary associations: protection, banishing, memory, New Year, attracts good energies, (fire)
- Black Salt associations: banishing, protection (earth)

Prep: write down all of the old habits, thought patterns, toxic decisions, toxic situations, and anything that NEEDS to go up in flames along with 2016. Print out a copy of the Tower Card on non-toxic paper.


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anonymous asked:

Hello! :) I need your opinion on something: when guys look at me they ALWAYS thinks I'm some sort of snob\arrogant\scary girl because I have the confidence to be..well, goth (I live in Italy, where we are a very rare sight sadly). Has it ever happened to you? normally it doesn't bother me, but the guy I like is pretty "normal" and I don't know what to do :( (I'm into the victorian\witchy style and I always smile...I'm not scary, really, I promise)

As far as I know, that’s never happened to me. But that’s probably because, despite my longing to look like an elegantly feral vampire, something about me gives off an aura of “cute”. (This was the case even when I had enormous hair and my eyeliner doodles covered a quarter of my face.)

As for the guy you like being pretty “normal” – that shouldn’t matter a bit! Smile at him. Talk to him. Make it clear that you’re friendly, and that you find him interesting. If he’s put off by your appearance, then he’s not the right guy for you.