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What's the most cohesive way to wean a puppy onto raw? I know there's sources out there but there's a little bit of contradictory confusion or 'do THIS but never THAT' kind of talk... I just want it laid out in simple terms, if you could! And if there's any supplements necessary/advised if you can't feed your puppy bones?

I’m assuming you mean when first introducing puppies from milk to food since you said wean?

Nothing special, I just start out doing all goats milk meals, and then when they have no stool issues on that I add some ground beef, and then more, and more until finally it’s mostly the raw. I like using ground chicken leg quarters as well since they need bone content, you can feed that right from the start too it just depends on how fine of a grind your butcher can do for you.

If you mean an older puppy, Natsu was fed kibble until I got him. I started him out on chicken thighs 4x a day, once he was solid on that I’d start introducing the other meats. Which him I introduced other meats sooner than I normally would for an adult just because I was worried about him getting the balance of different meats in while he was growing. If you’re really worried you could do a combination of the kibble he is used to and raw, just slowly decreasing the amount of kibble. But generally start with chicken, it’s the easiest on their stomachs in my experience. Beef heart, liver, venison, etc those types of rich meats are harder on them at first but if you give them time they can handle it fine.

If for some odd reason your dog can’t chew bones, then you can feed ground.

Ivar update!

My little furry potato is growing like a weed. He’s 16 pounds at 9 weeks, and is still eating an absurd amount of food each day. I actually got excited when I saw chicken quarters on sale and have spent well over $100.00 on food for Ivar in the last two weeks alone (this includes things like tripe, beef liver, salmon, and tuna).

He also had his first vet visit so we could have his microchip placed. He did great and everyone at the office adored him.

Crate training is still going very slowly, as Ivar throws a fit as soon as he realizes that his freedom has been restricted. He prefers sleeping at my feet or on the couch with his head against my thigh.

We spent some time in the woods with my partner, Danny, whom Ivar is (obviously) smitten with. Danny has been a fantastic help in socializing Ivar and getting him desensitized to things such as having his paws, ears, and tail touched, which will be a big help later on at vet appointments!

So far, Ivar has taken very well to being out and about in public, and since we’ve put the harness on him, the pulling has stopped - to the extent that he now dawdles along behind me and I have to coax him along to keep pace. That will likely change as he gets older and bolder.