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Fic Prompt/Request - Sakura Meets the Uchihas

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Hi there! For fic requests thing - could you do an au/dimension travel where Sasuke’s parents meet Sakura as his wife? I’d love to see their reactions and thoughts. Thank you!

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If you’re my Romeo then I’ll happily drink the poison: Chapter 3

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Author’s Note: Shorter chapter but I want to leave some things under wraps until the next chapter. Spoiler alert: next chapter is the wedding. I appreciate all your guys’ feedback (good, bad, whatever) and let me know if you’re still enjoying the story. Something is funky with the taglist, or at least there has been in the past. Like there are people I’ve tagged but haven’t been alerted? Who knows let’s hope it’s working out.

Prologue; Chapter 1; Chapter 2; Chapter 4


Word Count: 1413

Warnings: Violence (kidnapping-ish) and swearing

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While this certainly was not the first time you had been tied up, the previous times were definitely more pleasurable. The intruders locked the door to your living quarters and bound your hands and feet together. Your breaths were shaky as you looked down to the floor, burying your head between your knees.

“Let me go,” You attempted to command but it came out sounding weak. There was little chance of fighting your way out considering it was 2 against 1. Also, your senses were impaired, your legs still sore, and your size still much tinier than them. The two stared at you, scoffing.

“Dear Princess, while your tongue is usually sharp it’s in your best interest to zip it,” The man with piercing blue eyes said. 

“It’s in your best interest to let me go before I beat your ass,” You threatened, suddenly feeling a fire in your soul. Blue-eyes leather-clad hands quickly went to your neck, inhibiting your breaths. You sharply inhaled through your nose, looking fearfully into his eyes.

“Princess, today is your lucky day,” He started, chuckling at how you squirmed. “You should be thankful we’re just laying the groundwork here and don’t have the full team assembled.

So there was some sort of plot assembled. You weren’t crazy. 

“Now, you were supposed to be gone during this but since you decided to have a bratty outburst you intervened with the plan. Here’s what you’re going to do cupcake, pretend like none of this happened and trust us when we say we’ll know if you squeal. No one here can protect you from what’s coming your way,” He said. Your eyes started to flutter at the loss of oxygen, making you feel woozy. “Night night princess.” His other hand plugged your nose, causing the lack of air to make you pass out. 

The man released his grip once you were knocked out and cut the zip ties, tucking you into bed making it look like you had just fallen asleep for a nap.

“She has marks around her neck you fucking idiot,” His partner said in a whisper. Blue-eyes sighed and threw a scarf around her neck, with a shrug.

“It doesn’t matter if she snitches or not, no one knows what’s coming coronation day,” He said with a wide grin, as he watched your fragile body. “All your sweet dreams will turn to nightmares.”

Tom found himself laying in bed, exhausted from his conversation with you. She’s going to drive me insane. He reached to grab his phone before remembering, you had it. He groaned, getting up and heading down the hallway. On the way out he physically bumped into two guards, who were swiftly walking down the hallway away from your room. 

“Gentlemen!” Tom called out making them turn around. One had intoxicating blue eyes. “Is Y/N in there?” He asked, not wanting to waste his time going in if she wasn’t around. 

“Not sure sir, we were just passing by,” Blue-eyes nodded.

Tom sighed and knocked on the door. No response. He knocked again, earning the same reaction. Sick of waiting, he swung the door open to find you asleep in bed. He groaned and started looking on your nightstand for his phone, to no avail. He glanced back over at you to see you were slightly sweating.

“She’s just as dramatic as my mother wearing a scarf indoors,” He grumbled, taking it off, his eyes widening at the bruises that littered your neck. Tom rushed to the door and glanced around for the previous guards, only to find them gone. Maybe you were right, there is a lack of protection in this place. 

Tom checked your pulse, thankful to find it still there. He gently lifted you up and started carrying you out.

“Woah, taking her back to your room?” A familiar voice said. Tom turned to see his best friend Harrison. The fellow prince had been crashing here in preparation for the wedding. His smirk stopped when he saw the state of your neck. “What the hell?”

“I don’t know what happened, just help me take her to the infirmary,” Tom said, shifting you in his arms. Harrison nodded and followed after Tom as he ran down the hallway, got in the elevator, and took it to the 5th floor where they had their infirmary. 

Tom could feel his heart beating rapidly. Panic spread throughout his body. He couldn’t exactly explain why. One thought that came to his mind was that the Azurian Cadiella plan would be ruined, but he could tell that wasn’t the source of his panic. Something much more personal stirred the fear building in his chest. Was he actually worried about you? As much as you drove him crazy, at this point he couldn’t imagine becoming King without you. He needed someone by his side when taking on such a powerful position. Having someone next to him eased his nerves, letting him know he wasn’t the only one figuring things out. Even if you bickered, standing next to you he felt like someone else could understand him and the expectations put upon him that no one else had.

His hand gently caressed your cheek. A few moments later your eyes open spastically, gasping loudly for air. Perspiration dripped down your face as your chest rose and fell quickly.

“Y/N, breathe breathe,” Tom said trying to get you to focus on him and control breathing. Slowly you managed to get your breathing back to normal and calmed down. “What happened?”

For a few moments, you just stared at him before replying hoarsely, “What does it look like happened?”

A small smile tugged at the corner of his lips, happy you were in good enough spirits to poke fun at him. A nurse came over and began to do a quick examination. You winced as she gently tilted your chin up.

“The marks will leave some bruising but they’ll fade naturally. I assume you’ll want to cover it up with makeup which is fine I just suggest you do so sparingly. Save it for your wedding day and coronation as opposed to every day leading up to it,” The nurse started her recommendation. She then examined the inside of your throat. “It looks strained but you’ll survive. I suggest not talking so much.”

“A dream come true, she can’t talk,” Tom teased. You folded your arms over your chest, staring him down. “Kidding, kidding.”

“I can’t stand you,” You mouthed to him. 

He playfully held his hand to his ear. “Sorry love what was that?”

You took the pillow from behind your back and chucked the pillow at his head. He laughed and a smile graced your lips. Your eyes met, both sets were gleaming happily. Maybe you two didn’t fully hate each other. Just maybe.

Harrison decided to do some detective work of his own. He cared about his best friend and by extension his best friends future wife. Also, he suspected whoever broke the window probably had something to do with this incident. He bent down when he noticed the zip ties on the ground.

“Who are you?” An unfamiliar voice said. Harrison turned to face a beautiful woman carrying a massive dress bag. Her black hair was slicked back and she wore a black jumpsuit. “Oh, you’re the asshole’s friend.”

“If anyone’s an asshole it’s me. Also, that’s prince asshole to you,” Harrison said, as the woman strutted across the room. “And you are?”

“Naomi,” She said putting the dress bag in your closet. “Where’s Y/N?”

“Infirmary,” He said nonchalantly. Naomi whipped around to face him.

“What happened? Are her legs bothering her again? Is she alright?” She asked, worried. 

“Yeah, she’ll probably be fine. I’m just looking around to see how it happened. You have to keep it quiet, but there’s some sort of conspiracy going on and I want to figure it out. I already found these cut zip ties.” 

Naomi bit her lip and placed a hand on Harrison’s shoulder. “I heard something big today and I need you to promise to keep this on the down low.” There was a graveness in her tone and worry in her eyes.

“Your secret is safe with me.”


Bellamy- I Loved and I Lost You

He and I against the world, that’s what he always told me. He promised we would venture this new world together and make it our own. He promised that no man, woman, or creature would tear us apart. Hand in hand we fought wars, we killed and we rebuilt and we always had each other. Until the night of MountWeather. He went in to do his part and I was set to do mine. The plan went perfectly, all too perfectly. We ended up in the control room together, my hand on the lever. With his hand on mine, we committed genocide. I knew the grief would be difficult, that he made need some time to deal with things. I’d be more worried if killing innocent people didn’t faze him then if he pulled away for a while. I had the whole thing mapped out; he’d express his need for some space, I’d comply, and after a while he would come back. Together forever, that’s what he said. I was wrong.  

I always thought the worst night of my life would be when I killed hundreds of men, women, and children. I soon found that that was a joy ride compared to the night he told me he didn’t love me anymore. Those were his words, “I don’t love you anymore, I can’t. I look at you and all I see are the dead.” Then he left.

I loved him like he was my own. My own lover, my own second half, my own fairytale. I loved him like I would never lose him. But I did, oh how I did. The moment I saw the love fade from his eyes will be forever carved into mine. The warmth fading from those old soul brown eyes, the darkness spreading like a damn disease. His touch retracting from mine like I had burned him, the soft smile housed upon his petal pink lips turning into a cold straight line. I watched his love die right there in front of me. I loved him, and I lost him.

No amount of fire can keep me warm anymore; no amount of fur can replace the weight of him next to me. I never knew how much of me was actually him, until it was gone. My voice never sounded quite right after that, it sounded distant and foreign. Like someone old and broken had taken my place. Maybe someone did. Maybe an old soul took advantage of the body I left behind when I coward into the very darkest corner of my mind. All the romantic movies and sad songs, all the cliché talk of everything reminding them of the past, it was all true. I saw his face in every window, in every mirror, his smell staining every piece of clothing I own, the sound of his voice carved into the bark of every tree. He was everywhere, except the one place I needed him. My body felt too small and the world felt too big, I began to go mad. The days got longer, the air got thicker, and my blood got colder. The walls around me bled, the floors crumbling. I was a mess. I was a pile of discarded ash, a stain waiting to be removed. Who knew I’d ever love that boy so much, but I did. I loved him, and he was never coming back.

That was weeks ago, I think. Time is a feeble thing when you have no one to spend it with. I had attempted to run away from my problems with Clarke, following her to a place she called Polis. She explained all about Lexa and how we’d be safe there but I couldn’t make myself listen, my mind wondered to Bellamy and what I could have done to keep him. I would have followed her anywhere, I just wanted to run. Lexa welcomed me with open arms, she gave me a room and clean clothes, she tried to make a place for me at the dinner table with her and Clarke but quickly became accustom to my desires to be alone. Twice a day someone would knock on my door to bring me food, those were the only two times a day I talked to another person. Even that ceased after a while. I spent my days gazing out of the window, looking down at the city. I spent my nights lying in bed willing to give my soul to have one more night with Bellamy. The pain in my chest became bearable eventually, Id gotten so used to it I didn’t really actively notice it. That was until the day I realized I couldn’t remember the details anymore. It had completely slipped past me, at some point my clothes stopped smelling like him, I stopped seeing him in the windows, I stopped feeling his hands on me. Somewhere along the way, I forgot why I loved him. I was afraid for the first little while, I had attached myself to him so severely it felt as if I forgot him id forgot myself. It didn’t take long for me to realize how silly that was though, and then came the empowerment. I rushed around my room, cleaning and redecorating. It was the first time in weeks that I had the emotional energy to do anything and I wasn’t going to let it go to waste. I grabbed the clothes Lexa had given me and took a knife to them, cutting up the side the down the middle, exposing more leg and a lot more cleavage. I felt alive for the very first time in a very long while. I felt beautiful.

This feeling lasted for days, I ran out of my room with such energy I startled even myself. I walked with such confidence, you’d I think I was the heart breaker and not the broken. I swayed my hips just right, dominating every inch of stone I walked on. I made my way to the only place I knew, the commander’s quarters. I bound up the steps and flung open the door, Lexa and Clarke both jumping. When Clarke saw me, her eyes widened. A grin spread across her face as she dropped the things in her hands and ran up to me. She flung her arms around me and drew me into a deep hug.

“You’re back” She whispered into my hair and I pulled away to look at her.

“You’re god damn right.”

That was the day I got my life back.

It wasn’t long after that day that I met Roan. He was so tall and handsome; the fact that he was prince didn’t slip my mind either. The way his eyes pierced whatever he was looking at, the confidence in his voice, I couldn’t help but watch him closer than the others. The same day I met him, he became a King. I was terrified during the battle, I knew Lexa would kill him but she surprised everyone when she embedded her spear into the Ice Queens chest. I see why Clarke likes her. That night I had gone up to his room, carrying a bottle of wine I had secretly borrowed from Lexa, and asked if I may celebrate his survival with him. He nodded and invited me in, where we sat, talked, and drank. The boy could hold his liquor I’ll give him that, he found my low tolerance for it amusing. When the bottle ran low and moon was still high, he asked me to dance. His hands on me felt so right, I became addicted to the rise and fall of his chest on mine. Time seemed forgotten in his presence, a luxury I had long since abandoned. My skin was warmed by his gaze, those arctic eyes a mystery no man could solve. That night I fell for the Ice King.

Our flame burned long after the alcohol left our system. We had such a fire together, something no one thought possible of him. He touched me with such ferocity, yet such respect, I was bound to him in no time. I quickly became accustom to standing by his side, representing The Ice Nation with him, rather than Skikrew with my long lost lover. I saw no end to us, and prayed it to be true. He swore he’d never leave. When the time came, I left with him. Riding on horseback into the mountains where I could soon claim home. He promised to give me everything, a promise he did keep.

“Together forever.” I said softly, lying in bed with him at last.

“Till the last of the ice melts.” He whispered back.

Bellamy had a knack for hiding his emotions, hence why no body noticed how badly he missed her. She was his everything, his rock, his dream, the love of his life. No body saw the pain that grew inside him like a cancer, no body knew why he packed up in the middle of the night and left. He and only he knew where he was going. With a lack of horses to ride, the journey to Polis was cruel to say the least. It wasn’t anything he didn’t deserve though, and he knew that. He punished himself in every way possible for pushing her away, for hurting her so badly. Every time the sun rose he begged that she’d forgive him and every time the moon rose high he begged that she were okay. Alas his journey ended as he crawled up the steps on Polis, screaming for the guards to let him though. His shouts didn’t go unheard, Clarke came running down to him. She motioned for the guards to let him in, the second he got passage he ran to her grabbing her shoulders franticly.

“Where is she? I need to speak with her, I messed up. Please Clarke bring her to me!” He panted from pain and exestuation.

“Bellamy…” Her words soft with regret.

“She’s gone, she left with another man, she’s gone Bellamy.”

Her words knock the wind from his broken body, eroding him from the inside. His mind felt nothing, after all this he felt nothing and couldn’t speak a word. His heart could only muster up enough life for one emotion. Hopelessness.

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Hello!!! I love your blog so flipping much! And I was wondering if I could request MC having a prosthetic leg? Like with the RFA meeting them for the first time at the party and they see her. Sorry if it's too specific, but u just finally got mine and feeling a bit self-conscious about it. Thank you!!

i love YOU so flipping much!

-okay, SO, i decided to write in second person since you requested this specific to something you’re going through, i really really really hope you like it i will try my BEST

~headcanon requests closed for now~


  • this boy cannot BELIEVE how DROP DEAD GORGEOUS you are
  • i mean, Seven said you were a cute but you are so much more than cute
  • gosh, how lucky is he that the girl he fell for just so happens to be the prettiest girl he’s ever laid eyes on
  • “y-you’re…MC?”
  • you nervously push some stray hairs behind your ear
  • “yea, thats me”
  • “you look incredible”
  • “thanks”
  • things are a little awkward between you two, since Yoosung is a literal ball of nerves in your presence
  • without any warning, he steps forward and puts one hand behind your neck, kissing you
  • somewhere, zen is screaming
  • somwhere else, Seven just whispered “hell yea get sum”
  • when Yoosung pulls away from you, you’re both bright red
  • “sorry if that was too bold, but i’ve wanted to do that for a long time”
  • you can barely form words right now
  • that was quite bold but you really wanted it, too
  • that’s when, while trying to notice every little thing about you, Yoosung sees your leg for the first time
  • you can tell he saw it by the way he suddenly looks a little surprised
  • “please dont freak out” you blurted without thinking
  • admittedly, he was caught a little off guard by the prosthetic leg
  • but he wasnt freaked out in the slightest
  • Yoosung doesnt love you because you’re beautiful, hell, he fell in love without knowing what you even look like
  • he finds you beautiful because he loves you so much
  • and nothing is going to change that


  • Zen’s gone through countless auditions
  • he’s mastered controlling his nerves in all his years of acting
  • but right now, waiting to meet you for the first time
  • Zen’s stomach is full of butterflies he cant seem to push away
  • he scans the room frantically
  • gosh, any of these people could be MC
  • “Zen?”
  • he whips around to find out who that small voice came from
  • though Zen had never seen you before, you knew his face very well
  • you not only saw it in the messenger, but in your dreams too
  • Zen’s cheeks glow red when he looks at you
  • “are you…MC?”
  • “the one and only”
  • you smile at him in an attempt to release some of the tension between you two
  • Zen has always been charismatic and suave
  • but for some reason he has no idea what to say right now
  • instead he just looks at you, examining every little detail about the woman he loves
  • his eyes travel from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet, and he sees your leg
  • he hasn’t said anything since you told him you were MC, so you break the silence
  • “i’m not really what you were expecting….am i?”
  • Zen could get any girl he wanted
  • he was a hot, famous actor after all
  • why would he love someone like you, who needs a prosthetic leg?
  • Zen takes a step forward, closing the gap between you two and brushes some of your hair behind your ear
  • “no, you’re not what i was expecting at all”
  • he leans in, kissing you
  • “you’re more beautiful than i could have even dreamed”
  • “b-but, my leg-”
  • “doesnt matter”
  • Zen looks into your eyes, his voice unwavering
  • “i love everything that is you”
  • he kisses your nose softly
  • “from the tip of your nose, to your prosthetic leg”
  • he winks at you
  • Zen still felt the butterflies in his stomach
  • but proclaiming his love for you felt as natural breathing to him


  • Jaehee has never been so excited for an RFA party in her life
  • he had everything planned out perfectly in her head
  • she knew every word she was going to say to you
  • and she had the spare key to her new apartment in her right jacket pocket, ready to give to you
  • Jaehee was at the door, greeting all the guests as they came in
  • thats when she saw you
  • she’d never seen you before, of course, but she could just…tell
  • they way you carried yourself, the way your face brightened when you saw her
  • Jaehee knew instantly you were the girl who changed her life
  • since the doorway was crowded with guests filing in (Jaehee is still amazed at how many people are coming because of you) she can only see your head at first
  • soon you’re standing in front of Jaehee
  • she takes a deep breathe and prepares to start her speech when she sees your prosthetic leg
  • “Jaehee? it’s me, MC”
  • seeing you, and your leg, for the first time makes Jaehee forget every word of her carefully prepared speech
  • she kind of sucks at winging it
  • “um, hey! it’s good to meet you”
  • no, its great to meet you. it’s fantastic to meet you.
  • you can tell the leg thing must be freaking her out
  • “sorry for surprising you with this, i just never wanted to say anything cause-”
  • “i’m not surprised”
  • “you arent? you just seemed a little bit caught off guard…”
  • Jaehee closes the gap between you two and grabs your hands
  • “well, i suppose i am a bit nervous. who wouldnt be, meeting someone as incredible as you?”
  • “are you sure its not…?”
  • you voice trails off as you look down at your leg
  • she squeezes your hands to get your attention
  • “i’m sure it’s not that. it’s just…you”
  • just because Jaehee didnt know about your leg didnt change the fact that she wanted you to be her partner
  • she needed you to be her partner


  • Jumin knew he was in love as soon as he laid eyes on you
  • hell, he knew long before then
  • even though Seven refused to show anyone what you look like
  • he could tell be your smooth, gentle voice how beautiful you were
  • no wonder talking to you calmed him down
  • when you showed up at his door saying everyone was worried about him
  • he was….flustered
  • i mean, you were even prettier than you sounded
  • and you have like a real pretty voice ok so thats saying a LOT
  • you even managed to make a simple t-shirt and jeans look incredible
  • Jumin didnt notice anything until you changed into pajamas for the night
  • you wanted to hide your prosthetic leg, so you tried to avoid him once you changed
  • but….you really needed to pee
  • the bathroom was just down the hall, maybe you could make it without Jumin noticing
  • you poke your head out of the door, making sure the coast is clear
  • in the hallway you have to pass by Jumin’s room…and his door was wide open
  • okay, maybe if you go fast he wont notice 
  • you cut into a run down the hall and just as you pass Jumin’s open doorway-
  • “MC?”
  • dammit, so close
  • you poke your head into the room without showing him the rest of your body
  • Jumin was sitting in bed, reading a book
  • “yes?”
  • maybe he didnt see!
  • “i’m sorry if this is rude but…do you have a prosthetic leg?”
  • shit, he saw
  • you stand in the doorway, showing Jumin your leg
  • “um, yea. i do”
  • he gets out of bed
  • “why didn’t you tell me?”
  • you fidget with your hands nervously, avoiding eye contact with him
  • “i guess i was just self conscious”
  • Jumin continues to walk toward you
  • “MC, you dont have to hide anything from me”
  • he’s standing inches away from you know
  • “and besides, that’s nothing to be self conscious about”
  • “r-really…? you dont care?”
  • “of course not. a prosthetic leg doesnt change the fact that i think your beautiful”
  • he grabs your hands
  • “and it certainly wont stop me from developing feelings for you”
  • Jumin developing feelings…for you?
  • you liked Jumin a lot, but you never thought he’d return your feelings
  • you’re face heats up
  • but when you look up at Jumin, you see that he’s blushing too


  • Seven really thought he knew everything about you
  • he always bragged in the messenger that he knew you were a girl
  • and that he knew what you looked like
  • and that you were cute
  • he really thought that, too
  • he looked forward to seeing you on the CCTV feed
  • but since you always wore pants around the apartment, he never noticed your prosthetic leg
  • not until he had to come to your rescue, anyway
  • you wanted Seven to come to the apartment and protect you
  • but what was he going to say about your leg?
  • you’re fine with wearing pants during the day, but in such close quarters he’s bound to notice
  • desperate to keep your prosthetic a secret, you decide to cover yourself with a blanket
  • at all times 
  • you walked around the house with a big blanket draped around you from your shoulders like a cape
  • if you were sitting next to him, the blanket was covering your legs
  • at first you thought it would be easy to keep your distance, especially since he kept pushing you away
  • but as your feelings for him grew, you tried more and more to get close to him, despite his protests
  • you just wanted his attention….
  • then, you got a really bad idea
  • “hey, Seven. i’ve been keeping a secret from you”
  • Seven’s hunched over his laptop, facing the wall
  • “MC, i’m trying to focus on work”
  • you sit next to him, making it real hard for him to ignore you
  • “it’s a pretty juicy secret though”
  • Seven turns to you
  • “okay, i’ll humor you. whats the big secret?”
  • still sure that this is a terrible idea, you toss off the blanket and reveal the prosthetic leg you were working so hard to hide before
  • Seven seems unimpressed
  • “you have a prosthetic leg?”
  • “yea. are you…surprised?”
  • “not really”
  • “so…this doesnt matter to you at all?”
  • you feel a lump in your throat. mission ‘get Seven to notice me’ is failing miserably
  • he moves away from his laptop to face his body fully toward you
  • “i’m not saying it doesnt matter. it’s you, so obviously it matters”
  • “so, what are you saying?”
  • “i’m just saying that your leg doesnt change how i feel about you-”
  • he catches himself and quickly turns his train of thought around
  • “not saying that i feel anything for you at all but if i did, something as insignificant as a prosthetic leg wouldnt matter, not to say that your leg is insignificant but…”
  • Seven realizes he’s said to much and turns back to his laptop
  • “just….forget we had this conversation, okay?”
  • despite Seven’s hostile tone you feel…warm
  • so you do matter to him
  • even with a prosthetic leg, you matter so much to Seven


a very hufflepuff feeling

notes | Sitting in his quarters, on a ship bound for England, Newt struggles to pass the time by writing Tina a letter. if only he knew where to begin.

title | a very hufflepuff feeling

With his quill hovering above a sheaf of fresh parchment, Newt Scamander finds himself unable to scratch out a single word, which is an altogether unusual phenomenon for him. For all he’s rarely ever had the words to speak, he seems always at the ready to write them, has field journal upon field journal dedicated to the most intricate and lengthly descriptions of incredible creatures, their habits, their preferences, their abilities.

And yet. Yet here he fails, brought to a veritable halt by the most incredible and intriguing creature he has ever encountered: Tina Goldstein.

He means to pen her a letter, something to idle away some of the multitudes of time he has while crossing the ocean, but now the written word fails him as surely as only spoken words have managed to before. He had thought, perhaps, as his quill had first hovered at a standstill above the page, that it was the boldness of the assumption that he write her at all that left him lingering. But a thorough study of that idea, once his quill was dropped back into his ink well, had concluded that to not be the case. After all, Tina had seemed sufficiently agreeable to a visit, so a letter did not seem overly forward by any means.

They were, after all, friends of sorts and friends wrote one another letters all the time. He may have limited experience in that arena, but it’s enough to be sure of that fact.

“Really Pickett, how hard can a letter be to pen?” he mutters to his green friend, who has taken up residence within the folds of his scarf, discarded along the top edge of his writing desk, the only luxury he’d requested in reserving a cramped quarters on the ship. The bow truckle pops up at the sound of his name, shaking it’s little head in a sign of exasperation that rather reminds Newt of his brother’s wife: somehow both fond and exhausted by him, a hint of laughter in the expression. “I carry you around and this is the support you give?”

Thin, tiny shoulders shake, the laughter less of a hint now. Newt can only shake his head, disappointed, and turn back to the blank page mocking him.

There are so many thoughts vying for dominance in his head, all of them not quite full formed, like a hinkypunk in a fog, trying to lead him down a path only to be intercepted by another smoke like form. He thinks perhaps they’re less thoughts than feelings, tangled up together in an ill-defined mass that’s getting lodged somewhere within him – heart, mind, throat, Newt cannot be certain, though one, a feeling of acute loss, seems to be mounting a particular lead.

But he can’t possibly pen that: Dear Tina, I miss you? How do you miss someone you’ve scarcely come to know? How can you possibly tell them that in a first correspondence, if, indeed, any at all?

Then again, if there is one thing Newt knows, it’s that Tina Goldstein is quite unlike any woman he’s met before, and the multitudes of proof he has for that can be nicely summarized in that breathtaking hint of a smile she’d worn in their last exchange, looking the picture of certainty and hope.

What had Queenie called her? A giver.

In the span of barely a few days, she’d given Newt more truth and more insight into a person than all his years at Hogwarts, all his time spent with Leta or Theseus or even his parents, for though he’d loved them all in some way (and still did, in the case of his family, strained as that sometimes was), none had ever been so wholly themselves in every moment as Tina had been.

Brave, stubborn, careless but careful Tina, who is doubtlessly as passionate about her work as an auror as he is about protecting his beasts. Who had been ready to sacrifice everything she worked for and cared about to set things right, even when setting them right set her outside the confines of the law. It’s a familiar feeling, an old friend as it were, to lay aside the rules in favor of the cause. A feeling that led Newt’s education to be cut short, that has led him to his case of creatures, and now to his new friends.

A very hufflepuff feeling, he suspects, reaching for his inked quill with a smile. It feels as good a start as any other, and although he cannot say where the urge to vex her, just a bit, comes from, there’s a distinct wash of pleasure as the mass at his heart (or throat or mind) eases a bit and he sets quill to parchment.

Dear Tina,

As I while away the passing hours, thinking over the course of our adventures this past week, I cannot help but suppose that you would have made an exemplary Hufflepuff, had you the luck to attend the finest wizarding school in the world.

Hufflepuff, which is my own house, is known for…

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Double prompting because I HAVE NO SHAME, YOU ARE AN ENABLER, AND THE WORLD NEEDS THIS: Arrow Pirate AU? :D

Birds of Paradise, rated G, no warnings

Felicity Smoak is never going to make it at sea.

“Perhaps, Miss Smoak, you should have selected your future avocation with greater caution.” First Mate Lance sets a mug of water at Felicity’s elbow. “Or at least with sympathy toward your tender innards.”

“I’ve no innards left,” Felicity says. The water doesn’t look appetizing at all. Nothing, she is entirely certain, will look appetizing ever again. “I’ve tossed them into the sea, just as I’ll do with that water you’ve so kindly fetched me.”

Sara Lance’s grin is quick and unexpected. Though the haze of motion sickness and reliving all of her recent meals, Felicity has had time to get the measure of her new companions. Where Captain Queen is, First Mate Lance isn’t far away, and they both have such serious countenances that their smiles are always a surprise—and a welcome sight—to behold. “Drink it anyway,” she says, nudging the mug toward Felicity.

Felicity would rather not. “Perhaps if I don’t, the motion sickness will kill me and ease me from my misery all that much quicker.”

“And leave us without a navigator. Did you or did you not claim that your mind was the sharpest this side of the West Indies?”

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