quarter bins

i mistyped my ‘Anders Goes to Orzammar’ tag as ‘Anders Goes to Orzammart’ and now i’m imagining anders pushing a shopping cart along the diamond quarter, poking through bins of fine dwarven crafts, trailed by a gaggle of mages who keep squabbling with each other when he tells them they can buy ONE piece of candy each


Tony Stark’s Red Thong 500 followers giveaway!!! 

We here at Tony Stark’s Red Thong are happy to announce that a little while ago we passed 500 followers! Now that we’ve had some time to rummage through the quarter bins at our local comic shops, we have some classic issues of shirtlessness to give away!

1st Prize: The abs of steel of Iron Man! Includes

2nd Prize: The star-spangled Avenger’s six-pack! Includes

3rd Prize: The ungodly musculature of the thunder-god himself! Includes

4th Prize: Mixing it up, one bound and bulging Steve and one fully-nude Tony!

Now for the rules: 

  • Have to be following this blog (but it’s shirtless superheroes, how could you not want to?)
  • Reblogs & likes both count.
  • No giveaway blogs, but multiple reblogs/likes are fine (within reason).
  • Have to have your askbox open when we send out the notifications. You’ll only have 1 week to get back to us or we’ll pick someone else.
  • You’ll have to be willing to give us an address to ship to!
  • Winners will be chosen by random number generator
  • Giveaway ends April 24th.
  • Shipping only within US and Canada (sorry!)

xcertainlyuncertainx-deactivate  asked:

Out of interest, why is it that you have such passion for Marvel, but so little interest in DC? As a comic book novice, I'm interested in the factors that cause this divide.

To put it as simply as possible, I have never gotten the impression that DC wants my money. 

Now, some background on me as a comic reader.  My older brother was a Marvel fan.  He was Tony Stark’s NUMBER ONE FAN.  By the age of eight, I could’ve told you what all of the Mandarin’s ten rings of power did, how the unibeam worked, what Bambi Arbogast’s middle name was.  This was my currency for keeping my brother’s attention, I absorbed his obsession with a rabid devotion.

Still hated stupid ol’ Iron Man, though. 8)

My comics were the old Star Comics, Planet Terry, Fraggles, Muppets and Ewoks.  I read a lot of Archie comics, too, Millie the Model, Josie and the Pussycats, and ancient Betty and Veronica digests.  I scrounged them from quarter bins on the floor of the comic shop my brother went to, under the disapproving eye of the proprietor, who made no secret of his hatred of me.

And even as a little kid, I reached the conclusion that if he didn’t want me there, there was no reason for me to give him money.  I stopped going in.  I sat in the car with my mother.  I stopped going altogether.

Fair or not, every time I’ve attempted to get into DC comics, I have gotten the impression that they do not want my money.  That they resent my presence.  That they would prefer to focus on their core audience (white, male, middle class, 18-32) and that if I like the things they make for that audience, then great, but otherwise, well, there’s nothing here for you.

To put it bluntly, right now, Marvel seems to be throwing everything at the wall, seeing what sticks.  Have Sinister Foes of Spider-Man, a title about C-list Spider-Man villains!  Have Ms. Marvel, have Kate Bishop, have Anya Corazon!  Have fifteen Avengers titles, you’ll like one of them. Try some Iron Patriot!  Hawkeye and She-Hulk and wow, look here’s another obscure character we dug out of the back bin, have some Young Avengers, a team that is canonically pretty damn queer and not at all bothered by that.  Ults, eh, look, uh, we’re gonna blow most of that up and here, have Miles, and Tony hanging out with Doctor Doom, that’s what’s left.  Have GHOST RIDER, he is no longer a bitter middle aged white guy!  HEY I HEAR YOU GUYS LIKE SQUIRREL GIRL!  (still praying for a Kamala team-up there, I’ll be honest)

DC, to my eyes, just keeps narrowing its focus.  My friends who are into DC just keep mentioning canceled titles.  Creators that are leaving.  Of the “new 52” titles that were launched by DC, rebooting their universe, 47 had been canceled less than three years later. X  Their world keeps getting smaller, and more focused on that core.   Batfamily and Superman and I guess Wonder Woman is dating Superman now, I…  Did anyone want that?  I guess someone wanted that.

To me, Marvel is trying stuff.  They’re not always doing well.  They’ve made some boneheaded decisions.  They’re still employing creators I truly dislike.  They’re falling down as often as they’re making a gain.  But they feel like they’re TRYING to expand their audience, to make it safe for a wider variety of readers.  DC doesn’t seem interested in that.

I have pull lists at two comic shops now.  A good twenty titles.  Marvel and Image and Boom! comics, all of them.  Comics that seem to want my money.

Because I’d prefer to support a noble (or even ignoble) attempt at growth.

Warm-up sketch from a few nights back - Thunderstrike!

I found an almost-complete Thunderstrike run at the quarter-bins recently and was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. Love Ron Frenz, was always cool on DeFalco’s work, but I’m finding his writing on this to be well within his wheelhouse. It’s definitely a throwback to Silver Age soap-opera style storytelling. but I really admire how complicated a character Eric Masterson turns out to be, and his disinterest in violence as a solution.

It’s like the fun counterpart to McDuffie’s Deathlok series which, I think, came out around the same time. Interesting that so many Marvel heroes of the grim-and-gritty Nineties were so opposed to violence…