quarry pond

Various couples, summer training

Jack and Bitty

They have different body types and different styles of play, so certain things don’t work. 

“I can’t–it wouldn’t be safe for me to spot that.” Bitty looks at the multiple 25 lb plates balancing Jack’s bar.

“Oh. Sorry.”

Bitty laughs. “Did you forget I’m short?”

Jack likes that he didn’t say weak, because Bitty isn’t weak. If you compare what he lifts to what he weighs he’s actually one of the strongest people on the team, literally. But weights are out.

Cardio, on the other hand…

Bitty sprints to the end of the block and then turns around, laughing. “You’re so slow!” he calls out, an instant before Jack collides with him. “No! No noggies!”

Jack is laughing as he scrubs his hand through Bitty’s hair. This, they can do together.

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I have been silent as of late due to prep work for a huge glass project and some dedication to my other writing projects but the lichenlog drought has ended.
I have begun work at a school deep in the ‘burbs west of town. Yes, Portland is large enough to have suburbs. Across the street from the school is a tiny park called Quarry Pond and the strip of it next to the street is sporting a clog of lichen. I can’t think another place as cluttered with the stunning symbiotic silliness that is my beloved lichen.
This spot is surrounded by 90’s development; large-ish houses on medium lots. I was almost overwhelmed when I considered the lichen this whole area must have contained before it was developed. It would have happened before I had tuned into my current obsession but I suspect even in my unenlightened state, I may have felt a disturbance in the force when this woodland fell.
Oops I should have started with the first two photos. Photo one is a multi branched Cladonia that caught my eye while ‘Mantha was posting some news on the rocks at the bottom of the wall and photo two shows some really adorable tiny shrooms set off beautifully by the neighboring lichen twig.
Lichen on!!!!