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what is princess academy about? I like the title!

Princess Academy is about a mountain girl named Miri who grew up in a quarry-mining village. They move from quarry to quarry mining a stone called Linder and selling to to traders who travel from far down the mountain. Miri isn’t allowed to work in the quarry because she was a preemie and her mother died giving birth to her, and she’s a very small, thin (compared to the other girls, who have grown strong and lean from working in the quarry) girl, and her father wants to keep her safe. One day, messengers from the kingdom below their mountain bring the news that the scribes have decreed their mountain to be the district (can’t think of a better word) that the prince’s bride will come from. Since the girls of the mountain aren’t educated and don’t know their kingdom’s history, traditions, etiquette, etc, a teacher is sent to teach and train the eligible girls before the prince arrives to choose his bride.

It sounds cliche and boring but that’s bc I tried not to spoil anything, it’s such a good book!!!! Written so well, with interesting characters and rich cultures. Gah I love it and can’t wait to reread it!!!

Sparring Session

Rating: K+

Word Count: ~1000

Summary: Asami and Korra decided to blow off some much-needed steam through a bit of sparring. Korra/Asami friendship, Korrasami if you squint.

Author Note: Inspired of course by the new Korra/Asami still from Book 3! I haven’t really written much Asami so I hope that the voicing seems okay for that, and looking back this fic isn’t that great. Oh well, if someone enjoys it I win.

(ff.net) (ao3)



“I thought you said you’d be ready at two?” Asami held her hands at her hips.

“Umm, I am ready,” Korra squinted.

She scratched her head, “I guess I just assumed that you had…sparring equipment.”

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