“Think about it - the supposed Prince of Hope knocks out Quark (bipartisanship) and betrays Tenmyouji (social welfare programs) and Alice (lgbt community) in order to suck up the the fascist murderbeast the Myrmidons (The GOP), who feel irrational loyalty to Brother (Reagan), a figure whom the Mymridons do not know or truly understand and whose actions have often directly contradicted his stated ideals and goals. Dio then goes on to confront Phi (the increasingly dispossessed and disillusioned middle class) and Sigma (Sigma) with the intention of eliminating them as well, while his past self has made futile attempts at flirting with Luna (true leftism). It just makes too much sense. (Secret because I don’t want to imply that Kotaro Uchikoshi wants voters to engage in the democratic process with their scalpels in the coming election.)”

earlier tonight i joked about the idea of drawing every star trek character as a centaur and then i was like “what about quark” and now i’m just imagining an upsettingly bald pony and am mercifully too grossed out to actually draw it

as if horses weren’t terrifying enough


Three quarks for Muster Mark*! And for every proton and neutron, too… right? 

Not so fast. You might have learned that every proton and neutron is made of elementary particles called quarks, and that each of the familiar subatomic bits that make up the nucleus of atoms is built out of precisely three of the quirky, quarky sub-subatomic bunch. 

This great video from The Physics Girl explains why that idea doesn’t quite add up to what’s really going on at matter’s smallest scales. Plus, CANDY! I love candy! Just wait ‘til you get to the part about how much mass is inside of a proton compared to the number of particles. Mind = blown, Einstein. 

*Funny historical note: At the beginning of the video, Dianna asks why “quark” is spelled the way it is. It looks like it should be pronounced “kwahrk,” but we clearly pronounce it “kwork”. Well, Murray Gell-Mann, the physicist who first theorized the existence of these elementary particles, had already picked out the name he wanted, a made-up word that he pronounced “kwork”, but with no idea how he should spell it. Then, while reading Finnegan’s Wake by James Joyce, he stumbled on the following passage:

Three quarks for Muster Mark!
Sure he has not got much of a bark
And sure any he has it’s all beside the mark.

Gell-Mann stuck to his guns on the “kwork” pronunciation, despite the fact that it’s obviously supposed to rhyme with “Mark”, but seeing that Joyce had stumbled upon the same rule of three quarks that the universe had, he couldn’t pass it up. Quantum literature!

Quark’s Massively Massive Rec List, Pt. II

I’ve had a couple of anons requesting this over the last few weeks, and since tumblr informs me it’s been exactly two years, unbelievably, since the last one, it’s time for another installment!

This is an arbitrarily organized listing of some of the best Hawke/Fenris fiction I’ve enjoyed over the last few years. I’ve tried not to repeat anything from the first list, though some authors will certainly appear more than once. Most of these feature female Hawke; most are also complete. I will mark WIPs as they’re listed.

Also, this should not be viewed as a complete archive; I only started keeping a diligent list a few months ago, and if I’ve left yours off, I apologize. I will certainly be doing another list in the future!

Happy reading!

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I just can’t understand how Deep Space Nine doesn’t get enough love when it literally has:
- Four POCs in the main cast
- Two genderfluid characters
- Two strong and badass women who aren’t afraid of opposing men
- The best written stories of Trek
- Defiant is the only Federation ship with camouflage
- Deals with religion but also respects Bajoran views on the Warp
- There’s Quark and other Ferengi also but they are nice comic relief and seen as jokes
- Cardassians are hella cool even though you’ll want to kick Gul Dukat’s ass eventually

Seriously, people.

anonymous asked:

please imagine modern au hawke teaching fenris how to drive, fenris being utterly terrible at it and yelling at the other drivers while hawke just cheerfully gives him feedback (sarcastic but not quite sarcastic enough that he'll just get out and walk away right then and there) and not being fazed in the least by the way he keeps alternating between flooring the gas and flooring the brake every three feet

alternatively imagine fenris deciding hawke is a terrible teacher and going to the other companions, aveline having even worse road rage than he does and actually managing to stress him out, isabela actually being an alright driver but having absolutely no idea what any traffic laws are, sebastian smiling at, waving at, and waiting for everyone even when he has the right of way, and fenris just going back to hawke and apologizing because clearly he took hawke’s teaching expertise for granted

(he tries going to varric at one point. varric reminds fenris he doesn’t drive because it’s bad for the environment and offers him a bicycle instead. fenris doesn’t know how to ride a bicycle either.)

(and after several months of attempts he resigns himself to the fact that not even hawke can actually teach him properly and gives up. then while they’re on the run after kirkwall it comes up in casual conversation that he can’t drive. carver is appalled, sits him in the driver’s seat, tells him matter-of-factly what to do, and manages to teach him in less than a week.)

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