her soul-journeys of levitations and evaporations

she evaporates
into quarks
and alchemizes
back to
distant galaxies

she dances with
her fever
of self-awareness

i hear within the whirling gauze of rye whiskey
sky rocket
dreaming stories of oceans & mountains
flying into her renascent singularity
in the company of poets and
unusual dandelion artists

into nothingness
with a nail of silk - in mirrors we are the same

she exercises
her levitations
a smile

of wisdom
fly with her telepathies
and erasing the burdens


lunar moods
and mercurial

she is all metamorphosis
dwelling in and out of mirrors
playing the jangling circus-master
whirling creation into my darkness
where she exceeds its boundaries
and her locations fall
into a mysterious

anonymous asked:

What in the world did brainstorm see in quark to go to the lengths that he did?

brainstorm is weak to microscopes

kayla-bird asked:

imagine tevene having lots of pronouns/suffixes and Hawke always uses the fancy ones for Fenris, the ones that translate to "your excellency" or "respective one" or, very pointedly and in public, "my lord." and Fenris usually uses neutral ones for Hawke in public but in private he slips into informality and diminutives and "my beloved"

  • not only have I been thinking about this since that throwaway gag in the negligee fic
  • I’m pretty sure this is a baby’s fingernail away from canon
  • I mean really
  • the first time Hawke does it Fenris throws that little sideways look but lets it go because, you know, Fereldans from Ferelden, what do they know about Tevinter hierarchical forms of address
  • and then the second and third time he’s more, hmmmmm
  • and then the dozenth time they go out shopping and Hawke says, “what do you think about this dagger, [most respected] Fenris” he’s like …this is neither accidental nor subtle
  • (which, you know, Hawke)
  • but he also knows that the second he says something about it, Hawke will just blink and shrug and say, “I haven’t a clue what you’re talking about, Fenris,” and then as soon as he turns away add under her breath the suffix that means “esteemed, excellent, one worthy of veneration” and it’ll be ten times worse
  • and of course the first time he turns the tables on her he means it to be a little pointed, because she’s not the only one who can pull the rug out from someone’s feet with a glance and a very well-chosen turn-of-phrase
  • but he throws one of those half-made smirks and calls her avis and for maybe the second or third time in their entire friendship Hawke can’t find a thing to say through the bright red embarrassment
  • and then maybe the next time it’s a little less pointed
  • and a little more genuinely tender
  • and then one day he adds the diminutive that means “cherished”
  • and Hawke literally has to go outside to calm down, because it’s not that she started all this mess so it would end in this way
  • she started it because it seemed important to point out to the general populace that just because Fenris came from a society where he was forced to defer and submit in silence, that just because he had nothing but a handful of sovereigns and a lifetime of cruelty and fear behind him when they met, it doesn’t mean he’s not worthy of respect and civility from every person he meets
  • because he’s a person, not a piece of property, which is a lot harder to ignore, at least to merchants when the person they’re trying to sell to keeps asking him his opinion on the sale
  • it’s just
  • Hawke hadn’t quite realized how much it would mean to hear the man she’s in love with remind her that he’s rather invested in her too, thank you very much
  • (even if he takes great pleasure in startling her with it at the oddest times after that)
  • (but, you know, it turns out there are some arguments she doesn’t mind losing anymore)
  • (which rather suits them both in the end.)

kayla-bird asked:

Hawke really loving taking care of Fenris- "look I bought you a thing! do you want a foot rub? can I brush your hair while you read to me? I care about you and doing nice things for you makes me happy!" and it hits him that the most powerful mage in multiple countries is waking him up with soft little kisses and asking him if he wants breakfast in bed and it's so surreal but in a really good way

LISTEN i will not lie i think about this a lot