quarian engineer

Ok but what about a Dragon Age 2 style game in the Mass Effect universe that’s just a ragged bunch of misfits fucking shit up on a space colony. Or even just a full DA2/Mass Effect crossover?

Like, at first I was thinking DA2/Citadel AU, but then I realized that Kirkwall isn’t the Citadel. It’s Omega.

The Hawkes are human refugees from Eden Prime.

Aveline is a turian soldier who hates the lawlessness of Omega.

Merrill is a quarian engineer who likes tinkering with geth tech and decides to leave her ship rather than deal with their constant disapproval.

Anders is a human L2 biotic who is an Alliance deserter.

Isabela is an asari commando/pirate who got marooned on Omega after freeing a load of batarian slaves.

Sebastian is a Drell, and even though he wholeheartedly believes in the Enkindlers, he abandoned his duties to the Hanar to seek vengeance when his family is murdered.

Varric is a volus who trades in information; he’s useful enough that Aria lets him stay around and do his thing. He writes trashy space-opera serials but hates spaceflight.

Fenris is a human biotic, a discarded Cerberus experiment, and former slave. He hates non-humans, other biotics, and Cerberus.

Act 1 is Hawke &co dicking around Omega trying to raise money to invest in Bartrand’s expedition to a planet that is rumored to have Prothean ruins. 

In Act 2 Hawke gets access to a ship that can take them other planets and such.

I just want a space opera that isn’t about a super-soldier, just some random dork who fucks up so spectacularly that everyone thinks they’re a hero.