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So, thoughts are energy in our brains, right? That must mean all characters and worlds I come up with are made from my energy and they actually exist in some quantum way. Does this mean I am their god? Dear lord, what have I done to them? :p

A little pre-knowledge about quantum physics would help you here ;)

#TheGreatNestOfBeing was introduced in earliest #shamanic cultures. Other #perennial #philosophers like #Aurobindo suggest a #HierarchyOfMinds which levels reach into dozens; and so on to #source. Here are the five most basic levels or #waves of #consciousness. “The great nest” is simply a big picture of those levels ( #holons ) of increasing #wholeness of which development overall is a very messy affair. Image From #KenWilber #IntegralPsychology #wundt #schoepenhauer #Fechner #Gaia #huxley #transpersonalpsychology #spirit #soul #mind #matter #physics #mysticism #theology #psychology #QuantumReality #kundalini #nonduality

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Damage from the tornado that took place a couple of days ago in OK, a piece of wood going through cement. I read about something similar in Source Field investigations and wanted to share. Considering the tornado was going about 200mph in some locations, this would be classified as a tornado anomaly. Therefore meaning that the impact of the velocity of the storm was increased so much that it broke time/space almost like a wormhole brought on by the cyclone energy.

“The convention explanation is that the levitation inside a tornado is caused by air suction…However once you add in other curious effects that have been documented even on governmental NOAA websites we can no longer be so sure that this is the only of the levitation…Dmitriev’s paper also presents evidence of complete dematerialization cases where the matter is then blended together with other objects once it pops back over into space-time.”

(about another case where a piece of straw was stuck inside a telephone pole)
“Another Theory based on quantum physics states that the piece of straw is electrically charged super fast it spins in the center of the tornado, allowing it to exist on a “higher energy density.” When it flies out of the tornado and comes in contact with something of a lower density, it passed through that object like a ghost- until the energy levels are equal and the straw is frozen in the object” (The Source Field Investigations, P. 285-286)

Visual depictions of gravity commonly use the example of a ball sitting on a trampoline with the mass of the ball curving the gravitational field represented by the trampoline.

The problem with simplifying the description of gravity with this example is that it might cause someone to imagine gravity or space-time itself as a flat surface. However, there is no such thing as “flat” in the universe. Telling a child that gravity is like a surface of anything is like telling a chile the Earth is a flat surface.

In the upper left of the image below, we see the most common type of illustration used to represent gravity showing a flat surface being “dimpled”, in the upper right we have what is a step closer to properly illustrating gravity in a more “3D” way, showing the force acting in all directions within a grid, but again it is still using flat faces, (this time 6 of them on a cube). The lower image is a much more accurate (yet still approximate) rendition of the dynamics of gravity: a hyperbolic toroidial field that incorporates the forces of torque, Coriolis forces and spin, as space-time doesn’t just curve toward singularity, it actually curls as it curves, like water going down the drain, forming the dynamic and structure of a Torus.

It’s time to stop flattening the description of the universe and depict it much more accurately. Now that we have a more coherent understanding of the forces of nature, so too should be our visual depictions of that understanding.

~ Nassim Haramein

How To Tune Your Own Frequency • The Awakened State
We mentioned frequencies briefly in the crystal article but what many fail to mention is how to understand frequencies. We hear all this talk about differe

This one has been building in me for awhile now, hope you enjoy!

We mentioned frequencies briefly in the crystal article but what many fail to mention is how to understand frequencies. We hear all this talk about different dimensional frequencies and raising our vibrations but we never talk about how do frequencies actually work. After awakening do we truly understand what a frequency is?

“The seeds of Unified Physics go back a long way in the history of scientific theory. In some of the earliest historical records of human culture we find civilizations around the world that believed in the presence of a unifying field of energy that surrounds and permeates all things. This dynamic energy field provided an underlying organizing framework and was considered by some to be the source of life energy within biological systems, being given such names as chi (China/Asia), ki (Japan), and prana (India). In the early pursuits of science and physics (going as far back as Plato, in fact) it was often referred to as the aether and was proposed to be the medium through which light traveled. Though it was eliminated from the general scientific paradigm in the early 20th century, the indications for an underlying field persists as being inherent in the fundamentals of physics.”
- The Resonance Project

Physicists Send Particles Of Light Into The Past, Proving Time Travel Is Possible?
Scientists from the University of Queensland, Australia, have used single particles of light (photons) to simulate quantum particles travelling through time. They showed that one photon can pass through a wormhole and then interact with its older self. Their findings were published in Nature Communications. The source of this time travel conundrum comes from what are […]

“This means that one particle can exist in multiple states at one time. This is best demonstrated by the quantum double slit experiment. Recent experiments have also confirmed quantum entanglement, showing that space is really just a construct that gives the illusion of separation. One thing that suggests there is a high probably of time travel, in conjunction with the experiment mentioned in this article, is the fact that there are experiments showing that particles can actually be entangled through time.”

Quantum entanglement is PROVEN and the irony of blackholes links to time travel, funny how we don’t connect that to our own consciousness ;)

Quantum theories and spoons bending...

Just sharing a little more about what you posted regarding the bending spoon and at the end my own experiences.

Or what if the spoon you hold in your hand is not a static mass of steel but rather a certain number of atoms destroyed and recreated every millisecond, a process happening so fast that when you move the spoon around in the air, the appearance of movement is really nothing more than those atoms being created, destroyed, and recreated in different space at different time in discrete moments?

I’m not suggesting you can bend the spoon with your mind; I’m only describing one way theologians, including Jonathan Edwards (1703–58), have explained how God sustains creation in time and space.

The theory is called continuous creation (also continued or continual creation). At root, it suggests creation and providence are both ex nihilo, out of nothing. The material universe was “created by the word of God” (Hebrews 11:3). And the material universe continues to be spoken into existence by Christ, who “upholds the universe by the word of his power” (Hebrews 1:3).

, “I pick up the rook and I move the rook three spaces forward.” The way you would write that down quantum mechanically is, “Delete the rook from its current position and create it at its new position.” That is what I do when I pick up the piece and I put it back down on the board. I remove it from one spot and I put it in another. And quantum mechanically, the mathematical description you can write down is something like, “I destroyed the rook from existence, and then I recreated it at the new spot.” That amounts to the same thing as me picking it up and moving it. The rook was at one position and now it is at another. So sometimes we write down mathematical formulations that are very much like that. Destroy the rook from existence and then recreate it at the new position. That doesn’t mean that that is how it actually moved.

So now we are going to get really philosophical. So the idea would be that in order for the particle to move not through space, but through time, can you imagine now if time was like a chessboard and you are going to discretize time, and I can move a particle from one second to the next but not in between? So there is a formulation of quantum mechanics that is like that as well. In order to move a particle forward in time I destroy it from one time and recreate it in the next. I think that is probably the origin of this connection to quantum mechanics.

That was Erica Carlson, Professor of Physics at Purdue University. She went on to explain that wavefunction collapse doesn’t mean the wavefunction goes away. It simply means the shape of the wave suddenly changes — it snaps (or collapses) from one shape to another, again no proof that individual particles come into existence many times a second.

Let me say two things about this. First, there are modern theologians who have done the same thing. Wolfhart Pannenberg was a continual creationist. There are two different doctrines at play here that you mention, there is continuous creation. Continuous creation is simply the idea that God is recreating the world every second, which means there is no such thing as cause and effect. Secondly, there’s Idealism, which is the notion that everything that exists is ultimately mental. And so in the history of philosophy the two big possibilities are Materialism (everything is matter) or Dualism (everything is either
matter or spirit). Well, Idealism is a third option (everything is spirit).

Personal experiences I had:
My vision with what I described as gray matter walking on the road between where I entered and on the other side? It was time in between. That is why I didn’t exist there. Then when I came back out of the doors time was created for me to see…a table and chairs appeared, gray matter was placed in the chair that then became spirit.

I almost died today. I experienced a SUV in my lane about 6ft in front of my car heading head on. When I saw it I said three words…Oh my God. Then something happened that I can only explain as it was God saving me.
I felt as if the impact was fixing to happen. I had no place or time to move. Then it was as if that SUV or time just stood still and moved it over. I didn’t see it start to move. I saw it already in the other lane again. I saw just like a second or so of it movement of some sort.
— nsarabie

Time seems to be moving more fluid is what I have been noticing…or it seems like there are almost glitches in reality these days. What you experienced is better known as time dilation. time is an arrgregate continuity. Regardless if you think about how time works because of special relativity we’re always in the past because of the way time moves.

It’s an aggregate sequencing of continuity. It is the realization of local and non-local perception simultaneous. In layman’s terms, time is when you experience a phenomenon, and register the change in environment. the human mind experience’s an averaging of temporal changes and what we perceive is the median phenomenon. During a flight or fight response perception is increased and the buffer is reduced causing the temporal illusion, known as time dilation. Time moves as if your perception is in two spots at once at the same percise time. Time Dialation relates to premonition through how we are perceiving time itself. Time dilation is the ability of time to expand and contract according to our visible perception. this is why time must be measured in both terms of actual time and perceived time, and the average between the two is what we call aggregate continuity, or the unification of time as it actually is and time within our own minds. I believe time dialation is moreso related to various perceptions of reality and how we wish to approach reality.

I try to stay away from religions but I do believe there are truths in all religions as each connects to the next in a giantic stream of consciousness symbolism. Continuous creationism is an interesing theory because it denotes that creating goes on forever, it merely changes form. However what you said regarding quantum mechanics put somethings into perspective for me that I forgot about.

My personal view is I don’t view reality as having an anthropomorphic God, I believe God and the universe are one being that lives inside the heart of all beings. We are all symbolic archetypal figures creating our realities together through the vast projection of the collective consciousness into material form of substance. If we take the “ man in the sky” out of the equation it makes a lot of sense spiritually. That we are consciously creating everything with the projection of our thoughts and emotions into a given form. The illusion is that there is no truth because we are the ones creating it. It is not the spoon that bends it is merely ourselves. So if we were to do like you said….“ move a particle forward in time It destroys it from one time and recreate it in the next” we annaliate the old consciousness and replace it with the new. If we were to “ unplug” from the old paradigm we begin creating into the new evolved consciousness. However it’s not that simple as a collective because most of society has all these conditions placed around them. Instead of being able to move on they are recycling those issues and projecting them into their reality. Thus creating the karmic bonds of what keeps them “ stuck” in the old cycle. If we destroy the old perceptions by awakening we begin to unplug from the old system and start building/ creating the new one.

If time starts moving differently we would move out of the temperal loop we created for ourselves and begin operating in the new system through the manifestation of our thoughts.  We seem to be aligning our perceptions into various probability waves and infinite ways of seeing into reality. This opened up the time lines. We are left with two choices of thought: someone is in control of my reality( projecting on other people) or I am in control of my thought constructs of reality ( the Creator).

We need to disable the old system from the ground up, it has to start with us.
Change the thought construct. Change your reality.

Evidence That the Human Body is a Projection of Consciousness

In this article we will explore how your body is a holographic projection of your consciousness, and how you directly…

Such a good one, must share <3

“Thus the fusion of our thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and intentions, which I will call the human energy field for simplicity’s sake, is perpetually informing the quantum reality within us and around us at each moment of our existence.

And because reality is flashing in and out of existence (hypothetically at Planck time – 1044 times per second – as explained by The Resonance Project biophysicist William Brown), every time our reality oscillates between form, and the pure energy state of the field, our awareness which is constant and doesn’t flash in and out of existence informs the field what to reappear as when it makes its transition back to form at the quantum level.

Therefore each time we oscillate into formlessness, we have complete and total control and responsibility over what we choose with our attention to manifest out of the field in the next moment, and our power and ability to do so relies entirely what we believe, and on how we are feeling.”

The Dimensions of Time: Dismantling the Old Paradigm

So I’ve been noticing this pattern of people and starseeds particularly having a harder time dealing with 3d perception or in general just a hard time dealing. My guess on this is that as we move more into the heart center, the old paradigm is breaking even further. The old systems just aren’t working anymore and it’s starting to show through our actions, our thoughts and most definitely our emotions. 

Another thing I keep hearing from others is there is this intense emotional wave that is coming over people. One of my healing friends mentioned it feels like the summer of expansion of the heart center and i couldn’t agree more. The Universe is really getting in touch with our emotional body and these high emotional bursts are as if the heart is opening and opening taking in these new energies of unconditional love from the Earth’s galactic core. The sudden urge to cry, express yourself truthfully, lots of honesty(lies are much harder to believe anymore, you see right through them), and there is this vulnerability. A very raw honest emotional state if i had to pinpoint it. I believe this inability to deal is because there is a friction in the air, it’s as if the old paradigm and the new paradigm are kinda straddled between us bouncing off of each other. It would be the catalyst of entropy in many ways because the old energy and the new are building up like a huge ball that is snowballing.

We’re essentially straddled between worlds and it’s starting to weigh in on us. The whole feeling tired of the old energy is because this is our past selves, letting go of 3rd dimensional perception, dualistic thinking. Releasing the old self, the old 3d self is dying and the New soul of evolved consciousness is being reborn. Now we are awakening into 4-5th perception which is more in balance between the mind and the heart. It’s the mind-heart unification again. So to work out the kinks we’re going to encounter that teeter totter feeling of moving back and forth between the two. It’s a very surreal feeling. Like yesterday i felt very nostaligic, not motivational and just more inner with my thoughts and memories. Then the next day i felt very motiviational and very external bouncing with energy. It’s as if I kept wanting to go inside myself rather than interact with people then the opposite happened the next day. wtf? Then what’s funny is i see others encountering the same feelings! 

So truthfully this is a powerful message deep down, this means we are releasing the old paradigm and the old structures are breaking within the system. Our old karmic self is dying and our new evolved soul is being reborn. Our memories of the old are releasing and we are opening the door for ourselves to operate more from a unified place between the heart and mind rather than just strictly the mind. This opens the doorway to possibilities and infinite probabilities.  This also ties into 8 circuitry theory that one of my followers mentioned. We’re moving more into the 5th and 6th circuits and upon a little research as the Tree of life is ridiculously interconnected between the circuits it also got me into dimensions. If 1-4 are more left hemisphere, material ego world of thought and we’re moving more into the 5th and 6th this would translate to moving out of the 4th dimensional and into the 5th-7th triad. 

I found an awesome theory that i wanted to share, let’s break this down…

External image

This is the tree of life and you see in this diagram, each sephiroth (Malkuth, Hod, Netzach, etc)  is connected to a different Circuit. The circuits are divided by dimensions of perception within our consciousness. As you see the number, for instance 1 is the bio-survival circuit connected to the Root Chakra and Maluth, the kingdom and so forth. The beauty of the Tarot is that the tarot cards also represent the Tree of Life which is a model for our Universe and our unified Consciousness, everything is a symbol! So pay attention Tarot lovers if you don’t already know this :)

I stumbled on a forum by accident talking about the circuits and one person broke the circuits down into the dimensions. Let’s see if they line up with the chakras as well. 

“The bio-survival circuit (1) correlates to the first dimension. The first dimension is a line, so for any creature being aware of only this dimension, there are only two choices available for reacting to a stimulus: approach or flee/attack. One can only travel forwards or backwards on a line. 

(Isn’t the Root chakra always about our surivival instincts, adrenal, fight or flight? Etheric Body, First dimension/bio-surivial circuit is what we experience as a baby, our primal instinctual self. Dimension 1 is time (physical motion.))  

The emotional circuit (2) correlates to the second dimension. This circuit formed on Earth when animals (vertebrates) appeared and started competing for territory. The second dimension can be seen as a plane, a grid divided up for territory. 

(The emotional circuit is about up-down, raw emotions, separation of behavior, this starts when we first learn to walk, Also connected to our senses, Sacral chakra, Emotional Body, 2nd dimension is a grid.  Dimension 2 is feeling (emotional motion.) )

The dexterity-symbolism circuit (3) correlates to the third dimension. When animals think in the third dimension, they can apply logic and start to use tools, because they can imagine objects in 3D even when they can see only one side of an object at a time. The analogy "depth of thinking” comes from the idea of the third dimension of depth. 

( Solar Plexus, The Divine Will, how we triangulate the universe and create our reality.  This is where the maturation of the Ego mind takes place. Our personal Power. 3rd dimension is always about polarities, dualism, good vs evil, separation of spirit and ego. Our Mental Body. Dimension 3 is thought (mental motion.) )

The socio-sexual circuit (4) correlates to the fourth dimension. This circuit has to do with the transmission of culture, including morals and behaviors, across generations, which deals with the passage of time, a direction in the fourth dimension. 

(The Fourth dimension is always talking about Time because it is laced in paradox. The heart is connected to the Astral body it is our driving vehicle, the station of the Merkaba. This is where energetic cords are created. The socio-sexual circuit is often associated with Oxytocin, the hormone chemical of love. You feel this chemical during childbirth, when you first fall in love or whenever you move into your heart center. Dimension 4 is spherical separation) 

The neurosomatic circuit (5) correlates to the fifth dimension. When a consciousness is at the fifth circuit, the individual is aware of endless possibilities. This can be seen as a perception of the waves of probability of the fifth dimension. 

(The 5th dimension, endless probabilities. The Neurosomatic circuit allows us to see into multi-dimensional reality instead of strictly space-time. It allows a fluid perception of our consciousness. The ability to see past-present and future as ONE, the unified self operating from Present Time of NOW. We encounter this circuit during smoking Pot or anything of similar nature.  The etheric template. This is the THROAT chakra, our communication source, the barrier into telepathy and interchanneling of frequency. How you know what another is thinking….Pure Starseed territory here ;) Dimension 5 is circular separation. ) 

The neuroelectric circuit (6) correlates to the sixth dimension. “The characteristics of this circuit are high velocity, multiple choice, relativity, and the fission-fusion of all perceptions into parallel science-fiction universes of alternate possibilities.” It is here that we can consciously choose which waves of probability we want to work with to create a reality. 

( Well we all love dimension 6 because it is home to our Third eye and pineal gland perception. The Mind’s EYE. The inner self. Where our Intuition and inner feelings are most activated. Our celestial Body. This is the circuit where the mind becomes aware of itself. Metaprogramming. This is where Telepathic communication becomes the norm and opens the door for intercommunication. People with only left brain circuitry won’t understand this level yet. Dimension 6 is linear separation.

The neurogenetic circuit (7) correlates to the seventh dimension. Describing a point in the seventh dimension as infinity recalls the perceptions of reincarnation and immortality that comprises the seventh circuit. 

(The thousand petaled lotus, Divine Enlightenment sung by the Crown. 
this circuit is connected to our past life memories, our genetic DNA structure, the akashic records, our unconscious, it is the connecting source of Christ consciousness into the God-source of IAM.  This is the Ketheric Template, Where one knows they are ONE with the divine God/Goddess within themselves. Dimension 7 is electric energy, the building block of physical matter. )

The neuro-atomic circuit (8.) correlates to the eighth dimension. It’s not neccessary for a consciousness to be housed in a physical body in order to experience this circuit. The eighth dimension encompasses different infinities, just as in the eighth circuit “space-time is obliterated; the speed of light barrier is transcended,” showing different initial conditions for the creation of a universe. “

(The 8th Chakra is the Soul Star chakra that helps communicate to your higher self. It also contains our karmic residue and karmic bonds we carry on into this life. It connects into Ascension and Ascended beings/Masters. The Serpent of Kundalini ascended past the Crown…The 8th circuit is our connection to DMT, how we operate outside of Time and Relativity.  Time Travel of intergalactic consciousness. Dimension 8 is magnetic energy, the primal field of the universe.)

OF course there are higher Dimensions as this reality is composed of over 13 but these are bases of our consciousness(the human mind/body spirit) not the universal consciousness of the multiverse.  I believe we’re opening ourselves to the higher circuitry of consciousness 5-7 eventually 8. The dimensions are endless but this is truly only the beginning of Learning to see inside of our growing Evolved Souls of Consciousness. 

Thoughts, feelings, opinions welcome <3

Just for the awareness there’s been a HUGE shift in global consciousness, if you haven’t felt it yet you will ;) The shadow self is materializing into our thoughts, therefore this is a big time of releasement, if your ego is attacking just remember this is part of your past self trying to let go. This is also strangely karmic but in a new light. We’re learning to see these emotional boundaries within ourselves and if we start fighting them, they fight back into our awareness. In other words this means the game is changing, the collective is starting to globally awaken and we’re learning to find “the one” of unity. So when you are stuck and attack someone else or if these emotions generate from another person all they are doing is helping heal yourself. It’s the mirror reflection of the soul into awareness of the self. Learn to just be and accept these emotions, find your inner strength because there’s going to be some karmic twists coming within the stream as many individuals start experiencing the Dark Night of the Soul.

what i was discussing with one of my good friends is that what is happening is you are going back to Past issues with yourself kinda like a retrograde and as you’re hitting the replay button you’re learning to accept them and release them. If you fight it, you go into a blackhole cycle. This is truly beautiful because this is essentially like timetravelling within your consciousness. We are going back and forth from past and present to start creating our future. It’s very similar to understanding the ego but now we are processing the emotions of it. So if you are feeling those intense past issues you dealt with in your past surfacing you are not alone. this is why we’re feeling the bipolar emotional rollercoaster, it makes perfect sense. So the trick to this level of thinking is instead of fighting it you have to accept it. There is no hidden emotions in this world, there is no hiding anymore, it is ALL surfacing and it’s merely a matter of learning to access it, accept it as a part of you and move on into the beautiful higher vibrational energies. 

All that was once hidden will be revealed upon awakening. Now is that time. ohh this makes me so excited, we are truly changing collectively right now

When in doubt, love from within and love others. Stop thinking so much this is truly the time to work on feeling, feeling with the heart center <3