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also intellectually attractive?? i mean kyouko is pretty but wow her smarts is what i find attractive the most

amen, she’s just an all ‘round A++ package deal (with jUST enough vulnerability to make her approachable but the backbone to pull herself back together, what a woman)

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she’s so hot she practically burns… oh wait

don’t be too crushed by my rankings there, James

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wonderfes!!! snk figmas!!!!!!!


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there’s saber nero nendo, bride nendo, gilgamesh nendo, a lot of snk figs (coin/nendo) and also some from bakemonogatari (or the other ones i’m not sure) but ‘u’ lots of good figs

do you hear that

it’s the sound of me falling on the floor and crying because i want to save up money but gsc doesn’t want to let me

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i give names to objects i use on a daily basis as well

it all started when mum and dad let me name their cars when I was little

though I think it’s only natural to develop a fondness for things you use so often, naming them doesn’t feel that weird

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ive eaten bugs with lime it was glorious would do again

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ive eaten ants accidentally on occasion. crunchy

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I probably can’t eat worms but crunchy bugs are fine. I would kill to eat a tarantula though.


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do you think accelerator can accelerate the speed of his waste? this is a legitimate question

In theory he could create vectors inside of his body to bypass the process of breaking down food outright, thus allowing him to eat a hotdog and shit it out while still in hotdog form.

This is legitimate science.

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i feel the same way. over here, dropping out of college is pretty much guaranteed to make people give you strange looks like “why drop out? your future was in there?” and im like no shut up ill find it elsewhere??? its frustrating

pretty much the same here or you get tossed into that ‘lazy youth mooching off their parents’ category right away and it’s like?? no

there’s no point in running yourself into the ground for three years for a slip of paper that doesn’t even necessarily guarantee you a job and a massive debt that you’re likely to be paying off well into your adult life

you’re better off working towards some kind of goal that will make you happy