quantum decoherence

wargasms  asked:

combeferre transplanted into modern times

Of course it worked out so that when a time traveler from 19th century France landed in Chicago and got arrested, it would’ve been Grantaire doing the arresting, and the time traveler would end up living on Grantaire’s couch. 

“According to my research since entering this timeline,” Combeferre stated, adjusting the reading glasses he’d gotten at the Walgreen’s on Randolph, “only the Many-Worlds Interpretation, or MWI, accounts for my simultaneous existence as a man both born in Montpellier in 1806 but also born in Cairo in 1985 - that’s far too much quantum decoherency for any other system of analysis to handle.“ 

Grantaire started on his second forty ounce while Combeferre expounded on ‘fascinating’ and ‘disturbing’ differences between Coptaire and Parisian-Sad-Sacktaire, and swore to himself that he’d never let the time traveler near Enjolras by any means whatsoever, because that would be too much nerd in the room for anyone to survive.