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Your computer can now bend the laws of physics. Most computers think in strings of 1s and 0s. Quantum computers like the one being tested in the IBM Research Quantum Lab, can process 1s and 0s at the same time, like being in two places at once. It’s called “superposition” and it’s the next big leap in technology.

Want to see what quantum computing is like? Experiment with the IBM Quantum Experience over the cloud, through any device or desktop, and you too can test the processor you see in this lab!

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Part 15

Observer Effect: The theoretical foundation of the concept of measurement in quantum mechanics is a contentious issue deeply connected to the many interpretations of quantum mechanics. A key focus point is that of wave function collapse, for which several popular interpretations assert that measurement, or observation, causes a discontinuous change into an eigenstate of the operator associated with the quantity that was measured.

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In the path of blindness

Brave and alive we encounter the great mystery
Birth and death do not end it
The eternal menace in the evolutionary stage
Industrial clocks count vice versa the time
Which does not exist
It’s a poisoned tool of our reasonable imagination
Biocentrism is the new uber bible
The prodigy child of biologists and genies
Quantum physics open clouded visions
A magic monkey takes a forbidden nap in obsidian solitude
Heart and soul finally at peace
There’re daffodils and bloom after we give our last breath
The price is not enough gothic and morbid
It’s simply innocent and like uranium almost priceless
We just search for adrenaline rapture and spellbound
As galaxies and stars make an elegant bow
In the path of blindness
Like old ballerinas dressed in robes of silicon and rust


Quantum Drive Test footage