anonymous asked:

How do we know you're not monetizing this blog? Give us proof.

I welcome you to provide proof that it IS.  Considering the complete lack of any ads, banners, or popups whatsoever, I’d love to know how in the hell a person’s blog could even MAKE money without them (the hell could I possibly be advertising with my current content?  Decades-old b-movies that most people would never even watch, and that are almost always available to watch online for free?).

And if you know of a way for me to prove that it isn’t, then do please share it, because I sure as hell haven’t been able to find anything using Google.

Also, it should be noted that this is a personal blog that posts an assortment of things:

  • Horror movies (which can often include gloppy, gory gifs and screenshots from various films).
  • Fashion (usually lolita fashion, fairy kei, and pop kei, but also occasionally goth and punk).
  • Fandoms (MLP:FiM, Regular Show, Gravity Falls, Team Fortress 2, and assorted others).
  • 80’s-90’s nostalgia (i.e., things from my childhood that make me happy)
  • Cute/funny animals.
  • Informative posts about film and/or animation history.
  • My artwork/sculpting/etc.
  • Various video games.
  • Paranormal/supernatural things, cryptozoology, and creepypastas.
  • Pretty much whatever I find interesting for any reason.
  • Opinions that are clearly controversial on this particular site.

All of this greatly limits the appeal of my blog to a wider audience, because some folks don’t like seeing gore on their dashes, and some don’t like frilly, pastel-colored dresses or cutesy jewelry and shoes.  Some also don’t like certain cartoons, or they have their own set of beliefs that clash with mine.  With such a limited appeal, it means my blog would have extremely low commercial value, if any at allIt should also be noted that, prior to the “social justice” explosion on this site, I really never said much at all regarding social or political issues, save for reblogging the occasional “Reblog if you support gay marriage”, or “Reblog if you’re NOT homophobic!” posts.

You’re also failing to take into account that not only is there not a banner to be found, but if you have things such as AdBlock or NoScript, the only things you’ll be able to pull up to block are whatever Youtube videos I’ve reblogged (which would only be listed as an option on a page that has a posted or reblogged Youtube video), and anything related to Yahoo imaging, Google, and Quantserve, which will show up on EVERY blog, regardless of whether it’s monetized or not.

I’m not sure if you somehow believe that my layout was professionally done (that’s laughable), or indicative of a monetized status, but it’s literally nothing more than simple HTML.  You upload images for your layout to tumblr’s static images, and then just fill in how many pixels from the top/bottom/left/right the image should be placed on the page, and whether or not it follows with you when you scroll.  It’s not exactly difficult to make cutouts in Photoshop, and then slap them on a page.  There are numerous blogs dedicated to HTML and CSS help that walk you through pretty much any element of blog or dashboard customization.

The very fact that you’re trying this hard to “prove” that my blog is monetized (which I hadn’t even HEARD of prior to this whole debacle, nor would I even know how it’s done) just goes to show that you’re disturbingly desperate to keep people from reading what I have to say.  You might as well be screaming “PAY NO ATTENTION TO THE ONE BEHIND THE CURTAIN!”. 

If you have to spread lies about a person to try to discredit them, that says a lot about how little faith you actually have in what you preach.  It reeks of your paranoid discomfort of losing support for your ill-intentioned “causes”, and is a clear sign that you consider me some sort of a threat to them.  If you felt truly secure in the things you say, and if you felt you were truly in the right, you wouldn’t be trying this hard to knock down anyone that disagrees with you. 

I actually make the effort to back my claims with more than empty emotional pleas and aggression, and you apparently don’t want people to see that.

So, tell us:  Just what are you so afraid of?