Name: ella
Gender: female
Eye colour: light blue
Hair colour: light brown
Relationship: taken
Zodiac: scorpio
Favourite colour: baby blue
Favourite season: summer
Favourite place: the quantock hills
Favourite holiday: christmas
Favourite video game: zelda
Last show you watched: QI

What’s your honest opinion about your muse? .
tbH IM SO PROUD of how far morgiana has come. despite her horrible past and the abuse she faced under jamil she didn’t let it turn her into someone mean or bitter. she’s fiercely loyal, caring, forgiving, beautiful and independent and knows exactly how she deserves to be treated. but girl. pls. drop alibaba. he hasnt given any reason to deserve u at all.
Would you date your muse?
she’s already my gf though what are you talking about ???
what are your favourite kinds of threads?
i dont think i really have a favourite…??? i love angst though hhh….. i love making morgiana face emotional hurdles that she’s never encountered before so she can continue to grow waaaay beyond what ohtaka shows us
Are you a selective roleplayer?
yes i am. i’ve only been so active recently due to it being the summer holidays but for most of the year i have a lot going on so i cant really rp with everyone. i usually stick the most to partners i get on with really well and plot a lot with
Do you have a favourite  muse (if you have more than one)?
morgiana is my only active muse right now but out of all the blogs i’ve had, she’s definitely my favourite
what made you decide to join the fandom?
i just love morgiana so much okay :’^| i had to write her, there was no choice i just had to do it and i’ve enjoyed and am happy with how i’ve fleshed her out to this point ( like even if i have to go canon divergent, her and other characters only deserve the best conclusion )

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