quantity versus quality

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Hello there, I hope you are having a phenomenal day! I'd like to know why ENFJ characters don't seem to pop up as much in fictional media. Do you think it has to do with the prominence of given situations portrayed in media, or do ENFJ characters don't seem to have much of a role in these said situations?

Well, I would say protagonists are most commonly ISFP, ESFP, and ENFP. This comes from American media (the one thing America exports) being rooted in a Sensate society. We also value Fi highly in our individualism, of doing what is right counter to any system. We focus on our uniqueness and how we all have something to say. So our heroes often contain these qualities. It is why it is hard to find Marvel heroes that aren’t ISFP…

I think although there aren’t as many ENFJs as other types represented, ENFJ characters make major impacts on us in fiction. The number one example is Wonder Woman. 

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There is a reason why so many feel her message right now. We need Fe, we need social harmony and love. We need the functions to understand others and to work together. Her messages are inspiring in her pursuit of Truth and Love. Helping others is her first instinct, not reactionary action. She thinks things through and thinks of the social consequences. She questions what her actions will mean for society, what they imply. Her Ni is needed in our climate right now. We need to question our perspectives and how we treat one another, and improve on our society. As an ENFJ she embodies these messages.

Meanwhile, Anna Karenina is the heroine of what many claim to be one of the best novels of all time.

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She defies social normatives, while being hyper aware of them and their consequences. She questions them, struggling to find her sense of self within society that does not allow her to question such things. She is on a path of finding her independence separate from what her relationships define her as. As an ENFJ unable to do this she succumbs completely to her Inferior Ti, taking her life. Her journey as a woman in such circumstances, resonates today.

Then we have Frasier who got his own spin-off to have a very long lasting sit-com focusing just on him and his INFJ brother. There is Clara Oswald, one of the most popular companions on Doctor Who. We have Katara from Avatar: The Last Airbender who is the bleeding heart of the show. There is the iconic Mary Poppins! MARY POPPINS! 

I could go on, but I think my point is made. ENFJs may not be high in numbers, but they are characters that stay with us, that inspire us, that change us. They are utterly memorable. (ENFJ characters are often my personal favorites, btw.)

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why not just add new characters as you acquire them naturally? like why would you come out with these ultimatums "no NEVER EVER WILL KIDA JOIN THE CLUB I WILL NEVER EVER BUY HER" why even say that it's ridiculous it makes it sound like you specifically have something against her and would not buy her if an opportunity to get her presented itself

I’m really sorry, but I’m going to draw the line after I get the princesses who are in the actual Disney line up or princesses for a lot of reasons. I’ll try to explain my position. 

  1. Most of these (especially the obscure ones) are hard to come by. I had to dig through Ebay to find a Mulan and Pocahontas that would fit. I have a feeling I’d have to do that with a lot of them if I were to add more. 
  2. It’s not that I’m short on money, but I am a college student who would like to spend it on things more important than Disney figurines. 
  3. It’s getting too crowded! The more characters I have, the less time I can have making episodes with the ones I already have. It’s quantity versus quality. If we add someone else in, that means less time with Tiana! Or Aurora! It just means less time with the others and it’d be too hard to juggle. 
  4. The most important one—I’ve always wanted to add Merida and Pocahontas and Mulan and I always planning on it. The demands just made it a whole lot less fun for me. I started this blog for fun, and while I’m so glad that it’s brought joy to so many others, the blog still belongs to me and it should still be fun for me to run. And it is, but the messages that more or less hint that people won’t be satisfied unless we add everyone in or this person in or this person in is kind of stressing me out—and honestly hurting my feelings a little bit? I’d like everyone to just put themselves in my shoes. I was able to obtain Merida, Pocahontas, and Mulan all in one week. Mulan and Pocahontas I had to go way out of my way to find and then wait for the mail to arrive. Merida was just by pure chance. So I’m really doing the best I can and I think I should be applauded for getting the ones that I did, because I really didn’t have to. 

It has to end somewhere, I’m really sorry. I have to draw the line unless by some weird chance I come across a figurine and think it would make a good addition, or if it is a gift from someone I know. 

I don’t feel comfortable accepting money/figurines from any of my followers, and thank you for offering to send them to me, but I can’t accept them. 

I hope everyone can accept this. 

Ne staying relevant

I keep hearing about the distracted aspect of Ne. It’s scatterbrained, jumps down a rabbit hole at the drop of a hat for the new shiny, and has trouble staying on topic. While this is true in circumstances, it completely depends on intentions. And I would go as far to say that there is a difference between ENFPs and ENTPs Ne, Fe to Fi.

I have observed ENFP Ne having little care if it’s going to put off anyone else (Fi)…

I do. I don’t want to just explore I want to narrow and I want that experience to be great for all parties involved. There are a few different scenarios with discussions for me, particularly with Ni.

-If you find I am considering your thoughts rather than making my own (introverted so the wheels are spinning) you have my interest at the very least.

-If you find I am jumping around often and excitedly, I am often subtly or unintentionally challenging you to expand your views on a subject.

Getting me to the point of sacrificing my Ne for Fe OR genuine interest requires certain elements to be satiated.

-If I feel I am not needed to enhance a conversation’s interest, learning experience for both sides, or correct slash rebuff faulty logic.
There are times a simple sentence will pique my interest on its own merit. I understand I have something to learn and will not risk where it could go on its own by interjecting with my own Ideas. There is an element of respect here.

I will gladly stay relevant and be intoxicated once we have uncovered your insights. And why not? Its a bonding experience for both of us, fuel in the tank if you will, and it presents the opportunity to grow.

You will find as people enter in the conversation, the likelihood of me interjecting goes up. Not with the intent to challenge you, but rather, I get protective of what you are uncovering, and will attempt to redirect it as I see fit. I find this especially true with sensors who completely miss the boat and attach often short sighted meaning to it.
So once I see the potential of a concept, and all other factors are obsolete, I am your biggest fan, with unwavering eye contact and a hard on for it till the end.

Have the confidence and authenticity to lead me down the rabbit hole and I will protect it to see it through. I would much rather do this than scale a football field of possibilities that leave us all wanting.

It’s quantity versus quality. It’s knowing when to shut up and listen. It’s caring about you and understanding the beauty of a concept enough to respect that it doesn’t need additional features. I know when to recognize something special, and if you find I am not respecting it, then I have deemed it unfit unconsciously or otherwise. If you’ve made it clear it’s important to you, I will not make a halftime show of your ideas, I will make them come to life.