Let’s all take a minute or several to admire the extensive handiwork of Anita Quansah modeled by  Ayoola Bakare.

“Anita Quansah London was created in 2006 by bespoke jewellery curator Anita Quansah. After obtaining a textile degree in 2003, from Chelsea College of Art and Design London, Anita Quansah has been working to develop and promote recycling in her designs by creating elaborate one of kind statement jewelleries.

Her pieces are strong statements, which are a fusion of modern bohemian tribal mixed with her cultural background which is African.

Anita Quansah entered the fashion industry producing works for the likes of Christian Lacroix, DKNY, Diane Von Furstenberg, Ischiko, Victoria Secret, Ecko and textiles Weisbrod Zurrer and Sandy Starkman and being involved with Indigo, Premier Vision in Paris and other such exhibitions.)


When kids are under attack for natural hair

In 2013, 12-year-old Vanessa Van Dyke was threatened with expulsion from Orlando’s Faith Christian Academy in Florida when she refused to cut her natural hair.

In 2012, the dean of Hampton Univ., Sid Credle, argued that baning students from wearing locs and cornrows would help students land corporate jobs while searching for employment.

Last year, a 13-year-old Toronto girl was offended when her principal pulled her out of class because of her natural hair. Her aunt, Kaysie Quansah, vented her frustration on Facebook:

“This ignorant principal demonstrated firsthand the heartbreaking ideals of beauty that are forced on our little dark skinned black girls on a consistent basis. My heart is breaking for my niece and all the little girls like her who already know that there is an unspoken ideal for ‘good hair’, who already know that the darker your skin, the more undesirable you are lead to feel, that people will automatically write you off because of the way you look.”

In 2013, Georgia third-grader, Aolani Dunbar, made news after being bullied for wearing a hair weave to her predominately white school. Students pulled her hair so hard it left a large wound on her crown.

In 2010, an 8-year-old girl at Thurgood Marshall Elementary School in Seattle, Washington was removed from her classroom after her teacher said her hair product was making her sick.

This year,  the third-grader was reprimanded for having her natural hair pulled into a line of mini ponytails, or afro puffs, that administrators say violated the grooming code.

“She cried and said no one was going to want to be her friend because her hair was not as pretty as the assistant principal’s,” her mom said.


What’s wrong with people? They are just little girls! They look natural! Our schools and teachers are so racist! This applies not only to afro hair, but to our education system in general!

I hate that this stuff exists, this never happens to white children!

This looks like some kind of tradition to harass black children in school…


“It is an illusion that photos are made with the camera… they are made with the eye, heart and head.” Henri Cartier-Bresson

Having amazing gear is great and all, but it’s not nearly as significant as seeing and feeling through our work. The best photos are the ones with a narrative that can project a feeling. As photographers our work is meant to inspire, influence, create dialogue, regardless of what we are creating, either it be weddings, fashion or whatever. Any Joe Blow can shoot a pretty picture, but it takes something special to create a beautiful picture wrapped in a narrative and peppered with emotion. It should be what we strive for and constantly aspire to.

Anita Quansah throwback lookbook with Ayoola Bakare modelling, Makhailia Pratt on Makeup and Crystal Deroche on Styling.

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