1.7 Millionen Euro für diesen Ethikrat?

1.7 Millionen für diesen Ethikrat?

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Der Deutsche Bundestag unterhält seit 2007 einen Ethikrat, damit der Ethikrat, dem Bundestag, Rat in Sachen Ethik gibt.

1,695 Millionen Euro kostet der Rat in Sachen Ethik die Steuerzahler.

26 Mitglieder des Ethikrates kann man mit 1,695 Millionen Euro finanzieren, eine Pressestelle, ein Büro und ein paar Angestellte. Und damit der Rat in Sachen Ethik auch relevanter Ethik-Rat ist, gibt es einen…

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Let's Hear It For Quangos And Common Purpose.

Let’s Hear It For Quangos And Common Purpose.

Why has there been not a word about the insidious advance of Common Purpose,  the European Union’s undercover Non Governmental Organisation, referred to by the British as a Quango, a quasi governmental organisation, which has long been controlled by Francis Maud, a long time Tory MP, in the run up to the election. The British people having  handed control of their green and pleasant land, into…

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Non-bonfire of the quangos
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Last year, Alex Salmond rashly gave a conference speech commitment to cut the number of Scotland’s 199 quangos by 25%.

It’s fairly obvious that the recent announcements by the SNP “government” on the subject are another example of spin, not substance. Nicol Stephen summed it up in last Wednesday’s debate on the subject in the Scottish Parliament :
“Will the First Minister confirm that the budgeted set-up costs of his new skills quango will be £16 million?

“Does the First Minister agree that the problem with his list is that he counts only what he cuts and not what he creates? When he promised to cut 21 local enterprise companies, he replaced them with 48 new national, regional and sub-regional organisations. John Swinney has admitted that he has created another 24, including the new Scottish fisheries council—created, but not counted—four national health service scrutiny bodies, the seasonal flu review steering group, the housing supply statistics group, and the housing supply task force. All were created by the Government but not counted. Last week, the Government announced a crackdown on waste. That created a working group, a review, a consultation and a think-tank. Was any of that added to the list?

“Is this not like that episode of “Porridge” in which a prison escape tunnel is discovered? In the final scene, Mackay asks Fletcher, “What did you do with the dirt?” Fletcher replies, “That’s simple. We dug another tunnel and hid it in there.” Is not the First Minister doing exactly that? Seventy-six new bodies have been created by the Government, and the total is rising. All are supported by a total of 58 reviews and 91 new consultations. Why does the First Minister not admit that he is adding to the clutter and that the truth is that, for every thing that he has dropped, he has brought in something new?”
You can read the full exchange by clicking the headline above.
My political curiosity has annoyed me again.

I’ve been reading George Monbiot’s piece in the Guardian about the quangos. Basically, the ConDem coalition have abolished lots of quangos (funny word: quangos are local and national groups or sectors that get government funding for the work that they do). However, they have only abolished the ones that they: a) they can’t claim tax on; or b) aren’t making them look good.

For example, they have retained the Horserace Betting Levy, which is funded by Tote and a variety of bookmakers. The Horserace Betting Levy maintains the largest betting system in England. So, the government are keeping one of the things that is detrimental to our country - I’d go as far to say that it is preventing social mobility.

However, they are abolishing the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council and the Advisory Council on Libraries. They’re just going to let our museums, art galleries, libraries and archives go to seed - because they don’t bring in the money. Forget that it actually improves the minds and lives of people. If they’re too poor to buy the book from Amazon, they’re too poor for the Tories.

I’m going to stop now before I die of a stress-related peptic ulcer.

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