How Far I’ll Go || Moana || Italian lyrics + English translation

L’acqua segna un confine nascosto
The water marks an hidden frontier
Oltre cui non mi spingo
Beyond which I won’t go
Il mio mondo è tutto qua
My world is all here
In me c’è una figlia premurosa
In me there’s a caring daughter
Ma vorrei più di ogni cosa avere la libertà
But, above all things, I wish I had freedom
Di fuggire via, di esplorare il mare
To run away, to explore the sea
Non succede mai, nulla può cambiare
It never happens, nothing can change
Ma mi fermerò quando troverò
But I’ll stop when I find
Il posto adatto a me
The right place for me

L’acqua sembra chiamarmi a sé per nome
The water seems to call me by my name
Ed io non so dov’è che andrò
And I don’t know where I’ll go
Anche il vento mi sfiora e continua ad attrarmi
The wind caresses me as well, and keeps on luring me
Lo seguirò
I’ll follow it
È un lungo viaggio quello che affronterò
The one I’ll face is a long journey

Però tutti paiono felici
But everybody seems happy
Qui non cambiano mai niente
They never change a thing here
Penso ti ci abituerai
I think you’ll get used to it
Hanno quei bei volti sorridenti
They have those beautiful smiling faces
Sono sempre contenti
They’re always happy
Ed appartengo a loro ormai
And I belong with them now

Posso comandare, lo dimostrerò
I can rule, I’ll prove it
Mi saprò adattare se m’impegnerò
I’ll manage to fit in if I make an effort
Ma la voce dentro che grida “no!”
But the voice inside screaming “no!”
Cresce forte in me
Is growing loud in me

Credo che quella luce potrà guidarmi
I think that light will be able to guide me
Stavolta no, non mi opporrò
I won’t fight against it, not this time
Sembra quasi che speri anche lei di trovarmi
It’s almost like it hoped to find me, too
La cercherò, cosa ci sarà che mi attende là?
I’ll look for it, what will be waiting for me there?

L’orizzonte mi chiama a sé per nome
The horizon calls me by my name
Ed io non so dov’è che andrò
And I don’t know where I’ll go
Anche il vento mi sfiora e continua ad attrarmi
The wind caresses me as well, and keeps on luring me
Lo seguirò, ce la farò
I’ll follow it, I’ll make it

Identity woes

After finding out that ladybug was responsible for choosing the identities of Queen bee and volpina, chat assumes and feels hurt by the (possible) fact that ladybug has known his identity the entire time.

The entire thing blows up into a huge argument in which Adrien reveals his identity. Not caring who knows. “Let everyone know, let the whole world know!!”

Queen bee is taken aback “adrikins??”
The group pause for a moment
“Wait, adri–” volpina drops her transformation “Chloe??”

Finally all three teenagers stand before one another detransformed and their conversation quickly goes from ‘holy crap its you’ to looking expectantly at ladybug

….who panics and dashes with a quick “i-i can’t” rushing home.

When she’s gone plagg tries to explain that the stakes are higher for a ladybug and her identity, but the other heroes just don’t get it.

Things get awkward after that and the team start to drift apart more and more.

It affects them in battle and they start to lose their edge over papillon because although they’re powerful they can’t work effectively as a team and mostly get in each others way.

This turns awful one battle with 'The pyromaniac’.

This villain manages to shoot a deadly strike at chat noir….which is intercepted by ladybug.

Her transformation is dropped as she goes flying down the champs Elysees coming to a stop on the concrete below.

Queen bee takes charge and they barely manage to wrap up the battle.
Chat’s cataclysm destroying the butterfly.

But by the time they’ve finished the paramedics are already gearing up to take Marinette to hospital.

She’s in critical condition after a fall like that but due to her bond to her miraculous stone she is able to heal at an accelerated rate.

Ironically now the entire world knows her secret identity.

Its on every news outlet. Every TV show. Its all everyone talks about for weeks and even after its mentioned casually as if its the most important thing to know in the world.

Because it us. Everyone wants to know about the girl behind ladybug and reporters are obligated to report on it.

Adrien thought it would get better after they all knew, but it’s not better at all.

He was used to being hounded by the press but Marinette had it so much worse.

She had the press, the government, religious leaders, people in search of healing and wisdom surrounding her. As if she’s some sort of demigod.

And Adrien can see from afar that shes growing to hate her mantle.

Her parents have to move their bakery online and make all their social media accounts private

Their house is refurbished and downstairs is no longer a welcoming bakery but is shut off so the rest of the world will stay away, now only the delivery sector of their house usually works but with family help the dupain-chengs will soon stop operating out of their own homes (the one good thing that comes from all this is that their goods are now really popular).

But Marinette has stopped coming to school, or really even leaving her house. Ladybug or otherwise.

Suddenly plaggs words make sense.

None of the other quamis have powers so celestial, if their identities were revealed then there wouldn’t be so much to gain but ladybug can bring people back to life.

That’s why her kwami told her never to reveal her identity under any circumstances. Because it would truely transform her into a demi-goddess.

it’s a beautiful night, we are looking for something dumb to do, who cares baby, i think i want to marry you. is it the look in your eyes, or is it this dancing juice? who cares baby, i think i want to marry you. just say i do.

“there you are Q, i was looking for you.”

“let’s get married.”


“right now. come, let’s go.”

“Q I….”

“you said you wanted to wait til we got married right? well i want you. all of you. right now. forever.”

light up your face with gladness, hide every trace of sadness, although a tear maybe be ever so near, that’s the time you must keep on trying, smile whats the use of crying? you’ll find that life is still worth while if you just smile.

“q, are you okay?”
 "leave me alone amie"
“q… i… i’m sorry”
“this isn’t your fault. it’s mine. it’s all mine.”
“just go amie. just go.”