takes a long sip from my metaphorical wine glass before sighing dramatically and pouring the contents directly onto the grimy marble floor

i hate to bring discourse into these hallowed halls but it’s late and i’m feeling it so Big Salt: soul eater is, as a series, undoubtedly ableist, but criticisms of the ableism within the series are both rare and lacking so it doesn’t really surprise me that i’ve never heard one of my biggest qualms with the series mentioned

here’s the shit: in both the manga and the anime, soul eater tacitly endorses the very, very ableist narrative of mental illness being something that is curable by other people in your life if they just put in the effort and love you enough or whatever the fuck we’re claiming this week. which is kind of bad

due to the in-world mechanics of the series (ie ‘madness’ being a supernatural ailment rather than a mental health problem, although both have been shown to exist) marie curing stein’s madness makes sense within the context of their world’s internal logic, but we as readers do not live in that world, and neither does the author! we are being presented a subplot narrative in which a mentally ill man is cured of his mental illness by the presence of a love interest, and it is our right and arguably our responsibility as readers to say ‘hey this is kinda bullshit’

but what the hell do i know really

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"master of none" not true. Rogues are the masters of running away

Hah, I admit a degree of expertise here (relevant tag: fearlessly fleeing), but still, casters are much better equipped for that. They go Dimension Door, poof. We just go as fast as our feet will carry us.


On the plus side, we have zero qualms running away, unlike certain other archetypes that are offended at the mere thought because they’re oh so powerful or oh so brave. :P

Haunted (Spiritualist Archetype)

The spiritualist is a class I enjoy a great deal, the bond between a phantom and a mortal has so much potential to explore, since one is definitely mortal, and the other was mortal previously, having their own life and problems which lead up to their death and the reasons they came back.

However, not all spiritualists have a healthy relationship with their phantoms. While not truly undead, some phantoms are malevolent beings, or at the very least, have no qualms about exploiting the bond they share to further themselves, at the expense of their mortal partner.

For their part, haunted spiritualists often find themselves bullied, manipulated, or otherwise at the mercy of their phantoms. Villain Codex in particular has an entry about a little girl acting as the puppet leader of a secret society, the one pulling the strings being the phantom of her grandfather, whom uses her as his anchor on the mortal plane, willing to sacrifice her well-being to remain and rule.

That being said, it’s not a wholly negative situation, for the phantom gains impressive power from doing so, though they may have to fight to actually get the phantom to achieve their mutual goals, not just their own. Functionally from a player perspective, however, the pair a fully in the control of the player.

Regardless of intentions, the siphoning of power from the spiritualist does weaken them, if only temporarily as their bodies become ashen and their flesh draws up as if dried out. Meanwhile, the phantom only grows in power, literally swelling in size and might. They even gain the ability to draw magic from the spiritualist to cast on themselves, and even a powerful resistance to both physical and magical effects.

Over time, they can even draw upon and maintain this state for a greater amount of time each day.

Interested in a spiritualist that gains a reserve of phantom-buffing effects at the expense of the spiritualist themselves? This can certainly work well in that regard. Due to the way their abilities debuff the haunted spiritualist, I recommend a build that uses the spiritualist for buffing and support, while the phantom focuses on melee combat.

The exact reason why the phantom is undermining the bond with their partner varies. They might reject each other’s goals, the phantom might be evil or lack respect for the spiritualist, or even be so driven that their ally’s well-being is a sacrifice they willingly make. Regardless, their relationship with the spiritualist is likely strained, with them fighting over when to use their power, or worse, the haunted might start to become little more than a thrall, their personality and vigor all but drained from them.


On the trail of a grave-robbing necromancer, what the party finds is a scared old man surrounded by the walking dead that all seem to listen to the whispering spirit beside him more than him. The phantom, his deceased wife, is seeking a lost heirloom stolen years ago, and will brook no opposition to her obsession.

Driven by a particularly zealous spirit, Aclensa seeks out yokai to destroy as a threat to civilization. However, the kappa of lake Har Nei will not go down without a fight, particularly once their great druid gets involved, calling upon reinforcements from the very water itself.

Tormented and confused, Ibsley Tooth-Pick finds her mind assaulted on two fronts, from an indignant and humiliated phantom paladin bound to the tiny goblin, and the sinister ghost of a cultist which has possessed her, slowly eroding her mind in preparation to take it as a serviceable, though not ideal, vessel.

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headcanons for poly jotapol with a very sweet, docile fem s/o? sorry if you aren't comfortable with this o.O

i will use this lovely request to celebrate getting 200 followers in just 2 days!

I’m making the s/o smol because…I can

JotaPol With A Sweet S/O

  • So you have these two giant guys, one of which is dark and brooding and the other is light and boisterous, both intimidating and broad and muscular as all hell, standing like two skyscrapers, following around this small, pleasant-looking girl and holding her hand. It looks a little ridiculous.
  • Polnareff is certainly the more boisterous, romantic of the two and will often show affection in public. To his antics, Jotaro always responds by pulling their girl closer to him and shielding her with his arm and jacket. “Good grief, you’re making a fool of us, bastard.”
  • These two both have no qualms of starting fights with people that annoy them in public, even when their s/o is around, but when she frantically tells them to calm down and and stop hurting the other person/people, it pacifies them almost immediately. Well, not really, as Polnareff will plead with her to let him give the asshole(s) what they deserve, and Jotaro will cease fighting but his glare will stay harsh, even after his victim(s) runs off.
  • But if they were angry because someone was making their s/o uncomfortable, or clearly taking advantage of her sweet, caring nature, nothing would calm them down. And if someone was HURTING their girl? It’s practically a death sentence.
  • Polnareff is always all over their s/o, telling her  how much he loves how kind and cute she is, and will probably make tons of dorky comments about her “purity” and something about a flawless diamond or what-not. It’s hard to keep up when he jumps from simile to simile to metaphor to metaphor.
  • Jotaro isn’t as vocal about it, but if asked, he’ll admit that he thinks his s/o is simply adorable. He’s not really one to find things cute, rather, he’s just not usually a fan of cutesy things. But it gives him a strange, warm feeling whenever their s/o smiles at him.
  • I can picture a scenario where, early on in the relationship, in an effort to tease Polnareff, s/o will deny cuddles or affection from him and cling onto Jotaro instead. She’ll say something about how Jotaro is warmer and better to hold and he’s so caught-off guard that he actually blushes. Polnareff never lets him live it down.
  • Jotaro’s, dare I say, SASSIER nature comes out whenever their s/o decides to tease Polnareff a little, and he won’t hesitate to smirk and make a sarcastic, really cringey one-liner that manages to make Polnareff whiny despite the utter cringey-ness.
  • When they all cuddle, it’s a sandwich. Their s/o is hugging Jotaro, who’s facing her and holding her as well, while Polnareff spoons her. It never lasts long, though, because being squished between two hunks of pure muscles is suffocating and disgustingly warm. So they end up falling asleep in some kind of tangled mess that at least has breathing room for her.
  • When she’s not around, or doing something that has all her attention, you KNOW Polnareff is going to gush about how tiny and cute she is while Jotaro gives his signature smirk and nods in agreement.

I hope this comes out as cute as I pictured!


Person A walked into their first University class of the day. They chose a seat in the front of the classroom and started getting ready for class to start.

Person B rushed into the room as the Professor was closing the door, nearly smacking into the door and tripping over their own feet.

Person B sauntered up to the desk next to Person A, and plopped down.

They both continued  to glace at each other throughout the whole class period. Person A tried to be subtle, but Person B had no qualms staring at A.

Finally once class got out, Person B tried to causally lean on their desk about the ask for A’s number, but ultimately failed when the desk moved and B fell ungracefully to the ground.

Person A burst out laughing, wrote their number on a piece of paper, sat it on A’s head, and walked out.

EXTRA: Five years later, Person A made sure that in their wedding speech they mentioned that A and B may have never been together if B had never fallen. Both to the ground, and in love.

Mr. Min - Chapter 04 Preview

I don’t know what I was thinking.  I thought today was Tuesday for some reason and was going to say that the chapter should be out before Sunday but nope…it’s Friday….somehow.  It’s like I’m losing time or something.  Anyways, I expect chapter 4 to be out sometime next week, probably in the second half of the week.  But enjoy this preview for now!

He wasn’t bothered by seeing you and Jungkook kiss.  If anyone had asked Yoongi he would have denied it.  The image of Jeon leaned over, his hand wrapped around the back of your neck, your tear and mascara stained cheeks tinted pink, and the way your eyes fluttered close was most certainly not something that popped into his mind frequently.  He had no qualms with you being the one to have kissed Jeon, because he was certain from his vantage point that had most certainly been what happened.  He just wasn’t bothered by it at all.  The fact that he left the party immediately after watching Yoojung drag you out of the building was merely because he was tired.  He left Matilda at the party without speaking another word to her.  He just pushed himself away from the wall he had leaned against while he watched you and Jungkook and left her there.  But he completely did not care at all.  The reason the blinds to the glass wall of his office had been permanently opened for two days was because he was keeping an eye on employees.  It had absolutely nothing to do with watching you and the people who stopped by your desk during the day.

Sure, he had noticed that Jeon still brought you coffee and some form of baked goods every morning like some love struck child but he had only made a note of that because he was the boss and needed to know what his employees were up to.  He had also noticed that you had come to work the past two days in pants, something you hadn’t done in ages, and he made a mental note of that too – but only because he had received complaints from your supervisors before about your work attire.  It also hadn’t gone unnoticed that every time Jeon departed from your desk he would catch Yoongi’s eyes in a dark and threatening stare.  He had made a note of that too for future reference in case Jeon decided to become aggressive at work.  It was nothing more than that.

In short, the argument between you and Yoongi, the kiss between you and Jeon, the fact that you hadn’t spoken to him since that night, none of it bothered him.  Life continued on as usual for him.  He had had to masturbate more often than he was comfortable with because he was certain you wouldn’t respond to his texts but that had been his own doing after all.  He knew what the consequences of ranting the way he had were.  Everything was fine.  He was completely fine with the way things were.  If someone had asked him about it he would have made sure that they understood he was totally at ease.  Never better.

Of course, the amount of pens on his desk that bore teeth marks might have said differently.  It was a stupid habit he had picked up as a kid and he wasn’t sure why it had reemerged the morning after the party but he wasn’t concerned.  Sure, he wasn’t sleeping through the night anymore but he was certain that had everything to do with his increased coffee consumption and nothing to do with how he couldn’t get the image out of his head of you obviously trying to hold back your tears in that stupid manager’s office.  The way your lip was tucked between your teeth, your brows simultaneously raised and wrinkled, your eyes filled with an obvious shine, the tip of your nose reddening with the threat of impending tears.  That was the image that haunted him when he was alone in his bed, his eyelids snapped shut in a desperate bid to coax sleep.  But he was positive it was the coffee.

VICTUURI TALE: ep.2 vs ep.9

EP.2- Victor has clear goal of what he wants Yuuri to be–CONFIDENT! because no matter how talented or hardworking but with no trust to oneself is just useless.

EP.9- Victor is now struggling of what more can he do for Yuuri, now that the goals he had set-up has been attained. the boy has gone far beyond his expectations and leaving him jaw-dropping once.

EP.2- Victor is always the one initiating advances to Yuuri making the latter intimidated.

EP.9- Now a reversed roles.  Yuuri has cleared all the awkward boundaries between him and Victor and has no qualms about having close contact.

EP.2- Also, the objective for Victor’s goals is for Yuuri to strip off that shyness, and bring out those hidden abilities buried by doubts. But in order to attain that he must first find for himself “WHAT IS EROS?”. We saw how clueless Yuuri struggled for that starting with his beloved Katsudon.

EP.9- Now, it is “EROS = VICTOR = HIS LIFE”. Having fed with so much LOVE from Victor himself, and their mutual feelings for each other that makes their heart synch in beat, NO DOUBT THAT KATSUKI YUURI HAS FOUND THE LOVE OF HIS LIFE…even more than skating itself..

Yuuri just indirectly offered a lifetime to Victor to which the latter lovingly accepted with his whole heart. HE MADE KATSUDON CRY IN HAPPINESS!

**their relationship as COACH-ATHLETE may end at some point, but their lives as EQUAL LOVERS is just starting~~ NOW OFF WE GO TO BARCELONA FOR SOME *cough*FORMAL WEDDING PROPOSAL*cough*, OK?!


1.13.2017 - Black Comic Book Festival Day 1

I managed to get in on the festival despite it being a work day and it was worth it! (had to sacrifice some precious much-needed hours tho) Was able to see lots of interesting new black stories being told from varying angles of the Black perspective, older artists giving advice to younger and vice versa, saw this lil kid getting the quick lesson on framing the body parts right (I remember that struggle and it still lowkey comes back when im rusty). I also damn near went broke buyin them Ta-Nehisi Coates written Black Panther issues.. but had to refrain cause niggas is broke!

Got to speak to several artists about their current projects and saw some of their work in progress which was great. All in all it was a reinvigorating and enchanting experience to see Black nerds in full light like that, my only qualm was how closer to hypermasc Blackness the festival felt and since my ass still got work to do with myself, I think that aspect felt inviting and normalizing to me. I’d like there to be more inclusion for the broader spectrum of Blackness not just for Black men. I did see others, like 3-4 Black women/femmes holding theirs but it’s not enough. Anyway I’m going to today’s day 2 convention and hopefully I might see more artists and folks having fun being Black and nerdy.


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anyway! im on break now, so my december spread will be coming up soon! aaaand speaking of december, be sure to try my festive awards!! happy holidays everyone!!

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Guzma headcanons pt.2 of ???

Today we’ll be covering headcanons centered around the base, with Plumeria and the grunts

- Practically every week there’s an unofficial game night at the mansion. They don’t have a lot of video games, and even fewer good ones, but on nights that no one feels like playing Madden they turn to other things. One night they tried Never Have I Ever… which was a disaster, and Plumeria called it off after Guzma threatened to beat the shit outta one of the grunts who kept saying things that he had to drink to.

- Don’t challenge Guzma to arm wrestling, or take him up on any challenges. He’ll win, and he’s not gentle about bending your arm when he does.

- He has no qualms with personal space. He doesn’t mind leaning against whoever as long as it’s comfortable, or likewise if someone leans against him he won’t really object unless he wants to get up. He’s not shy about disturbing anyone who falls asleep on him. If they start snoring he’ll push ‘em off, or pinch their nose.

- That said, he falls asleep against Plumeria pretty regularly, and he snores. Loudly. She’s a lot more patient with that kind of thing than he is though, and usually when he and/or the grunts are all piled around her she’s content to just let them sleep and look at her phone or read a book.

- Some of the grunts are more jumpy than others, and Guzma will take every opportunity to startle these particular ones, even if it’s just by sneaking up behind them and standing there until they turn around. He tried to scare Plumeria once by silently following her and breathing on her neck. She broke his nose. She felt bad when she realized, but to be fair he was totally asking for it.

The fact that there are people who are unphased by the injustice Wang So went through and do not think he deserved better because he kissed a girl without her permission, whilst simultaneously supporting or having no qualms about the show’s actual abusers and criminals, really worries me.

Also when I say Wang So deserved better, I don’t mean he should be with Soo. Even if they meet in the future and live happily ever after, I will still think Wang So deserved better. 

Its not about Soo. Its about the fact that after years of suffering and abuse, 4th Prince Wang So ended up exactly as he started. Alone.