anonymous asked:

Why did you decide to go to Oberlin?

Well its kind of a long story but I’m going to tell it anyways! So basically I visited a lot of women’s colleges, in fact I visited every seven sisters school except Wellesley (for no other reason than that it was seriously a long shot that I would get in, statistically speaking). I was pretty convinced I would end up at Smith or Bryn Mawr. Anyways, I knew about Oberlin but never looked into it that seriously because my parents originally wanted me to stay on the east coast. I read more about it/ talked to Emily who went to my high school and is currently a junior at Oberlin and decided that I needed to be there. Oberlin had the same energy that I loved at the women’s colleges I visited. Without sounding too cheesy I realized that a lot of obies think like me and that was really exciting (I live in a small town in upstate new york, nuf said). Academically I knew I would be getting one of the best educations in the country from like minded professors and as a result would probably have some really amazing experiences. Oberlin is considered one of the biggest liberal think tank institutions in the country and as someone who will probably go into politics that was a huge fucking plus.

In short academically Oberlin was perfect for me and socially Oberlin was perfect for me.

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