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“Mark Suciu, bs tailslide.

Photo by Miguel Valle”

I am sorry for doing a repost on this but I just wanted to share my feelings on how much of a gold mine this spot was to Cincinnati skateboarding and skateboarding in general. 

Glencoe Auburn Place was a series of abandon condominiums located on the side of OTR Cincinnati and in resent history has been torn down.

It has been featured in many skateboarding videos that involve the midwest lifestyle of skating and had supplied banks, rough ledges, an angle iron diy to a bank, plenty of pole jams, one in door pool that had been used as some kind of heroin den, as well as a backdrop to classic hill bomb scenes. 

The pictures above are just a few pictures i have found from google searches, however, the last two are from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pZn9kOl0z4Y

Black and whities 7.