• Hiccup

All of Hiccup’s dialog in How to Train Your Dragon, or nineteen minutes and thirty-six seconds of sass and random noises of confusion and/or pain.

Two things I learned while playing KH: COM with headphones on:
  • Halloweentown has the most UNSETTLING fucking ambient noise I’ve ever heard
  • David Gallagher wasn’t exaggerating about Riku’s sexy voice…
The Dog Park
  • The Dog Park
  • Cecil Baldwin
  • Welcome to Night Vale, "Pilot" vs. "Civic Changes"

Voice acting, mic quality, sound quality - everything has changed except for the City Council. (Warning: the clip from the latest episode is A LOT louder than the older clip. I’m not good enough at Audacity to change the volumes.) 


Vinny mentioned that he voiced a few lines for the “Boom to the Moon“ mod for Fallout: New Vegas, so here is a video containing most of his lines. The video does contain a bit of spoilers.

I got say, that’s some…quality voice acting there, Vin.


I want to know what this means… ;v;