Between Two Lungs by caramelle/caramelkru

Cassian doesn’t exactly mean to, but as he’s coming up from his bow, he sort of accidentally on purpose makes eye contact with the young Erso heiress.

Her glance merely passes over him, and her face remains perfectly and diplomatically blank.

And yet, somehow, he instantly feels like he’s already managed to offend her.

Amazing Regency/Pride & Prejudice AU one-shot! Read it on AO3.

How focusing (aka. not multi-tasking) changed my study life

I had heard it occasionally - that multi-tasking was actually not good for the quality of whatever task I was doing. It made sense, but I loved mult-tasking so much. It gave me the illusion of productivity

Until I actually tried focusing for a while, did I realise how much I was actually losing by multi-tasking -  educationally and emotionally. Scrolling through tumblr during boring parts of a lecture seemed fine, since there were notes and it probably wouldn’t be tested in such depth anyway. Eating, while scrolling through social media, while watching a tv show, while messaging someone on facebook seemed ‘productive’. 

It turns out it was the opposite. It may seem fine, and at times it may actually be okay, but what matters is the principle. Dedicating your whole being to one task, focusing on it, produces much better results. It’s a quality over quantity thing. It also helped to calm me down emotionally - I used to always feel rushed, like there was so many things to do but not enough time to do them. Focusing on one task at a time - though it was hard at first - helped slow me down because I did everything properly, and didn’t have the feeling like I needed to go back and do things over again. 

Focusing on one thing wholly is also a form of practising mindfulness. Mindfulness ‘meditation’ isn’t something that requires you to sit down and meditate - it can be applied to our daily life. 

Since I started practising this mindful skill of focus, I’ve become much calmer, it’s been so much easier to stay on top of my work load and meet deadlines, I don’t feel rushed, I don’t feel unprepared or unorganised, and I do more quality work than when I used to multi-task.

There are times for multi-tasking and times for focus. Find the right balance and enjoy the task in front of you.

everytime someone criticizes an art style of a show i just have to sit silently as, I–an animator–know art inconsistencies happen. Even in anime–esp since the animators are rushed for time.

Have u guys seen the sailor moon reboot (left) versus the blue-ray where they had more time in the world to fix their shit (right)?

imagine if your teacher was like “okay 12 page essay analyzing the all of the symbolism and metaphors in Shakespeare’s Hamlet” due tonight before midnight. You’d rush through the whole hecking thing–you’ve never read hamlet your entire life–you’d sparknote that shit–it’d be the saddest paper you’d ever turn in you’d probably get flagged down for grammar/syntax errors and plagiarism. That is what the networks are like to animators.

“But they get breaks so they have no excuse” It takes a week to animate 6-10 seconds, on “breaks” between new episodes is when they’re most likely working on new episode animation and most likely when a network has them on a deadline.

Alex Hirsh had to sleep under his desk when he directed gravity falls. What people fail to realize is that it’s A LOT OF WORK. If there’s art inconsistencies don’t blame the animators–blame the network big guys who give them no time to get a project done!  Can they go and fix it? Most of the time, no.  Would they go back and fix it if we could? Probably!!! What’s stopping them from fixing it? Keeping their jobs. Turning in something is better than nothing. And let’s not forget that most american animation is exported and done in korea, so on top of story-boarding they have to send it overseas so that animators can work on it. It’s a long process.

Don’t blame mistakes on what the big guys up there tell animators to get done.Things go wonky all the time especially if we’re rushed, that’s a human thing that happens. Ever been in a overly-busy Starbucks and they got your drink order wrong? Same situation. What Networks need to do is be more flexible on artists so that they can get their shows animated quality over quantity–not the other way around. But they have a schedule and they want things done quick–unfortunately. And that sucks for animators.

Once, practically all the world was “Pagan”. Now that half its people have been converted either to Christianity or to Islam, the number of Pagans is less. That is no proof of the lesser value of different Paganisms, compared to the great creedal religions. It is surely an advantage, to be numerous; but it is no virtue. And therefore the number of its followers has nothing to do with the value of a cult.

~ Savitri Devi, ‘A Warning to the Hindus’, 1939

Language Learning Styles

You can have 1 or more styles combined, that depends on what you like or works for you. I tried to think of every style that i know.

Ant Style

The person who has this style is most probably that organized langblr who actually knows what they are doing. They have certain periods of time when they study and nothing can disturb their routine. 

How to know if you have this style? Easy, do you know when you’re done with studying your language? If you just thought of a period of time and what you are doing in this period, you’re an ant.

How to become an ant learner: take an agenda and make a schedule, a very detailed one. You write down everything, from what you study to for how long and with what (duo, flashcards, notebooks etc.)

p.s. This learns take everything seriously, their notes are probably goals, perfection is written everywhere and they work hard, too hard maybe.

Sloth Style

This is the entire opposite of the ant learners. Masters of procrastination, but somehow they know the language better than some ants? 

How to know if you have this style?  Ask yourself what plans you have tomorrow, if the answer is “sleeping” or “no idea”, congrats, you’re a sloth.

How to become a sloth learner: Hakuna Matata. 

p.s. this kind of learners prefer to immerse themselves, they prefer watching movies, listening to music, looking at others how they explain and they observe everything, they don’t have notebooks, they are spontaneous. (that’s why they are awake at 3am playing on duo most probably.

Panda Style 

This style is a combination of a sloth and an ant. They procrastinate like 20 hours and in the last 4 they can finish a duo tree, talk with Nth natives and finish Grey’s Anatomy in their target language. 

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A letter to myself for 2017,
Every time you stumble upon heart ache remind yourself who you are and what you’ve accomplished.
Quality over quantity don’t invite anyone into your life that doesn’t make you feel better about yourself, you will never need anyone who doesn’t need you or values you.
When it’s late at night and your looking up his social media please shut the page and go to sleep. You’ve stayed up to many times stressing about who that girl was in his photo or what he’s doing. He’s so last year now girl.
You learnt the hard way in 2016, this is the year to pick yourself up and learn from every single mistake, never repeat.
It’s ok it’s going to be ok in your darkest moment just remind yourself it’s going to all be ok.
Deep breathe in and out, calm yourself down, relax I know you have it in you to slay this year
—  B.L letters I never sent

Summary: “Ohana means family. And family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.” Everyone knows that Dan is a Lester and belongs on the family holiday–well, everyone except Dan himself. However, a beautiful seaside walk and a special surprise from Martyn and Cornelia may be just the ammunition he needs to change his mind.

Genre: Pure fluff

Word Count: 2.6k

Warnings: Like 2 swear words but that’s it

A/N: Because we all know there was some soppy convincing needed to get Dan to stay in Florida. Inspired by this ask over @nihilist-toothpaste.
I hope you enjoy!!

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rumor has it that if you beat the type-moon lead artist you become the new lead artist but as of yet we have no proof because takeuchi’s noble phantasm “unlimited king of knights” gives him access to an infinite supply of mile-thick plot armour. hirokazu “god hand” koyama might one day be able to outmatch the rate at which takeuchi can produce more sabers with his own insane drawing speed, and wada arco’s absolute authority over red saber and quality over quantity approach might grant her an edge over takeuchi’s mass produced blue sabers, but as both of them are takeuchi’s allies for now we can only speculate about the outcome of those battles

21 things I’ve learned by 21.

1. If someone wants to leave you let them.
2. Your happiness is more important than anything else.
3. Don’t be afraid to tell someone no.
4. It’s okay to want to be alone sometimes.
5. Not everyone is going to like you.
6. If you want something go after it.
7. Always be on time.
8. Call your mom more often. She misses you and deserves a call.
9. Be careful who you surround yourself with. Quality over quantity.
10. For every glass of alcohol you drink, drink a bottle of water.
11. If you’re hungry, eat. No matter if you just ate 20 minutes okay. Your body wouldn’t be hungry if it didn’t need more nutrients.
12. Question everything. That’s the only way you’ll learn.
13. Don’t be scared to get out of your comfort zone. That’s how you grow into a better person.
14. Wash your face every night.
15. Drink water. Like a lot.
16. TRAVEL. No matter what travel. Experience is more valuable than everything else.
17. You don’t have to explain yourself to anyone.
18. If you love someone tell them. Don’t wait for the “right” time. If you really feel it, than anytime is the right time.
19. Never compare your life to someone else’s. That will only make you unhappy.
20. Don’t let social media consume you.
21. Do whatever the heck makes you happy. No matter what. Don’t let other people keep you from doing what you want.

nandotnt  asked:

This must be a big animation 30:00 minutes worth I guess Oh and I hope that those hate comments didn't get to you

No, it’s gonna have it’s usual lenght of 20 mins or maybe less Idk yet.

Is just that ANIMATION TAKES TIME, and for this episode I rather to put QUALITY over QUANTITY, so me taking more time than usual just means I’m putin more effort into each escene, not that I’m going to make it longer.

Also for your information, 20 minutes of animation at 24 frames per second, equals to 28.800 frames that I have to animate by myself.