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Didn't mean it that way at all! Love your writing. Was just wondering how people discovered you if that makes sense

I know you didn’t.. It was a personal statement. But I still don’t know. It’s not about the amount of followers I have, although each and every one is special, but more the freedom of writing. Don’t write for the notes. Be yourself. I would rather have one or two followers who read through every single detail and piece..than people who follow what’s trending . quality over quantity. But..always love.


30 Day WicDiv Challenge

Day 22 - Tear-Jerker Moment

Let’s play another round of, that’s very personal and kind of depressing!  Yay!

This is not my tear-jerker moment for the reason you might think.

So, sometimes I worry that there is something fundamental that I do not and will never get about WicDiv.  I think I may have mentioned this before? Or possibly I was talking about it to someone after a few drinks?  I honestly can’t remember.  But basically, what I don’t get about WicDiv is why anyone cares that they’ll be dead after being a god for two years.  

I hear that and I think, good.  Sign me up.

During those two years you get to be powerful and extraordinary.  That’s probably more than you’d be able to say for your, IDK, 60+ more years you’d get at this point.  Quality over quantity.  Imagine two years of divinity vs a lifetime of banal normal life.

This was a tear-jerker moment for me because I was so happy for Laura that she got this, this thing she wanted more than anything.  More than a normal life.  And I was also so envious, because in this moment it seemed like she didn’t even have to wait out the two years.  She literally got to have ten perfect seconds of no regrets, no disappointments, no sadness, and then, that was it.  

Ten perfect seconds.  I’d give a lot for ten perfect seconds. 

Being a person with depression and anxiety means that you literally never have even two perfect seconds.  Your head is a constant, churning mess of plasma.  It never goes anywhere, never does anything.  It makes you exhausted to carry your own head around, it dulls things that are supposed to be shiny and bright spots in your life.  Nothing is ever good enough for it.  You are never good enough.  

It makes me sad to think about these things.  It makes me sad to envy Laura in this moment.  

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I'm so jealous you've kissed so many people. no one wants to kiss me I've never had a real kiss before. teach me your ways!

Nonnie there’s nothing to teach.  I’m 23, almost 24, I went through 4 years of college and high school where I just liked kissing? I used to call myself a make out slut because I would just make out with people.

I’m also a big believer now in quality over quantity.  So what if you’ve never had a real kiss before, if it was good and it made you happy that’s what matters.  I’ve kissed some people that were not the best.

But above all, don’t compare your experiences to someone else’s. Don’t be jealous because at the end of the day it’s just kissing. And I bet people do want to kiss you, they’re just nervous like you probably are. 


I was going to make this a gag about how I copied Joel’s okay joke on his instagram profile and made it actually funny, but I’m going to draw everybody’s attention to two numbers; our post count, and our follower count. Our follower count is identical, but Joel’s post count is astronomically higher than my own. I’m hovering at a pretty healthy post-to-follower ratio of 1.67, while Joel sits at a pretty disgusting 2.59. Just one more aspect proving my superiority.

Let’s explore a couple of common sense tips of roleplaying.

  • Godmodding. This is when your character is overpowered and can do anything. They have no limits or boundaries, and/or cannot be killed or injured. For example, any form of knowledge that happens to be needed, your character knows even though there’s no way they could have realistically learned it. Or your character is in a fight and manages to get out of it uninjured every time.
  • Powerplaying. This is where you control another person’s character. It’s often confused for being Godmodding, but it’s a slightly different concept. What is considered Powerplaying can vary on each person, but there are a few examples that are just outright powerplaying. Killing or injuring their character without permission is a popular example. As is saying they did something without the roleplayer’s consent. The only character you control freely is your own. However, if you ask, some people are willing to overlook the rule in favour of a plot twist or a direction for a thread. It’s always good to know your partner’s rules on Powerplaying.
  • Mirror Posting. It’s not always fun working hard on a 3-4 paragraph post only to get one or two paragraphs back. It’s just polite to try and mirror someone’s posting if at all possible. If you can’t manage it sometimes, however, please regard the next guideline.
  • Quality over Quantity. Threads can be long, threads can be short. Long threads can be rubbish and short threads can be fantastic. It all depends on the content. Quantity is nice, but it means little if the post has no quality, and even short posts can hold a lot of material and action to respond to if the quality is right. It’s always advised to try and follow quality over quantity and make your words count.
  • R-E-S-P-E-C-T. We’re all here to have fun, and it is of utmost importance that you respect your fellow roleplayers, even if you don’t care for their character. Treat others as you would want to be treated. You don’t want to see hate in your Inbox about how you play a character or run your blog, so it’s only natural that others wouldn’t want to either. There’s an Unfollow button, an X button, a Back button. So many buttons you can click rather than send hate-mail. If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.

These are simple guidelines that I’ve picked up and followed over my thirteen years of roleplaying. You’re not obligated, of course, to follow them. But they’re rules I try to follow and expect my partners to as well.