I long for a life where the quality of time is not dependent on the quantity thereof. Where deadlines lose all consequence and instead become our own goals to reach, our bars to raise as we are able, our own means of self-reflection. Where we are free to write, dream, kiss, scream, play, scheme, create, redeem, or what we will as we will. What a life that would be if we were made to move slower yet arrive right on time just as we were meant to.
The guys talking about conquests
  • Theo: Well I've had Daphne, Pansy, and both patil twins just this week
  • Blaise: how droll, I've had a different girl each night, sometimes multiple the same day
  • Draco: I've managed to keep Ganger for a whole year
  • Theo & Blaise: well.....
  • Draco: Sometimes its quality over quantity
Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

This sign enjoys those sights that represent power and ambition. Their trips will be full of the world wonders and places other people are afraid to go. Capricorns are ambitious do whatever it takes to achieve their goals. Their travel experiences will also be full of fancy trimmings and experiences.

Focused on quality over quantity, Capricorns would prefer a few, amazing trips than dozens of mediocre vacations.  This sign has the most fun traveling with close friends since these are the ones they don’t mind letting their hair down with.