Interview addressing newest hate rumors
  • Interviewer:Harry, Louis, I speak for all the fans when I say I must ask what caused such a rift in your relationship?
  • Louis *nodding*:Well, it all started when I realized Harry was a selfish-
  • Harry *brows furrowed*:Do not finish that sentence this is a losing battle, Lewis.
  • Louis *clears throat*:When I discovered Harry ruthlessly steals the covers
  • Harry:Well maybe I wouldn't have a need for all the blankets if your feet weren't made of ice!
  • Harry:No, you have an ignorance to SOCKS, Louis, things designed to keep your feet wa-
  • Louis *throws his hands up*:I can't. I just can't do this. I need to leave. I can't be near him right now
  • Harry *to interviewer*:Now you've done it! IS THIS WHAT YOU WANTED? [in the distance] Loubear, ice queen, wait up!
  • [Storms Out]
  • *Interviewer looks into camera like on The Office*

141001 Jaejoong’s acceptance speech on winning Top Male Excellence Award for the 2014 Korea Drama Awards:

“Thank you. First of all, I would like to thank PD Yoo Chulyong, PD Choi Jungkyu and all the staffs. I also sincerely thank many actors/actresses who have diligently immersed into the filming with your smiles and who have helped me a lot, even though we have had hard time filming. I told myself not to be nervous when I came to the stage, but [I became nervous] before I knew it… *fans cheering* Before I knew it… because I don’t have many chances to appear on TV, so I’m being very… a little bit nervous… *fans cheering* I’m very thankful to my family, CEO Baek Changju of our company and my members Yoochun and Junsu. This is my first drama as main lead. Thank you very much for giving me this award. I’ll try my best to prepare my next project, so that I could greet you again on TV with better image. Thank you.” (cr. x)


Nakai: Katori-san, did you know about this?
Shingo: Nooooooooope
Nakai: Do you like it?
Shingo: Yeeeeeeeeeees ♥

tbqh I was completely mesmerized by this myself… IT’S A TOUCH-SCREEN MONITOR ON WATER. 

TECHNOLOGY (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧