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I followed you when I read about your love story with your husband (I think I was sold when I got to the scavenger hunt heehee) and stayed for the quality posts (I.e. chocolate rants heehehehehehe)

He’s a keeper that one let me tell you.

Today we were at the farmer’s market and I was looking out baby gifts from this stall that sells all kinds of home made clothing and knitwear, and this gust of wind just blows everything over. And the stall woman is like 160 years old and hobbling about trying to fix it and husband being the man that he is thrust the fennel bulb and asparagus back into my arms before I could even move and was running around fixing it all for her, and she called him a knight in shining armor and he got all flustered and embarrassed because he was just doing what any decent human being would do.

But when it came time to buy a little baby dress for a friend’s new baby she looks at me and says “are you married to this chivalrous young man?” and I said yes, and she looked at me, looked at the $20 dress and said

“3 dollars, because kindness makes the world go round.”

fluffy calron “coming out” hc: @roah@verritytorres@gmcxxii

  • okay, just so we start this off right, call is the one that gets everyone into the shit that leads to them being official

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Kabby + 41 🙏🏼

Go back to sleep

Out of all the things that worry him, somehow it’s Abby’s sleep patterns that consistently rise to the top of his mind.

The motivation behind it has changed, of course - shifted into something more intimate, something in equal parts self-serving as it is self-sacrificing. Easier, too, now that they share a bed and a space and a life. He no longer has to find her in the infirmary at the crack of dawn and wonder at how much sleep she’s had. He doesn’t have to guess at whether she’s tossed and turned all night.

Instead, he wakes alongside her in the early morning, persuading her to stay in bed with a brush of his fingers or a swipe of his lips across the pulsepoint at her neck. Rolls over in the middle of the night and wraps her tightly in his arms when she cries out against some nightmare enemy; or else, runs his fingers through her hair and whispers soothing words in her ear when she wakes up shaking and fearful.

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The signs as Suffixes (word endings)
  • Aries:-ee (subject of action e.g. payee)
  • taurus:-ant/-ent (one who e.g. servant)
  • Gemini:-ette (small e.g. majorette)
  • Cancer:-er/-or (someone connected with e.g. teacher)
  • Leo:-ship (state/quality of e.g. friendship)
  • Virgo:-ible/-able (can be done e.g. likeable)
  • Libra:-er (comparative e.g. larger)
  • Scorpio:-an (relating to e.g. American)
  • Sagittarius:-ment (action/process e.g. excitement)
  • Capricorn:-ish (relating to e.g. childish)
  • Aquarius:-like (resembling e.g. childlike)
  • Pisces:-less (without e.g. useless)
Empire of Storms Theory

This is slightly random, but what if the witches’ wyverns are actually humans that have been transformed by the king? I like to think that Nox Owen or possibly some of the other champions from the first book are wyverns as it would explain where they went after the competition. It’s mentioned that some of the wyverns have humanlike qualities i.e. they understand when they are begin spoken to.

SJM said that Nox had been up to a lot since we last saw him - what if he’s Abraxos?

Let me know what you think!