quality's a bit shit sorry


All Brenna and Greer scenes from 1x07


okay i know i know all i’ve been editing recently have been alm and celica but its just fun to experiment with them xD

i meant to use their heroes art, but it didn’t really fit well, and i did kind of want to try out how the galaxy overlay edit thing would work on them, so here ya go!

this could actually be phone backgrounds. huh.

anyway, here’s alm and celica again! xD


so this is how i spent my weekend. in my room i recently hung up a huge (huge) photo frame/bulletin board to hang up all my photos and collages, and i decided that i really really really wanted to have a massive rotbtd collage on it. the collage is actually landscape so it looks much better that way, but i was not gonna be able to post a 13200px wide photo on here so you guys get the modified version! the colour gradient actually looks much better in it’s original version, so ill try to post some pictures once i get it printed. (its gonna be huge. like 66in x 17in. im veRY excited.  (・∀・ )