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اهلا و سهلا انا سامي زين بطل الـ ان اكس تي الجديد سامي زين وانا فخور اكون اول بطل عربي في تاريخ دبليو دبليو اي شكراً للجمهور في كل بلاد العرب هذا مشانكم شكراً  

translated into English: Welcome, I’m Sami Zayn the new NXT champion Sami Zayn and I’m proud to be the first Arab champion in history of the WWE. Thank you to all fans in Arab countries. This one’s for you all thank you.

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Listen Zayn continues to do the least and I'm more than ok with this. It could be worse, Zigith could be pregnant for 72 months and then introduce their 'baby' in a grainy picture of a picture. So you know, carry on with the cakes as proof of date and awkward half-assed kisses

The moral of this story is “Count your beard blessings”, kids (AND I DO)

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