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get to know me meme // [1/10] current celebrity crushes: aaron tveit

“being onstage is just a feeling that you cannot duplicate anywhere else because the energy that the audience is giving you forces you to give more energy. it’s such an output and exchange of energy. you can’t do that anywhere else.“


Grease: Live! - Spring Dance Off (Hand Jive)


Gracetopia (Zootopia x Graceland) Trailer feat. Warren as Hopps & Briggs as Bogo

Video footage from Zootopia Official Trailer & “Arriving” Clip
Audio + Title screen from Graceland Pilot & S01E02 w/ BGM: “All of a Sudden” by Telekinesis

Featuring the “voiceover talents” of Courtney B. Vance, Scottie Thompson, Manny Montana, Daniel Sunjata, and Aaron Tveit… “All of a Sudden” is the song featured in the surfing scene from the Graceland Pilot. A portion of the last clip is left awkwardly slowed as we intend to update it with the longer movie scene when available, but in the meantime here is what happens when you go overboard in your desire to hear Aaron voice a bunny cop who’s a dead ringer for fresh-out-of-the-academy Mike Warren