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Spread Your Legs For Me C.H

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warning: smut

word count: 1400+

summary: Calum fingers you while driving

requested?: yes, hope you liked it anon :)) I hope you guys are ready because we have a week full of smut coming out, tomorrow, wednesday and hopefully thursday so get ready. 

this turned out a bit eh but i think it’s alright, also IM OPENING REQUESTS AGAIN YAY

so now song requests and full requests, fluff or smut are open again so go nuts on anon or not on anon, whichever you prefer :))

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um hi so i’m (just under) 50 away from 2k and it’d be ya know kinda cool if i could get there sometime (soon)… and yeap that’s my story (thanks for listening reading) (*awkwardly shuffles off stage ur screen*) 

♡Friends With Benefits Grayson Would Include...

Friends with benefits with Gray would include:

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♡Calling him at two in the morning drunk as hell, just to have steamy, drunk shower sex.

♡Or lying on the sofa with your legs across him playing Fifa. Arguing about who is cheating and who is the best player. Ending up in a playfully and teasing fight that turns into a hot make out session.

♡Sexting when Grayson when he’s at a metting and horny as hell. 

♡Late night sneak-outs and hour long conversations about nothing at all and everything at the same time. Clearing Grayson’s mind when he gets lost or cheering you up when you’re stressed

♡Occasionally getting a little jealous on a night out with friends, when Gray ends up bringing home another girl and you can’t get mad since  you aren’t a “real couple”

♡Preparing food together, ending up in little food fights and laughing so much your stomach hurt. Grayson and you brushing arms against each others, leading into fucking on the kitchen counter. 

♡Taking showers together when you stayed over at his place and woke up terrible late.


♡Being able to just chill without doing anything at really. Like both lying on the sofa going through your Instagram feed because you’re so good friends it still feels like quality time together. 

♡Grayson being the best friend you have and always being able to call him up, when your world suddenly falls apart. 

♡Always supporting each other, even when you feel like ripping the head of each other.

♡Your families loving your friendship and secretly hoping you’ll end up together, but little do they know about what else is going on. 

♡Wanting to say “I love you” but knowing it would come out wrong. 

♡Jamming out and singing your lungs out a four in the morning when you’re both overly tried but can’t sleep. 

♡Going to concerts together, because you both love music more than anything. Nine out of ten times getting drunk and fucking in the bathroom. 

♡Talking on the phone for hours when Grayson is away keep him updated on the gossip back home. 

♡Sometime debating whether or not your feelings for him are growing into more than a friendship.

You guys can thank @cassmoreiraxo for submitting this beauty and inspiring the next mini series♥

This was supposed to be my entry for @sinswap but because I was a bit late (or really late to be precise) I missed the deadline for the first round. (at least you can see how slow I really am XD) But anyway, accept this Momma Merlin and little Arthur fanart as an Easter present from me.

best things abt writing with splickedy

-both like the same tropes

-”I have an idea, what if <thing happens>?  and then <character> is like <blah blah blah>” “HAHAHA YES and then <other character> could be like <blah blah blah>” “<blah blah blah>” “<blah blah blah>” *five minutes of out-loud roleplaying*

-similar writing styles mesh well

-talking through big changes, patiently hashing things out + not taking crit personally

-”oh! OOOHHHH” “what” “oh my god oh my god what IF <devastating emotional twist>” “YESSSSS”

-quality friend time with hot chocolate and good music

-”fourth song” / *furiously typing* “I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW”

-”I don’t know how to say this, write the sentence for me” (I think it’s usually me saying this lol)

-”okay if you’re taking over this section for me, here’s what I was thinking would happen”

-the satisfaction of closing a gap in the writing

-solid 50/50 effort

-hilarious typos

-scrolling through the doc and noticing there’s a chunk of writing you didn’t see before and it’s always quality as hell

-shameless behind the scenes OC/canon shipping

-every interaction with other people Red has in Live Free

-stories get so damn long, how did this happen, who authorized this

7 Tips to Survive College

1.      Learn how to prepare your classes in advance 

Even if your professor doesn’t demand a pre planned class, discipline yourself and make some preliminary readings and notes. These will help you learn the material at a healthier pace, turning your classes into a more interactive experience.

2.      Plan your readings and assignments when the semester begins 

Large tasks can be broken into smaller ones. Scheduling reading sessions is a great way to make sure you can tackle a large textbook by the end of your semester. Aim for a chapter or half-chapter per session. The fact that you are focusing solely on a small portion of text rather than stressing about having to read 100+ pages per day will make you retain the information easily and learn in a more constructive way. Plan for the whole semester and, even if the reading rhythm your teacher demands is different than what you’ve planned, tell yourself that you are self-learning instead of following self-imposed classes. Learn how to make the most out of your readings here

3.      Know when to skip classes and when NOT to skip classes 

Some classes are actually better skipped. You need to make a mature and rational decision if you decide to skip you classes. Ask yourself: is this class improving my learning on this subject? Isn’t this class robbing me of my time to tackle my assignments in a more organized way? Can I find the in-class information in other materials, like textbooks, notes or syllabus’?

4.      Keep a list for questions and topics on difficult subjects 

 Keeping these neatly summarized into topics in paper is actually a BIG stress reducer. Condense your biggest insecurities into a notebook and work your ass off to cross them out of your list. You will have an incredible feeling of achievement when you reach the end of your list and (who knows?) you will become specialized in those topics.

5.      Aim for study groups with a maximum of 3 people 

Studying in group is a fantastic boost for your leaning capabilities: saying your content out loud and explaining it to someone else with your own words makes you learn your subject rather than memorizing it. However, if you are in a crowded room or are studying with more than 3 people, your attention spam will become reduced and you won’t focus as easily.

6.      Invest in good quality time with yourself 

It’s incredibly hard to focus during a study session if you feel unhappy or are constantly thinking about the show that you’ve been avoiding during the entire week. Spend an hour pampering yourself. Brew your favorite beverage and watch one or two episodes of Netflix. Make your study breaks worth it. Do things that you love so you can tackle your assignments with extra motivation.

7.      Learn how to manage your time 

Going to college doesn’t mean that your social life will disappear or that you won’t manage to sleep eight hours a day. In fact, I guarantee you (after three years in Law School myself) that you don’t need to stop doing anything you were doing before. You can sleep eight hours a day, go to the gym, hang out with your friends and (yes), even watch Netflix.
You just need to learn how to manage the various aspects of your life in an intelligent way. Instead of watching a Marathon of Pretty Little Liars, watch one or two episodes a day, at scheduled time.
Learn how to turn off your brain at night – regardless of the tasks you still need to tackle, think about going to bed at the same hour, each night. Aim for those 8 hours that will give you the boost of energy you need to be much more productive in the morning. Invest in good quality time with your friends and with yourself – plan something fun, using the same creativity you would use for your studies. 

Make each second count and you’ll be surprised to find out that you can study less and achieve better results when you have a happy outlook on life. Learn how to maximize your study sessions here.

Christmas Crushes; George Weasley (Requested)

Christmas lights glistened red and green around The Weasley’s home as the snow fell graciously outside around the domino built like house. It was Christmas Eve night and Harry, (Y/N), and the Weasleys huddled together in the living room, exchanging heartwarming stories of one another spending good quality time away from school with their friends and family. Most of the tales were told by Mrs. Weasley because she was the only one that could actually remember how things truthfully went. The short stories were mostly memories shared together. (Y/N) sat scrunched in between her favorite twins, not to mention her best friends, sipping from the homemade clay cup that held hot chocolate inside while she listened intently. Too sucked into the trip down memory lane with the Weasley’s, the eyes burning holes into her side went unnoticed by (Y/N). George couldn’t help it, (Y/N) was making crazy and she had no idea! He had fancied her since their first year and as chesses as it may sound, she was perfect to him. He loved how her (E/C) eyes would gain sparks of happiness, how determined she was, how her slim fingers would trace the edge of her navy sweater when she was lost in boredom , and the time she set aside just to talk to him each day.

“No but mum remember the first time Fred and George brought (Y/N) here, and George kept following her around the whole house like a lost puppy!” Ginny squealed loudly. The house shook with laughter recalling the event; all George could do was cringe. His cheeks flooded red, keeping his eyes locked on his feet that poked out from the yarn handmade blanket he was sharing with (Y/N).  (Y/N) smiled at him searching for his hand under the material of the knitted quilt, intertwining his fingers with her own.

Ron took a gulp from his coco setting the empty glass on the wooden stool on his right. He scrunched his eyes at his little sister and threw a comment her way, “That’s only cause Georgie’s fancied the poor girl for so long. Isn’t that right, how longs it been… since your first year at Hogwarts probably.” Ron let out a booming chuckle finding humor in his own words, while the rest of the group sat silent as a mouse. Mr. Weasley took a sharp breath in. The awkward tension only grew while everyone glanced around the room, not sure what to do or what to say. George was the first to break, unraveling his hand from (Y/N)’s hold and leaving the room. His footsteps echoed as he sprinted up the steps, soon vanishing until they were no more.

Fred shifted around softly nudging (Y/N)’s side. She nodded using Fred’s shoulder to support herself, rising up to her feet. Molly sent her a warm smile and she walked the path traveling up the stairs. Passing the kitchen (Y/N) caught the one spoon pointing to 11 and the other to roughly 59. It was basically Christmas and (Y/N) was at the only place she felt right celebrating it.

Fred and George’s room lay on the tippy top floor of the Burrow. Climbing up the stair case (Y/N) could feel her heart thumping roughly against her chest. She was half surprised it hadn’t jumped out.

Arriving to their bedroom (Y/N) took it the pictures mantled along the wall that was a deep shade of red. Few of the moving images included family members while the others involved friends. There was a good amount of moments captured with (Y/N) and the twins, those being her favorites.

(Y/N) made her way around the twin sized bed to the opening of the room which left the boys some space to walk out onto the deck like patio. Her palms became clammy whenever she sat out there with Fred and/or George. Being so high up gave her a mixture of fear, excitement, anxiety, but most of all freedom. cr

“Hey (Y/N)…” George’s words full of sorrow. (Y/N) was quick to take in his posture, copying it almost exactly. His feet dangled off the edge and his arms wrapped around the unsteady piece of wood that kept him from plummeting down God only knows how many feet. (Y/N) studied his handsome features, admiring how his hair danced in the wind, and his well-defined jawlines. Those were all nice things that any girl looked for but that wasn’t what caught (Y/N)’s eye. The thing that really captivated her was his mesmerizing eyes. George’s eyes talked more than he ever could, (Y/N) loved how when he would get passionate about something his eyes would take right after and glow with happiness. George was different from Fred in more ways than (Y/N) could explain, and she knew it upset him when people confused the two with the other. George was his own person, and (Y/N) was in love with him.

“Listen about what Ron said, could we just forget it happen? I don’t want to make things difficult and ruin our friendship.” He spoke firmly peeking over the edge, staring out at miles and miles for unoccupied land. His fingers tapped against the board at a steady pace. Sneaking a glance to (Y/N) he waiting for a reply, thou none was given.

(Y/N) simple bent across the open space, crashing her lips upon his in a caring matter. George’s eyes grew, staring at her closed ones. Finally he relaxed, kissing her back taking the chance to hold her face in the palms of his hands. (Y/N) gave up letting the grin cover her face, breaking the kiss to look at him. Giggling slightly she spoke up,

“Funny thing is, is that I sort of fancy you too, George Weasley… Merry Christmas.”

~ Daizy xxxxx

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FNAF stands for: “Friends, Not Animatronic Foes!”

Woop, another Markiplier fanart! Damn, drawing these images is therapeutic or something, because it’s super fun.

Here we see our good man having some quality time with his ‘Friends’ from Freddy Fazbear’s! Look at those big grins! Wow, you can really see the love here.

Again, based on Mark before he became the candyfloss we know now!

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Hellooo~ do you happen to have a link to the diva Legolas? I just find it so hilarious


the link is actually directly in my sidebar (below the ‘Mine’ link) and this question is also in my my faq BUUUUUUT since you were sweet abt it you can have a direct link 

HERE IT IS IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER have a nice nostalgia trip down low quality gifsets from three years ago my friend 

GOOD TIMES i kinda miss it but also not