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savageborn  asked:

How does one tell when a salamander is about to leave its larvae stage? I think mine are, i got them from a bait shop and their gills are small and they go up to the surface to get little puffs of air but they still have the full tail and whatnot so just wanna know how much time i have before sorta switching them to more soil to burrow in? they should be tiger sallys, or some form of local variation i know that much

It varies. Some change fast, others painfully slowly. On average it’s about a 2-3 week process. You’ll notice changes everyday. Have a secure platform for them to get out of the water (turtle docks are great for this) and just continue to wait it out. Make sure husbandry is good (water quality, temperature, no chemicals or chlorine) and reduce feeding slightly to 1 night crawler every other day.