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Because Swag Dracula does not take it lightly when anyone makes fun of his height (aka me in a nutshell)

This comic strip (ish… idk really) was sparked way back when Bryce, Swag, and Gorilla played “Golf-sketball” and were talking about each other’s heights and accusing Swag of being tiny (Swag being 6 foot, Gorilla 6′1, and Bryce 6′3)

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Chris and Nina would be the perfect chill parents because: 1- mum can't yell at you (she can turn into a dragon and roast ur ass tho) 2- daddy can't see how you dress so can't complain about that short skirt or the cleavage. 3 - daddy was a hoe and always had his boobs out anyways so he can't really complain. 4- yes this ask is 100% pure organic shitpost

You’re in the right place, anon 👊