quality saturday

I can’t believe I’m up here right now. When I was just a kid growing up in Washington Heights in Upper Manhattan, I dreamed about standing right here on this stage.

And when I told people I was hosting SNL, they were all like, well, are you gonna do a song from Hamilton?…

The opening monologue from Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Emmy-nominated Saturday Night Live appearance
October 8, 2016 (x)

I was really tempted to start coloring this one (though I won’t finish it anytime soon). It’s a big one btw (50x70 cm). I also want to draw a big drawing of Zelda: Breath of the Wild~

Maybe I should also draw some eyes again (getting more in the mood due summer anime; for example Ballroom e Youkoso)

Throw Back!

Hello to all of you wonderful people out there. I have been quite busy lately and I don’t want to disappoint anyone with my posts, so I decided im going to have a throw back. If you don’t know what that is (I’m sure you do) it is where I will post pictures I drew from long ago. This SeaWing, I remember, was probably the second or third dragon I drew from the Wings of Fire series when it first came out. 

I miss Secret Saturdays and Ben 10 and Generator Rex and American Dragon: Jake Long and Danny Phantom and Totally Spies and honestly this list could go on forever but like come on