quality rp shenanigans


phone doodles..! (drew them on my iPhone with my finger so excuse the quality)

inspired by rp shenanigans/for fun idea - gamzee and vriska start off as kismesises but slowly start to become matesprits, much to their initial dismay

vriska starts doing gamzee’s makeup to look like a spider and he makes hers look like a goat. she kind of adopts his style similar to how ghost vriska adopted meenahs.

just for fun!

[text] Duro is making me send this picture to you
[text] And saying that this is him giving you tongue
[text] … you two are fucking nasty 
[text] Keep me out of your shit
[text] But real talk…
[text] Sending you greetings ! 
[text] Also, don’t send me fucking weird kinky comments
[text] Message them to Duro cause I don’t wanna read it


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