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Monsta X - 아름다워 (Acoustic Ver.) Vocal Cover
Sherry (babywoon)
Monsta X - 아름다워 (Acoustic Ver.) Vocal Cover


I’ve been wanting to cover beautiful for a long time, esp the acoustic ver. which is so breathtaking honestly. This is my first time rapping (i also cut the second rap verse ><) so its an experiment really. Pls excuse my pronunciation im not native;; Enjoy! 🎧

This isn’t much of a quality voice post, I honestly just hooked up my mic, said a few lines and uploaded!

I wanted to run through a few voices for some of the Mass Effect male characters. Not every male companion is on here however. This is just a few that I feel comfortable sharing, and that I personally feel are at least a little recognizable, or their voices aren’t too effects heavy.

Anyway, hope you enjoy this little voice test!

In order: MaleShep, Kaidan, Garrus, Wrex, Thane, Grunt, Jimmy Jams Vega,  Hackett.

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A review of the Fallout: New Vegas mod “Autumn Leaves”

Tumblr is being a butt and won’t let me put pictures in here for some reason. For the time being please imagine the images,

Reviewers note: Sorry about this review being published so late! I got hit with a big ol’ ball of life. Originally I wanted to incorporate this mod into my own playthrough but that save file went ka-blamz.


First off, I have to say, I didn’t like this mod…I adored it. It is fantastic. Go install it now. Endorse it. Frame it on your mantle. Build a small shrine. Just get it in your load-order.

If you still need convincing (why?) or just feel like reading something, feel free to read on.

Since I’m trying to minimal on spoilers, I won’t go into detail about the plot but it’s good.

The music and general level design will also be discussed.

However, I must present a warning to action-nuts: This is a mod about exploring and talking, not shooting and screaming. You have to use your brain and not your gun/knife/power fist. So if you don’t like that, go find another game because I consider Autumn Leaves essential to any load-order.

The premise of Autumn Leaves is that the Courier stumbles upon a library full of robots..

Anyway, music:

Very nice. The soundtrack was composed by Pablo Coma, who has managed to capture the eerie atmosphere of the library. The soundtrack is fairly somber in nature (excluding one character’s theme ehehe) and it’s pretty much what you would expect to hear in a library during the post apocalypse.

Also: The voice acting is very high quality. When I did my run through, no crackles and no fish bowl syndrome. Also credit to the voice actors who did a fantastic job with bringing the characters to life.

Level design:

Gorgeous. Pretty much every detail has been accounted for, including:

The toilet water.

That is dedication.

So if you’re still not interested, allow me to tell you what really made this mod stand out for me: The lack of violence.

This mod isn’t about proving you’re the best shot in the wastes. It’s not about just surviving.

It’s about being a person and what shapes that.

The lack of violence is refreshing. Don’t get me wrong, I like a decent shoot out at the OK corral but it’s nice to have an adventure where you’re not constantly jumping at everything since you’re fighting all the time.

The writing is great. You will giggle, you will, cry, you may even make a confused noise.

Overall 10/10 small toy dinosaurs in cages.