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“I can’t believe Bryke ruined ATLA! They completely took control of the show and never let any of the other writers have any input!” 

Book One: Water

 Percent Bryke Didn’t Write: 70%

Book Two: Earth

Percent Bryke Didn’t Write: 80%

Book Three: Fire

Percent Bryke Didn’t Write: 80% 

Percent Bryke Didn’t Write (Whole Show): 77%

Head Writer: Aaron Ehasz 

Episodes Directed by Bryke or Ehasz: 0 

Guy Who Wrote The Headband: John O’Bryan (not bryke, fyi) 

Headcanon that one of Cedric’s friends shortened “Cedric Diggory” to “Cellory” as a joke, but it sort of stuck. The nickname eventually evolved to “Celery” and the other three houses are extremely confused as to why all the Hufflepuffs refer to Cedric as a vegetable that has very little nutritional value.