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ooh! Can you do the ask thing you posted with Kid Cobra?

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life 

hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang

hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff

best quality: He’s a snake, snakeboards like a pro, probably a good big brother figure to Mechanica too 

worst quality:
Doesn’t have a sleep schedule and recklessly snakeboards 

ship them with:
I’ve seen people ship him with Ninjara, and that’s p cute

brotp them with:
Everyone in the ARMS league, but especially Mechanica 

needs to stay away from: HEDLOK

misc. thoughts:
Sweet boy who wants to be the most famous snake-boarder in the world. Very talented, very fast, very reckless. Has countless scratches and bruises from snakeboarding. Twintelle is never happy with this, but he never makes an effort to be safer. 

I Kissed A Robot And I Liked It: A Complete Meltdown by Phillip J. Coulson
  • May: He replaced me with a robot version of myself? How long did it take for you to figure it out?
  • Coulson: 😧😧😧😧😧
  • May: What finally tipped it?
  • Coulson: 😓😓😓😓😓
  • May: Didn't get messy between us, did it?
  • Coulson: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 🆘
  • May: After we escape this place, we're definitely opening that bottle of Haig.
  • Coulson: 👌🤥👌🤥👌🤥🆘🆘
  • May: I need to take one for the team... So you'll give me mouth to mouth.
  • Coulson: 😐😐😐😐😐🆘🆘🆘
  • May: Did something weird happen with my robot self?
  • Coulson: 😳😳😳😳😳🆘🆘🆘🆘
  • May: Did I make a move on you?
  • Coulson: 😱😱😱😱😱🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘
  • May: Phil... Did I try to... Kill you?
  • Coulson: ...... 💯🔫🔪💣☠️⚰️
  • May: I knew something was up. What are you not telling me?
  • Coulson: ...... 🍾🥂🍷🍻??
  • May: 💩💩💩💩💩!!!!
  • 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊
  • Coulson's Ongoing Internal Monologue:
  • 🤖😘🤖😘😍😱😳😐😥😥😥🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘

Wʜʏ ᴅᴏ ʏᴏᴜ ᴡɪᴇʟᴅ ᴛʜᴀᴛ sᴡᴏʀᴅ?
Tᴏ ᴘʀᴏᴛᴇᴄᴛ ʏᴏᴜ.

Today’s addition is just interesting. I was walking into my local Goodwill of choice, and found that my usual Band Angels bin (because I know you all love that series of unread posts) was pushed back for a bin. As I approached this bin, I found something unexpected.

Photos. Framed photos. At least 50 framed photos of unique shapes and sizes, all in quality frames for $2.00 a piece. 

Let’s take a look:

They’re clearly quality photographs!

Someone’s personal quality photographs!

But not just animals! Places, people, buildings, and nature! This bin contains someone’s passion, someone’s life! Was this a hobby or someone’s life’s work? And where are they now?! 

One of these dozens of images contains the soul of this lost photographer, I know it. All one will have to do is free it from the frame, and this lifetime of memories will be yours. Trust me, I could be a scientist. 

Okay so I must scream about this with someone, so here I am

KCon Mexico aaaahhhh I missed Monsta X so much ;; Everything was just everything, they got so much performance time it was so wonderful ;;

And the styling? wtf are people even allowed to look that good? Wonho’s bangs were up and it was such a blessing ;; Black waistcoat + jackets with personalised gold detailing; it was all so beautiful I wanted to cry

What else? How about their super cute Spanish? I.M’s weirdly-accented, unbelievably sexy English? Just set me on fire why don’t you

The performances. Rapper babies’ stage (they lit the place on fire), Trespass after so long and Hero too, and White Sugar? How dare they try to murder me with that one??? And then Kihyun performed Beautiful from the Goblin OST, the loveliest song with the loveliest voice and aah I don’t know how to control myself

(I would’ve dived firmly into the Kihyun lane if I.M was not extra rude with his facial expressions :)) 

Anyway so the short story is my life is over and I don’t know how I’ll manage to survive The Clan part 2.5, I really don’t. 

Thank you for staying with the blog! I’m sorry for any recent low-quality posts; I’ve gotten rather lazy since MX aren’t promoting, plus my children group ASTRO are doing a lot of things and I’m burned out from my classes too. I hope to bring you all the quality Monsta X content you’re here for in the near future ^^

Blog recommendations

This is me jumping on @evshansen’s figurative bandwagon. There’s gonna be a “☁️” if I’m fortunate enough to be their mutual. Also the thing’s in alphabetical order.

@bibliophile-extraordinaire ☁️ You should follow Eli as she’s one of the kindest people you could hope to meet. She credits artists, has great taste in musicals featuring barricades, and she’s the last person I’d expect to see in a murder trial. That’s how nice she is.

@butts-of-the-barricade ☁️ As well as the love/hate relationship she has going on with Aaron Tveit, she’s very funny, very smart, very gay, and very interesting. She deserves the best. Or at least she deserves to recognise that she deserves the best.

@crypticdatesuggestions This blog is incredible. It’s the perfect mixture of void and romance. I would watch a movie based on any of the romantic suggestions. It caters to all genders, and is well worth a look.

@essentiallychaotic ☁️ McKenzi is warm and kind with an incredibly eclectic music taste, and is just a great person. Supportive, enthusiastic, reminds me of Feuilly. You should follow her as she’s McKenzi. For me that’s reason enough.

@evshansen ☁️ If you like musical theatre and blogs run by flipping amazing people, then you should follow Tori. She’s positive and theatrical, and will probably like your drawings. She’s kinda like human glitter. Colourful and nice, and makes any situation brighter and more enjoyable.

@gayerthangrantaire ☁️ (💙💙💙) Trinity’s blog is a mixture of anime, social justice, memes, and is run by a real-life Grantaire. They’re hilarious, and cool, and she deserves all the pictures. I wish her and her girlfriend every happiness because Trinity deserves to be happy. Also Trinity has great music taste, which includes songs about insomnia and anxiety. Seriously- Trinity’s amazing and I’m lucky to know them.

@greymichaela Firstly she’s flipping hilarious. She has a wonderfully dry sense of humour and it’s worth following her for that alone. Also she’s kind. She’s so kind. She gives amazing advice and she’s always patient and just - a good person. She has lots of great interests, (some of which I don’t know very well but they seem pretty cool), and she consistently posts cats. She’s a great writer and deserves all the cats/well written fanfiction in the verse. (She will also make you ship sabriel).

@horaetio Maddie is brilliant. As is her blog. It’s a perfect concoction of Shakespeare, Star Trek, The Smiths (and other great music), social justice, aesthetic posts, and various other pop culture. Also flawless selfies. She’s an intelligent, fascinating person whom you should totally follow.

@its-better-than-an-opera ☁️ Laura is one of the sweetest, most loyal people I know. She’s very knowledgeable about les mis and leaves nice tags when reblogging fanart. She’s like sunshine but less deadly. Do yourself a favour and follow Laura.

@just-french-me-up ☁️ There is a reason she’s one of the most loved bloggers on the internet. She is kind and positive and says “dang” and “fam” a lot which I think is awesome. Her tags/headcannons/fanfiction are some of the best things I’ve read, and she’s always helpful and funny and benevolent.

@mariuspontbambi ☁️ Garance is caring and comforting and she makes me sad when she doesn’t see that she’s a good person. Garance’s blog includes les mis, social justice, cats, and kindness, and I reckon the world could use more of those things. I reckon the world could use more Garance.

@pntmrcys ☁️ Ethereal, insightful, Mariusy, and a generally beautiful person; Maria epitomises all the good things about tumblr. She’s very important and deserves the best. Her aesthetic is calming and good, which is one of the many reasons why you should follow her.

@richard-ayoade I’m quite a big Richard Ayoade fan and I think this blog is fantastic. It’s funny and stylish and I like it a lot. An amazing blog for an amazing man. Thanks to the person for making the blog.

@silence-song ☁️ Admittedly I haven’t known this person for very long, but they are nice, friendly, and they even let me ramble about philosophical points that I sometimes think about, even though it doesn’t always make sense. I appreciate that. You should follow ‘em as they’re a great person with equally great taste in anime.

@starsandamorphinetoast ☁️ Okay, Riley’s cool as heck. He knows everything about his interests, posts both les mis and Pride and prejudice, and is just generally a cool dude. (I’m sorry I used that phrase too). Anyway you should go follow him as he’s a very interesting guy. 🕶

@the-amazing-boy-catastrophe ☁️ Marcus is very important to me. He’s a great singer, handsome as heck, and his aesthetic is perfect. He is easy to
talk to, funny, knowledgeable, and gives really good advice. He’s just a great man who absolutely does not deserve any hate.

@universalhouseplant ☁️ She’s lovely. Her blog is cute, she posts about les mis, and reminds me of sunset. Soph’s a nice person who posts about pride and les mis. I’d love to talk to her more. Basically she’s fab. Your life would benefit from following Soph.

@vintage-jehan ☁️ is delightful. Browsing her blog is like walking through a beautiful gallery/library. It’s peaceful and features lots of les mis which I’m always a fan of. A wonderful person with a wonderful blog.

@vivalagrantaire ☁️ Firstly more Trinity which is never a bad thing. Secondly-quality les mis content with plenty of Grantaire. If you like les mis/quality les mis headcannons, then it’s imperative that you follow this blog.

@wanttodrawmothsfrommemory ☁️ Cas manages to be gentle and badass at the same time. She’s cheerful, gay, and adorable and must be protected at all costs. She also posts really cute selfies and says nice things. She even writes good poetry. Her kindness and use of “:D” means that her blog is a very good blog to follow. I feel very pleased to be her mutual.

You should follow these people to make your dashboard scrolling experience/life better. Thank you for reading, and thanks to the people I mentioned for existing.


My copy of Aún no (2004) by Esdras Parra just got here, and I’m really happy! It’s the first time I’ve ever owned one of her books. I wanted to share high quality scans of the covers of the book since I couldn’t find any before; plus, there are hardly any high quality photographs of Parra at all online. Which is strange - I know she was written about a lot in the media, her life dissected for being one of earliest, most prominent trans women to transition in the eye of Venezuelan society, and a handful of articles about Parra from Venezuelan papers and magazine have been digitized or transcribed and posted online, yet it’s incredibly hard to find any good images of her. I mean, there’s a small picture of Parra on the cover of the poetry book she published in 1995, which has been called a major work of Venezuelan poetry by some of her country’s prominent critics and writers. So I don’t think this is due to an aversion to having the images shared on her part; I think it comes down to the punishing contradiction where the world couldn’t stop talking about her, could not leave her alone to do her work, but rather attacked and dehumanized her for decades (even in her death this continues through cis people that make a joke of her life through their shitty literature) while simultaneously denying the impact her life had on them, denying the significance of her work and her strength, denying future generations images of her and access to her memory.

Anyway, Aún no was Parra’s last book to be published; it was released the year she died, and though neither the lengthy biography nor the notes on the back cover mention her passing this book at first glance reads like a work of uncollected poems, an unfinished book. The poems feel sharper, less restrained, they’re more expansive than before, both in terms of her writing at greater length on the page and in terms of inserting blank space more consistently between words and lines in the poems. From a poem in the middle of the book, untitled as it seems all her poems are: “I’m not staying here / there’s no place for me in the crowd / I am the threshold / the threshold detains me / this condescending country / the country where applause does not exist…”

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communism has literally failed everywhere and every time it's been implemented

what are you defining as “communism”, and who has it failed?

China under Mao transformed from a patriarchal, war-torn feudal state with a single-digit literacy rate and runaway inflation to an economic powerhouse with massive increases in quality of life, lifespan, literacy, and equality for women, as well as free healthcare and education, a rehabilitation-focused carceral system, and about twice as high a population.

Cuba under the Castros has become the only country on earth that both has a high quality of life and environmental sustainability despite being blockaded by the United States. The average caloric consumption in Cuba is over 3000, and its HDI is the second-highest in Latin America. Cuba has one of the best healthcare systems in the world, and has eliminated HIV transfer from mother to fetus in even the most remote corners of the island. A quality education is guaranteed even in rural villages where the roads are too rough for cars. The government will pay for even “cosmetic” procedures like LASIK or SRS. Homelessness is nonexistent.

Capitalism has failed billions more people than socialism. But a handful of rich people are gonna live in obscene luxury until the Earth becomes too hot for humans to live on, so I guess it’s fine.

Let Her Go / The Rest of My Life (Hans Zimmer and The Magnificent Six; Pharrell Williams; Johnny Marr)
Let Her Go / The Rest of My Life (Hans Zimmer and The Magnificent Six; Pharrell Williams; Johnny Marr)

arcampbell94 Noticed your post earlier with this track from Spider-Man 2. The Youtube one wasn’t the greatest quality, so I figured I’d share a better quality track of it for ya! They did a really good job on the music score. Have yet to see the movie though. I’ll have to buy a copy! :)

it’s been less than a year since I made this blog and I honestly never thought this would happen let alone have it happen so quickly. I don’t even think me writing out this little post could accurately express how I feel. like guys, 15,000 people..that’s like a mini stadium, a tiny country, the number of calories I eat in a day :’)

no okay but seriously, though I had been following bangtan for a while I never really thought about making a blog about them. but with the pressures of school I really needed an escape from it all and tumblr was this quiet place for me. a place I could come to and just forget about all the pressure and stress while I thirsted after namjoon and yoongi. and with the encouragement of those around me I decided to make this blog. even though I had run two other fandom blogs before this one, I never thought a fandom could be this welcoming. I felt right at home, memeing since day one 

through these past few months I have made some amazing friends I would have never had the chance to meet if it weren’t for this little bangtan blog. I trust and lean on a lot of them to help me through hard times as well as sharing some of the brightest parts of my life. many wouldn’t and could understand that even though we have met online only a few months ago, I feel I have known them for so much longer. meeting people in a shared fandom is honestly an incredibly special thing because you tend to meet people with similar interests, personalities and terrible humour making it so easy to connect with them and bond over things you might not normally be able to with others  

I’d really like to thank all of you who follow me and put up with my thirsty ass always crying, writing long posts about all the boys, having long and interesting discussions with me about all kinds of subjects, sending me lots of love and support if you see I’m going through a hard time, liking and reblogging everything I make no matter how shitty, talking to me and generally being interested in who I am???, coming to me for life advice, tagging me in all namjoon and yoongi posts, sending me random posts you think I’d enjoy, drawing fanart  and most importantly shipping the one true cannon ship #sabjoon 2k17. you guys all mean so much to me and it genuinely hurts to be away from you all whether it be because of school of or those time I travel I always feel like I can rely on you to make me smile no matter the situation

okay this is long enough and bless you if you read it all below you’ll find 99% bangtan 1% multifandom blogs, all a+ would recommend quality

your local sugamon hoe~

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Bean bag chair!

I swear to god I love Cece and Winston so much. 

“A bean bag, Winston? You thought that would be a suitable gift for my bride?”

He drew a circle. She guessed bean bag chair. They had a moment. I mean, I would have guessed circle. I’m terrible at Pictionary. Sun? Boring cookie? Badly drawn rock? Decapitated head? Nipple?

Things I love about this:

  • One-on-one Pictionary.
  • Winston’s shirt.
  • The speed at which Winston draws.
  • The speed at which Cece jumps up and immediately guesses bean bag chair…from a circle.
  • Cece is correct.
  • Winston’s facial expression and how drops his pen.
  • Both Cece and Winston consider this a moment in their friendship.
  • Make-up, lighting, camera equipment, props, and such had to be set-up for a 2 second scene.
  • Cece and Winston have a game night. Other games must have been played. We must see this. Musical statues? Chinese whispers?
  • I’m guessing they have other nights. I’m imagining Winston getting a facial and loving it.
  • Cece immediately recognises her present from said moment.
  • The bean bag is temporary. Winston had to pad it with rice and oatmeal.
  • Of all things to pad it with he chose rice and oatmeal.
  • He ordered the bean bag chair under the alias ‘Admiral Jay Garage-A-Roo.’
  • Other aliases include Kenneth, Rick Smits, Big Poppy Jones, and Pontius Pilate. At least one of those had to be ad-libbed by Max or Lamorne. From Kenneth to Admiral Jay Garage-A-Roo. And James Wonder, of course.
  • Cece and Winston also got drunk and called Finland within this year.

Never in my life have I heard of one-on-one Pictionary.”

Hávamál: Quality & Appreciation of Life

One person is born paralyzed from the waist down, another becomes handicapped from a car crash and has to deal with a tragic change of life. One person is born with a blood defect, another loses his hand in a work accident.

In this post I will include stanzas from the Hávamál (Words of Odin) that talk about enjoying and appreciating life even when you’ve been dealt a bad hand or don’t have much to your name.

Source taken from the English translation of the Poetic Edda by Dr. Jackson Crawford. (More Hávamál posts can be found here).

The following stanza’s talk about how you can still enjoy life even if you have a disability.

— 71
A limping man can ride a horse,
a handless man can herd,
a deaf man can fight and win.
It’s better even to be blind
than fuel for the funeral pyre;
what can a dead man do?

— 70
Better to be alive,
no matter what, than dead—
only the living enjoy anything.
I saw a rich man’s house,
but it was on fire,
and he lay dead outside the door.

No one is totally wretched,
even if his health is bad—
some find happiness in their children,
some in their kin,
some in their money
some in work well done.

These stanzas mention how you should appreciate the little that you might have.

— 36
It’s better to have a home,
even if it’s little
everyone should call somewhere “home”.
Even if you own just two goats
beneath a faulty roof,
that’s still better than begging.

— 37
It’s better to have a home,
even if it’s little
everyone should call somewhere “home”.
Your heart will be wounded
if you have to beg for every meal
from somebody else.

The sentence “Only the living enjoy anything” speaks true wisdom in a very self-evident way. Life is what you make of it. Seize the day and be the best version of yourself.

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could you do matthew crawley / adam (trash prince or post-curse, as you like it) for the ask character meme? <3

Send me a character and I’ll tell you…

Matthew Crawley

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10
hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff
best quality: His honour, loyalty, compassion, and basically everything about him he’s everything I love him
worst quality: He can be real stubborn (*cough cough* series two *cough cough*)
brotp them with: Tom Branson, I love their scenes together
needs to stay away from: Cars
misc. thoughts: The actual love of my life tbh

Prince Adam

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 
hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff (Adam’s ALL the Houses tbh. Trash Prince is more of a Slytherin cause he’s cunning, but he’s also brave, clever, intelligent, loyal, etc. He’s a bit of everything.)
best quality: His compassion, wittiness, intelligence, bravery, and loyalty
worst quality: That temper, yo
ship them with: Belle OFC
brotp them with: Lumière! 
needs to stay away from: Enchantresses and Gaston
misc. thoughts: The other actual love of my life

Hello everyone I am finally home and still in a very fragile state, I went looking around the kitchen for some sort of sweet snack and just