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They tricked us, so I tricked you lol not sorry
(This is still a dream if you want it to be tho~)

I also have the second one colored, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ idk, here:

hey i havent been drawing much at all for a really long time but i did this for a friend like a week ago

this is a bad end that i don’t really consider a viable thing in canon, but: sometimes i think a lot about how bakugou and deku might have a relationship similar to gran torino and shimura nana’s, and that leads me to thinking about bakugou being the only one in their generation to know about one for all. and then that leads me to thinking about a future where deku chooses his successor but isn’t around to train them, and so the task falls to bakugou, and ofc deku chooses someone a lot like himself, so years in the future bakugou is faced with a young child who looks at him with eyes as defiant as deku’s, and instead of lashing out he needs to protect this kid and take them under his wing. and like i said, this is bad end and unviable in the context of the story, but in that alternate reality i think bakugou ends up with a very interesting kind of redemption.

Iron Bull: You know one thing I miss about Par Vollen? Bananas.

Iron Bull: They’re bigger, less squishy, and bendier.

Blackwall: You’re talking about the fruit, right?
Please, tell me you’re talking about the fruit.

The Inquisitor, watching this whole conversation unfold:

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