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Today I had a client come in who unfortunately had her septum pierced elsewhere with low quality jewelry and improper placement. We fixed her right up with with a new, properly placed piercing and a quality piece of jewelry. Note the size of the ring in both pictures is the same. Do your research! Insist on quality!

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What are some placements that a person with a sun in Pisces could be potentially be attracted to in other people?

(these are just qualities presented by these placements that might be attractive to the pisces archetype. these are just my opinions of course, since im not a pisces sun)

  • water moons
  • water or earth risings
  • moon, venus, or neptune in the first house
  • planets in the 12th (maybe…)
  • pisces, cancer, virgo venus 
  • water or earth dominant
  • sun-neptune aspects 
  • sun-moon aspects
  • neptune-ascendant aspects
  • moon-ascendant aspects 
  • neptune dominant
  • moon dominant

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what would be the perfect chart for a partner to have for you? 💗💗💗

This guy has all the placements and qualities I could ever want lol. He’s not clingy, doesn’t expect me to open up, we respect each other’s space bc we’re so damn similar

Virgo sun
Aqua moon
Libra Mercury
Leo Venus
Scorpio Mars

Problem is that we’re both so stubborn and no one wants to give in, and we both have issues

Moon in Virgo

Those with their Moon in Virgo meet the emotional realm on a practical level, where they try to analyse emotional upheaval logically over drowning in the depths of a stormy sea. There is however, the tendency to develop compulsions under emotional stress, due to the possible overworking of the analyzing function in Virgo. It can therefore be difficult to switch off until emotional chaos is solved.

They will not be ones to cry and scream over their emotions, yet they may throw themselves into tasks, working their mind until fatigue sets in. There is also the capacity for some serious self criticism with this placement, where emotions turn into negative calculations about themselves. 

Still, there is a caring and helpful quality to this placement, where the sensitive depths are met with practicality, logic and a sense of duty to care for others.