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I think possibly people have tried to write the whole story of Acacia but they’re still a lil opinionated. I’m going to try to write the whole thing (bear with me!!) 

Back in 2011 Tumblr was a little less known and there was a gigantic “quality” phase. Acacia came onto the scene posting selfies under the name of “lets-snuggle” using a high quality camera. (Hence the name quality.) 

You can’t deny she’s pretty. So because she was a quality blog and was pretty, she gained followers and got really famous. She started dating tumblr user mleting (a cute guy named Jake.) He was pretty famous on the site, so she gained even more followers from that.

Really late at night one day a picture of her in her bra was posted onto her blog and she asked people to call her for whatever reason. (It’s this picture if you’re curious).

This is when she started getting hate. People started calling her “acunta” and making jokes about her itty bitty titties. Basically this is where the hate for her being a whore/slut started. Jake called her to tell her about the nudes. Essentially this is the reason that he broke up with her– even though she denied the nudes and said that a guy from her school posted them. Her first hate blog was made (l0lsummer69, though i think the name was different then.)

She changed her url because of the hate– to callmegiraffe. Apparently it was because of her stuffed giraffe, but it also gave a nod to the people who said she looked like a giraffe.

She dyed her hair brown. 

She kept doing things that were deemed “slutty” by her haters– I guess you could say they were. She apparently gave a guy a handjob while a movie was playing in the theater.

She, uh, posted a pictures like these.

Basically it just damaged her rep a little more. 

She kind of changed her style after that. The quality era of Tumblr kind of faded, and people were going vertical. So did she. She mostly wore her hair straight, and wore lots of snapbacks and sweatshirts. She was little less girly at this point.

She decided that she was famous enough to have a meet up, like many people on Tumblr do, to meet her fans. It was at the Mall of America but she was devastated because only one girl came. She basically just hung out at the apple store and took videos (a lot of blogs on tumblr have them.)

So she became sorta friends with that one girl for a night and slept over and they went on tinychat. She put the link on her tumblr like 80 times. That was a bad idea.

She did shots of vodka and posted more questionable pics.

…Basically this is where everyone lost all their respect for her and she became known as a certified whore.  

After that she dyed her hair blonde and became super girly again. 

At the time her best friend was Casandra Ashe, a sweet girl. For seemingly no reason she friend-dumped Casandra for the Youtube Crew. 

Then she went through this awful goth/experimental phase documented in a video where she tried to cover a song. 

She was dating this guy Zack at the time. She also met Lindsay Demeola, who she introduced to Sam Pottorff and Kian Lawley. She broke up with Zack and started dating Sam, but it was pretty obvious she wanted to date Kian. He didn’t like her, though.

Basically he thought she was using Sam for fame (she did gain a lot from him) and in the end this ruined the friendship between Kian and Sam. Their fandom, the “Lawlorffs” started to hate Acacia– this is where she gained the reputation of making fandoms angry and ruining them. 

At this point Kian and Lindsay also got close and Acacia got mad, further giving evidence that she was using Sam and wanted Kian. She 

Lindsay answered a question about it on Tumblr after Sam broke up with Acacia and started dating Lindsay. (It gets a little confusing.) She was pretty Tumblr famous too.

She did some damage to her rep on Sam’s Twitter by being rude to his fans.

She also posted pictures of her self-harming on Twitter. Whether she really does or doesn’t is still unclear, but people think that she doesn’t because both Lindsay and Sam, two people she was close to at the time denied it. It was pretty obviously at the most scratching. However, she still stuck to her story.

Even her mom supported her by posting this screenshot on Instagram. She got some backlash and doubt because people wondered why she didn’t give her help/rehab/therapy or whatever. 

Her old boyfriend Jake (melting) from her tumblr days said his opinion on her.

Sam broke up with her and he started dating Lindsay.

She dyed her hair black for like 2 days. 

This basically marked the end of her Tumblr days because around that day her tumblr was hacked and changed to victoriswhat. She basically became more focused on Instagram and Twitter and became super famous on there. On Instagram she was very obvious about liking cats and her fans started calling themselves her “kitties.” She overdid it a little.

She also started showing off how skinny she was. 

She also kind of got a catchphrase, “stay weird.” Her fans started calling her an inspiration even though she didn’t do much. 

Although it was a little annoying, imo it was probably her nicest and cutest phase, she didn’t shoot her mouth off and was overall kinda nice. 

She posted tons of cute selfies. 

She was really girly and wore a ton of Brandy Melville. 

She started dating Steven (@dartle on instagram) who was a really devout Christian. She also became friends with another really devout person, Lizze Broadway. So she was God-loving too. Wore a ton of crosses. 

She also ate a lot of Taco Bell and started getting free food from them.

She friend-dumped Lizze because she thought that she was being used for her fame (sound familiar?). She started a little band called Girl Squad with two other girls then realized they were using her too. 

For a little while, she was also the spokesperson for a failed social network called Pheed. She stopped using it after like 2 days.

By this time she had also remade her tumblr, but didn’t use it as much. She stated that she was 2 weeks clean from cutting.

After she and Steven broke up, she kinda lost grip on herself and got super into bands. And the boys in them. Basically, she was hella desperate. 

She had an ongoing obsession with Cody Simpson and kind of manipulated people into thinking that they were close. 

She got hate for copying Alli Simpson.

She also got hate for getting to go backstage to an EMBLEM3 concert when she wasn’t a “true fan”. She was linked to a member, Keaton Stromberg, for a little bit. She bragged about it on twitter.

Apparently she also got to go to One Direction. 

Acacia posted on twitter/instagram that she was invited to be a brandy melville model, and people believed it. She heavily documented it on social media. But later it was revealed by one of the models that she just invited herself, which was a little weird. It made sense because Brandy never actually featured her pictures.

She still made a huge deal about it.

She dyed her hair brown and bought a penny board. Most people thought it was because she had her eye on 5SOS’ Michael Clifford/Ashton/Luke Hemmings. 

They started following her on twitter then soon unfollowed. It was rumored that she had Michael and Luke’s numbers. 

She dyed her hair red and got a nose ring. She was super into bands now. She always wore band tees and got quite a ton of backlash for it.

One night over summer (like August) it was apparent that she was at the 5SOS house. 

All hell broke loose when people noticed that Luke had refollowed her that night. But then 5SOS posted a tweet insinuating that someone had broken into her house. It was all really confusing and honestly what made the 5SOS fandom hate her. 

On Tumblr she said that she didn’t have either Luke’s or Michael’s numbers. 

She got a really long red weave in September and went full indie/punk/whatever. It was unclear. But she acted like she was super into gaming and anime and generally “geeky” things. 

She got her weave taken out.

 By this point she’s now really good friends with Lindsay again, but they’re kind of on and off and can be really nasty to each other.

For a little bit she dated TC Carter from After Romeo– possibly. He’s 21.

Around the end of her relationship, she announced she was going to Digifest to perform with her band WaterColor. At Digifest 2013 (December) she performed “Stick Around” with them and it was really awkward because her voice was small and she had some of the worst attempts at stage presence ever. She also tried to hang out with more famous people like Tyler Oakley and Troye Sivan, but they downright ignored her. She said hi to Kian Lawley and his girlfriend Andrea Russett but they gave her a dirty look back. 

Oh yeah, and by this time she had a new black weave.

She got some ridicule about her band because she asked applicants to include a photo of themselves. She also classified them as punk when really they were generic bubble gum pop. 

They released their single Stick Around on Jan. 6 2014 and it climbed to #32 on iTunes. Acacia was really trying for top 10 but that didn’t happen. The only reason it got to 32 was because a bunch of kitties had caused a large influx in buying the song. The next day it tanked to 80 and by the day after it was off the top 100.

She also got really into the movie Frozen. 

She started uploading way more onto her YouTube.

She and TC broke up from distance.

She also started working out. Before, she had been pretty famous for being naturally skinny. She still eats a lot though.

She got hate for unneccessarily showing off her cuts. It was again brought into question whether she actually did cut or not.

She announced she would be going on tour with Watercolor and Hollywood Ending– a little puzzling considering they only have one song.

In January both Acacia and Lindsay had a gigantic falling out. They had always been on and off before, but the subtweets to each other exploded. Acacia tweeted that she was going to a party with Lorde there, but that night she didn’t go. This set off a gigantic series of subtweets to her friends, including Lindsay throwing shade back at her. This wasn’t new:

They never really had a healthy relationship. 

In the midst of the subtweets, Casandra stepped in on the side with a big burn.

But for the first time since they were friends they were directly tweeting each other mean things. The tweets were deleted soon after.

Acacia also uploaded gigantic rants onto Twitter about her haters, friends, etc. and made it clear she “wasn’t jealous” of them or that she wasn’t getting left out. It’s unclear whether she’s telling the truth.

And to add icing on top of the cake, Acacia uploaded a video in late January called “Ask Acacia.” Someone asked her who the last person she texted was and she bleeped it out because “people would get mad.” She blatantly said Michael Clifford and smiled, but it’s possible she was making it up like she did with Cody and had a backup plan if she was getting accused by MC himself. 

Jan 26th, 2014

punkbarbie  asked:

HEY WHAT'S UR FAVE BLOGS??? (i need more to follow)

@lilbittymonster is one of my fave nerds! she posts about video games and writes amazing fanfics!

@valoscope is so nice and fun, she’s the one you go to if you need to speculate on some BL stuff

@lol-who-is-this-guy is a giant nerd and a shitposter, he posts about video games and he’s one of my bestest bros here on tumblr

@thefangirlingglass is my irl friend as well! she has some lit cosplays, a great personality and the perfect content!

@thebossofthesaints is one of my oldest tumblr friends and she’s perfect when it comes to video games and friendship

@yonduofthegalaxy is my meme-loving nerd and my fellow ace buddy. they’re awesome and so are their content and their sense of humor!

@yhrite is perfection! he posts about video games and mixed content, he has some kickass SFM art as well

@talesofavaulthunter is your blog when it comes to BL! they’re a lovely person with amazing content!!

@drunkenvvhalers and @level1cleric are badass! they post about video games and mixed content, and they’re really fun to talk to!

@fallingvalkyries​ is another one of my bestest bros with mixed content and video games!

@hipheihippie, @megafreeman and @basob also post about video games and are great friends to me!

@booker-go-home-youre-drunk, @ehmehneh and @brandon-of-the-ditch are perfect for mixed content and video games too!

@burlesque-articulation​ and @mediocre-trashcan​ are lovely friends with mixed content!

@zorpederpedooon, @torrarina and @theleftnostril are also great friends with great blogs! they post about general nerdery and video games!

@echoatmidnight is awesome, both personality- and content-wise!

@empersiannicole is another giant nerd with perfect content and Kroger cosplays!!!

want more? go check @negativepotato, @tehnazzy, @gamingsiren, @kuroheta and @faeprinxe, ‘cause they’re awesomesauce!

also, check @hausofkyari for great mixed content, she’s hella cute!

@lalapootispow, @gingerrye and @zorasteam are great blogs with mixed content and video games as well as amazing people!

@monsterpilgrim and @mechanical-maelstrom are also superb friends with amazing blogs!

@inquisitor-apnea and @captain-habit are awesome friends and amazing artists!

@solidsquirrel​ and @draconica​ have lotsa video games and they’re great people!!

@undeadnugget​ and @huehnchn​ post about mixed content and video games as well! they’re great!

@hyperioncompanyman​ and @fantrorillaz​! more perfect video game content!

check @agt-mothman​, @stitchedmoon​ and @endythegreat​ for more awesome mixed content!

@zhomek92 is another meme-loving nerd I love him

@idlenight is another amazing friend with amazing content!!!

@sanctuaryofthescion, @mortalorder and @mortallyclassypizza are also a great blog for mixed content!

@sailorcutie​ and @nyxtical​ are lovely people with mixed content and video games! @pallass-cat​ and @n3spurr​ are giant nerds, also with mixed content!

@spooksandspoons​ is one of my bestest buddies! they post about mixed content and video games, and they occasionally do some super cute art!

even more? check @tomboygirlgamer​, @schrodingersorgasm​, @nomourners-nofuneral, @hubbin, @fraenkysjunk, @frost-hare, @watevermang!

@gaycrash​ is my bae! follow him for memes and video games! 

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@meme12345bunny​ is another awesome gaming blog, they make amazing gifs too!!

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for further mixed content: @devilinyourmidnightmass, @homicidal-barbie, @alianneofpirateswoop, @bali1331, @llamallamyloo, @shadytimetravel, @jacobafroguy, @nerdypinetree

more video games and mixed content: @mysuninmyhand, @connortemple, @erinchu, @atlasfuckboi

@handsomebodydouble is another one of my oldest tumblr friends! He posts about lots of video games and has some kickass cosplays!!

even more awesome people, holy shit! @crazyborderlandsbitch​, @maybe-im-funny​, @ahojsam​, @simptasia​, @sailorfuckthisshit​, @hyperionsellout​, @rainbowroses8666​, @missmarywesker​, @trixisspy​, @artemisasthereaper​, @hyperiontrashcannottrashcant​, @rickolette

@preasylumtrager​ and @admiralasskick​ are super fun and adorable friends with lotsa video games!

@zombielovegod​ is another super old tumblr friend! she’s a lovely person with mixed content!

@nokikissa​ is a great artist and a great video game blog!! she’s perf!

and @shepardcmdrn7 ‘cause they’re a great friend and a quality blog!

and some of my newer mutuals whose content I love: @theladyfinger​, @virulentslacker, @jasjasjasjasjasjasjas, @queenoftheothernight, @buzzzzaxe, @madebynerdsfornerds, @soumarti, @holographicblossoms, @chryssi-the-missy, @nishapavus!


So since my blog’s two year anniversary was a few days ago (june 8th) and it’s been a very long time since the last tumblr awards I did, I decided to do another tumblr awards :D


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there will be multiple winners in each category, depending on how many people reblog this


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I have 10k+ so hopefully you will gain :)

Other information:

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  • even if you don’t win anything I’ll still check out your blog and maybe follow :)
  • banner made by me using this picture of mine

Status: Obsessed with Evan Peters. You are my Tate and i’m your Violet (only American Horror Story’s fans will get it) Quality ig: alexqu4lity

Basically on March 5, 2014 everyone should draw a “t” on place where people can see it (hands, face, shirts, shows etc) and if you see someone with this “t” anywhere you go up to them & hug them, exchange urls, and become lifelong friends.

THIS IS FOR EVERYONE! porn, quality, vertical, personal, indie, kawaii, pale, grunge, fandoms, absolutely everyone!

In order for this to happen we have to REBLOG & LIKE to spread the world, there are more than 170 MILLION blogs on tumblr, now is the time for a TUMBLR DAY!

{this is a very amazing idea from @snapping}


So i just went on a huge unfollowing spree bc inactive ppl…


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miserable-at-b3st’s tumblr awards!!

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I haven’t done a tumblr awards in a while so here we go


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I’ll choose the winners by the end of the year if this gets enough notes! 

you will gain!!

Good luck!!!

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Pretty frustrated (again)

That dumb surface anchor project on the nape that we were all making fun of yesterday has been festering with me. That piece of garbage has 37K notes. 37 fucking thousand notes meanwhile piercers that are actually good and are posting actual quality work struggle to get 37 notes, period. As many of you have probably noticed, I’ve been answering less questions publicly lately(just answering them privately as anon has been turned off for a little while) and have been trying to focus on posting more portfolio work because Tumblr quite obviously needs more quality work circulating.

Let’s take a look at the amount of notes some of these recent pieces have gotten: tragus piercing with a yellow gold feather - 24 notes, quite possibly the best triple forward helix I’ve ever done(fully healed in the photo too btw) - 58 notes, rook with a pretty sweet gem cluster - 21 notes, healed septum piercing with a cute septum clicker - 33 notes. I posted a photo set of gold jewelry that gets over 1,000 notes, and then posted a tragus piercing with one of those same gold pieces and it gets 52 notes. How does that make sense? And it’s not even just my work. I’ve reblogged a couple of Efix’s beautiful work as well recently, tragus with a pretty gold heart - 26 notes, double tragus piercing with flawless angles - 59 notes. 

You have reputable piercers that donate a LOT of our time for you guys and to help better this industry, and you can’t even click the reblog button unless it’s some stupid piercings that won’t even heal? Obviously this doesn’t apply to everyone, I’m well aware of the people that are always reblogging quality work(you’re awesome!), but for the rest of you guys it’s extremely frustrating. I’ve got like 2,700 followers, this means you guys started following me because you care about body piercing. So come on, let’s change this!

And this isn’t just about me either btw, I only used myself as an example because it’s my blog and I can quickly pull up those numbers, it’s about all of the quality piercers on Tumblr that aren’t getting the recognition they deserve. Please stop sharing low quality work, please stop passing over quality work and please start giving quality piercings the attention they deserve. I’ve always tried to keep my blog mostly original content, but I’m even going to be making a conscious effort to reblog more of my peers’ work as well because we all need to chip in and do our part if we’re going to try to make some serious changes in the public eye’s perception of what constitutes quality work.

Stop sharing bullshit work, start sharing high quality piercings with proper high quality jewelry. Let’s help this industry move forward together!
(Sorry for the rant)


So after hitting 2,000 followers last night, I’ve decided to update my Follow Forever. Since I posted it the first time, people have changed their usernames and I’ve started following some quality blogs that I could never imagine not having on my dash now. So consider this my Follow Forever 2.0!


mellarksloaves: Kristin, dude… Like, I don’t know where I’d be without you here on my dash and in my life. You are a quality human being and one of the greatest friends anybody could ask for. Becoming texting besties with you was probably the most amazing thing that has happened to me on Tumblr. I love our conversations, no matter what we’re talking about. I love that I can text you that pic 24 times in a row. You have become the person I go to when I need to talk about anything. You are so encouraging and always there to listen. I love you, dude. You’ll always be the Mandrew to my Todd. <3 <3




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