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Barbershop Quartet: Each month they all spend a weekend absolutely spoiling one of them or FUBAR (they're on rotation). And on that weekend its super soft clothes, kisses, yummy food, snuggles, really soft, gentle sex if they want. Whatever they need/want to feel soft and loved. It's a total boost for each of them and their relationship.


I was actually JUST thinking about this because I recently listened to the most recent episode of 2 Dope Queens (aka the best podcast to ever exist), and Jessica Williams had her mom on to give love advice, because she’s a minister/relationship counselor, and it was SO GOOD. 

Basically she talked about how there are five different kinds of affection/“love languages”: 
-Words of affirmation (you were great at that thing today!)
-Touch (not just sex, but like hugs, sitting next to the person, etc)
-Quality time (spending time together, doing a thing your partner loves)
-Acts of service (let me do the dishes for you, etc)
-Gifts (i saw this and thought of you)

Different people get the most out of different kinds of affection – it’s different for everyone. And the idea is that people tend to give what they want back (treat others the way you want to be treated), and that’s awesome, but also different people have different needs, and different types of affection resonate differently with each individual.

And Jessica’s mom said that when you have a partner who’s, say, high on the “acts of service” thing (meaning acts of service make them feel extra loved), then it’s good to even put that in your planner. Make sure you’re giving your partner that kind of affection. (Steve’s got a note: Put Sam’s fleece blanket in the dryer at X time so it’s warm right when he gets home. Sam’s got a note: Get Bucky a thing of cinnamon applesauce because it’s his favorite. Bucky’s got a note: Give Nat a back rub. Nat’s got a note: Take Steve out for hot dogs.) 

SO BASICALLY I HEARD THIS EPISODE and got OBSESSED with the concept of the Quartet really tracking what KIND of affection they need, physically, psychologically, and behaviorally, and really putting in that work. They’re four very different people with really wild lives, and maintaining that dynamic is probably challenging. The idea of them having almost a system for checking in on each other is so sweet to me!

It's Time : For You [ANGST] Pt. 2

Ultimate Masterlist

GOT7 Masterlist

Part 1

Pairing: Mark Tuan x Reader

Genre: WARNING: ANGST (time to prepare your tissues my love if ever you know you’re going to cry)

Summary: When Mark realizes it’s time….

Word count: 1107


It took me some kind of alien guts to finally get the chance of leaving her. I guess not completely, but most of the time. I admit, I do miss her. Who wouldn’t, right? “Yo Mark!” Someone yelled from my back, panting heavily as soon as he held on my shoulders. “Oh hey, Jackson.” I greeted before he smiled at me. “Want to go outside and maybe have some quality time? I’ll let you meet my group.” Well, that’s not a bad idea so I agreed with him and went to the karaoke bar. I am quite nervous too and I’m really awkward in meeting new people. Once Jackson opened the door to the room, a figure caught my attention. “HEY THE– oh. Hello there (Y/N)” I heard her name. After three months, I heard her name again. I’m not over her, not yet. “You know her, hyung?” A boy said before circling his arm around (Y/N). “Hey Bam! Is she the ‘girlfriend’ you are talking about?” He hummed and smiled brightly. I pursed my lips and took a light gulp. “Well, I’d like you to meet my friend, Mark.” I looked up and showed the most fake smile that I could ever show. Showing her that I’m happy, it hurts me. I saw her look down and her attitude changed. “Well, I better go now. Just making sure that Jackson gets here safely.” I smiled before bowing down. “Oh and… Take care of (Y/N).” I mumbled, earning a lot of confused eyes looking at me. A chuckle went past my lips before I closed the door, keeping my hands inside my pockets before walking outside the bar. I looked up, pushing back the tears that were threatening to fall. “You really do have the guts to show yourself again, (Y/N).” I mumbled before looking from the left and right of the street. I feel really empty and I was really in to my trance until I heard whimpers. I looked around the area before I saw a puppy of brown in color. I sat down in front of it then sat down on the ground. “Hey there.” I spoke softly. “Don’t worry. I’m here now.” I added, patting my lap gently and the puppy crawled out of its place. I slowly placed my hand in front of it and it gently pressed its head against the back of my hand. I patted its head lightly before carefully carrying him. “Well, a cute boy doesn’t sound bad.”

The pup barked and wagged its tail, causing me to chuckle. I hugged the ball of fluff close to my chest before going home. While I was walking, my phone rang up. It was Jackson. “Yeah?” “Mark?” “(Y/N)? Why are you holding Jackson’s phone?” I suddenly heard quiet sobs. I was about to speak up when I heard her voice. “I miss you… Come back?” I bit my lower lip and let tears run down my cheeks. “(Y/N), you do know that I want to have a life too, right?” Silence… I never heard a single word from her and it only took me a sigh to startle her. “Good bye, (Y/N).” I mumbled before ending the phone call. I kept the device inside my pocket after setting it into silent before focusing more on the puppy. “Let’s get you home. I’ll take care of you instead…”


It was graduation day and I really  just want to get out from this cage. It was years when I last saw (Y/N). Two years or so. I haven’t talked to her since then. She suddenly went missing and we really have no idea where she is. So far, I got really close to Jackson and so am I with his friends. After the incident at the karaoke bar, (Y/N) broke up with Bambam. I felt sorry but whatever is running in (Y/N)’s head, I have no control over it. After the ceremony ended, we went to meet up with our colleagues and have a final talk for the mean time before we go to college. Our group decided to go to music school and aspire to be famous one day. I was just having a casual conversation with one of my friends when I saw a silhouette of a girl behind a tree. She seems shy so I excused myself and tried to look and keenly observe her. I was about to move closer when she stepped out of the shadows and smiled softly. That smile… I miss those. It took me all my strength to gather up all the courage I have to finally approach her. Her smile slowly fades and tears started to form at the brim of her eyes, causing my body to react in the same way. Her face got blurred as my eyes were filled with my tears. (Y/N) raised her hand to cup my cheek and caressed it with her thumb. Tears rolled down my cheeks and I know, I’m not over her… Not yet… “Hey there” she muttered with her shaky voice. “Hey.. I missed you.” (Y/N) nodded then let out a pained giggle. “And so did I.. But you know the reason why I’m here, right?” I looked down at my feet then nodded. “I just want you to know that I did adore you, loved you even, but I am dangerous. I don’t deserve an angel like you. You’re my life, Mark. I just can’t get myself to give you a chance because I know I’ll only hurt you.” She paused, trying to cover up her obvious sobs. The sobs that I used to hear way back when I tried comforting her. “I’m so–” I took the opportunity to cup her cheeks and firmly press my lips against hers. Heaven knows how much I love this girl but it has come to the point that the both of us were already hurting too much. All our bitter-sweet memories were collated and were shared into this, our first and last kiss. I trapped her into a tightest hug I could ever encase her in and I know, at the back of hers and my mind, she did the same to me. I pulled away gently to place a light kiss on her forehead as tears continue to roll down. Her hands grabbed a fistful of my clothing before she let out the words the both of us needed to hear. “Good bye, Mark…” I slowly let go of her and slowly walked backwards. “Good bye, (Y/N)…” I said, turning my back to her as I ran away, letting her watch my diminishing figure.

If I get enough money to have my dream house, it’s gonna have a “she den” and a “man cave“.

I believe alone time is just as important and spending quality time with your significant other.

Timeless - season finale

Overall, this episode had a shitload of depth and kept it going. I was hella glad that Ethan Cahill kept his word to Lucy, and that they were able to bond more. I figured all that catching Rittenhouse wasn’t as good as they thought it out to be, it’s too big of a shit organization to go down just from Ethan’s file’s. If Lucy’s mom doesn’t get arrested like the other Rittenhouse members, I will fight.

Lucy: I personally agree with her on how she views Garcia Flynn. I think she is correct in saying that he is a broken man who just went about everything in the shittiest way possible. I’m glad Flynn kept is word and trusted Lucy with the whole Ethan stuff, and getting her back to 2017. I’m hella glad she got to meet with her grandfather and really get that quality time in with him. I’m hoping that she’ll go to Wyatt and/or Agent Christopher about her mother now being in Rittenhouse
Jiya: I don’t think she’s going to die, not at least from jumping along with the Lifeboat. I think she’s going to end up living with time flash episodes her whole life to pay the price. SO glad she and Rufus are still happy!
Wyatt: Just fucking kiss Lucy already
Rufus: Never explained how well his bullet wound came along??? I’m hoping he did get it officially treated at a hospital and it just wasn’t shown. And while they were in 1954 and he was talking to Jiya, that made me happy.
Agent Christopher: Badass. I love her for that. The fact she was willing to just stay there and let herself get arrested so the team could get out, that was great. Kinda wish she hadn’t arrested Flynn, but she was doing her job..
Mason: He’s a shitload of complicated. Glad he was being his 3D whatever. Getting that data was really useful, but he didn’t have to be a dick about getting the NSA.

So I’m assuming that Lucy’s mom & Emma are in Rittenhouse which kinda fucks up with AC’s successfulness of arresting 150 members. Emma and Lucy’s mom seem to be prominent members of Rittenhouse.
Sooo with that, I think this next season (assuming we get one!!) is going to be a lot of “FUUUCK Rittenhouse has the Mothership”. Lucy’s going to be internally battling it out for what to do about her mom. I don’t think she’s going to get to save Amy just yet, not with this news about her mom. Wyatt’s hopefully going to stop shooting everyone as the travel and also hopefully will kiss Lucy. I think Rittenhouse will definitely be targeting Rufus out of the 3. & Maaaybeee I could see Rittenhouse attempting time travel to the future?? It could be interesting… But I do like the team of Agent Christopher, Mason, Rufus, Lucy, Wyatt, & Jiya.


Hi everybody!

I really



need to be better about blogging. All these great memories are flying by, and I know I’ll want to have them documented. It just feels hard to find a minute to get them down.

In the spirit of making it happen, though, here’s a quick and dirty post about our recent trip to Florida.

We went. It was sunny and green and beautiful, as usual. We spent lots of quality time with my grandparents (that’s my gorgeous grandmother holding Gus). We swam and played on the beach and drank some beers and white wine and watched some sunsets. I squeezed in several beach walks and runs. We ate slow breakfasts on the porch overlooking the intercostal while Andy DJ’d (he plays “Banana Pancakes” by Jack Johnson over and over and over and over). I drank some really amazing Cuban coffee. 

It was actually kind of a tough parenting week, though. Gus was just…off. He was fussy. He wasn’t sleeping. He wanted to be held, usually by me, ALL THE TIME. I think he did 99% of his naps down there in the Travel Ergo. When we came home, we had an even worse night’s sleep (up every 15-30 minutes from 7:30 until 1:30 am) and I marched him right into the doctor’s office the next day. Turns out, little buddy has a dairy/soy intolerance just like Andy did. It’s a pain for me because now I’m on a restricted diet, but it’s so nice to have an answer, and last night he slept 7:30 - 12:30 and then 1 to 7:30. Hallelujah. And I remember this dairy/soy restriction really helping me shed some baby weight with Andy, so it’s not the most terrible thing. 

On a side note, the doctor also told me to start offering Gus a bottle of formula after nursing sessions a couple of times a day because his weight is not great. I have handled this like a champ, you guys. If you followed me during Andy’s early months, you know I was, let’s say, much less laid back about formula then. I’m rolling with it much better this time around, and everyone is happier. 

Anyway, Florida was wonderful. We spent most of the time on Siesta Key but did journey up to St. Petersburg to see Kevin’s cousins for an afternoon. I actually really loved the city and they are just fabulous people. Andy screamed the entire car ride home, and it was a true parenting low point, but other than that it was a great day. We also had some good friends who happened to be staying nearby for the week come to play on the beach and have lunch with us. That was another fun little vacation bonus. 

I quickly chose some of the best pics from my phone, but I easily could’ve posted 100. Siesta Key is just the most gorgeous place, and I’m so lucky I’ve gotten to spend the last 20+ springs down there visiting my wonderful grandparents. 

Supergirl has really just plummeted in quality in record time, huh? Just watched the latest, and we’ve got: 

  • Confirmation that the Space Holocaust Survivor/Space Holocaust Guard romance, which two weeks ago had people defending it by claiming it wasn’t romantic, was 100% absolutely romantic.
  • An attempt to make Fratboy McDoucheybland look better by giving Kara a nigh-omnipotent stalker.
  • Have Kara call out F McD on his shit, 100% accurately, and then later it turns out she was lying to make him go away. (Protip: If you have to list all the reasons why someone is terrible to make them go away, they really are that terrible.)
  • Alien who looks like a conventionally attractive blonde white woman in a half-mask has the hots for Winn because he’s the writers’ wish-fulfilment fantasy for some reason.

If Alex and Maggie weren’t so adorable I’d drop the show.

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Sterek- there goes my left sock

Hmm. I think this title would be great for a domesticity Sterek fic. Possibly something sappy and fluffy where Stiles has been working long hours, and Derek has, too, and they’re finally getting some quality time together. Of the naked variety. And Stiles is being a dork and narrating their actions because it makes Derek’s eyebrow huff even as he fights a smile, and Stiles enjoys seeing Derek smile as much as he likes the naked parts.

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💕 (with Female Jigen, just for the lolz )

The chance of a relationship working out between Koichi Zenigata and Jessie “Daisuke” Jigen is not very big, but a relationship is very well possible, if the two of you really want it to, and are prepared to make some sacrifices for it. You’ll have to spend a lot of quality time together. You must be aware of the fact that this relationship might not work out at all, no matter how much time you invest in it.

Oh, we’ll spend plenty of quality time… I’ll visit you at the Penitentiary!


top 10 favorite events or periods in history (in no particular order)


au | during a rough landing, Superman accidentally hits Stiles’ jeep and Stiles fangirls a little too much.

Holy shit Scott, I just met Superman. THE SUPERMAN, are you listening to me??
HE EVEN OFFERED TO PAY FOR THE JEEP’S DAMAGES, oh my GOD I think I’m a little in love right now.