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I had to back out of the last non-private commissions I did because of a Brain Crisis (read: i started antidepressants and they suplexed the hell out of my entire creative drive) but I’m feeling ostensibly energetic and driven enough to open up maybe two slots for full bodies (like this one) because i could use the dosh

absolutely nothing i have said here is encouraging from a buyer’s perspective and i’m conducting myself with the professionalism of a socially inept 13-year-old who just discovered deviantart points but i have to get back into this hot tub at some point SO uh if you are a patient sort and don’t mind being a guinea pig sometime in the much later evening i will probably be opening up a commission form and picking two from it 

being that this will be a Test Run i will not accept payment until i’ve presented a sketch, and will not withdraw it until i’ve finished the piece


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top 10 favorite events or periods in history (in no particular order)


I’ve been called disgusting because of my OTPs about 15 times last month.

Please please PLEASE don’t treat us less human just because you think shipping our OTPs is not right. NO exceptions. You will not become a better person nor make the world a better place by doing that. We won’t stop shipping it, there will only be more hate.

Update: half of those who reblog it don’t understand exactly what I meant here, so I’ll say it boldly: this comic is for those who receive hate because they ship underage/incest/abuse ships and such, not just ships that are unpopular. You say it’s illegal? I’m desperate to see a screenshot of the law which says “shipping fictional characters is prohibited when…”, including the number of the law, name of it’s country (bc I’m not american) and everything. You say it’ll make us want to have such relationships in real life? Well I’m sure you’ve read a lot of books with criminal characters, and you liked them, and apparently that means you’re gonna be criminals too.

I hate it when my words get interpreted the wrong way, so stop saying shit like “oh of course if it’s not about pedophilia!!!”. Yes. Yes it fucking is.


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She doesn’t know what was going on in Hannah’s life. 
                                 You don’t know what’s going on in hers.