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“There are days when I’m just kind of overwhelmed by all of it. And I think that that’s okay.”


Today I covered “Vanessa” by Grimes. I’m a big fan of Grimes and I listen to this song on loop all the time.
Anyway, it’s a bit of a difficult song for me because of the high notes and the lack of chances to breathe and my inability to play the ukulele, but I hope you enjoyed! It’s always a learning experience for me when I watch myself sing because I see all the ways I could do better. :) Thank you for watching!

Smells Like Home

Butternut Squash was united with Shiro right when he graduated from the Garrison.  For several years they were absolutely inseparable, and as he climbed through the ranks, they became closer and closer.  So when Shiro went on the kerberos mission she sat in front of his door every day for him to come back. 

That is, until one day a stranger came in and took her away to stay somewhere else.  She couldn’t understand why she had to leave because she just knew Shiro would come back.  She goes and lives with this person for many years, and she grows, and begins to grow older.  Every day she thinks of her human, Takashi, and wonders when he will come get her.  

Finally, she and this person go for a ride in the car, and she is curious to know where they’re going.  She recognizes where they are as soon as they pull up to the porch, she can smell her home after so many years of dreaming of when she would come back.  Jumping out of the car she can feel the ache in her aging joints, and she makes her way slowly to the front door.  An old, worn bell still hangs from the door handle, and muscle memory guides her to nudge it with her nose to signal her desire to return inside.

After a beat, the door opens, and it takes only a split second for the pair of them to come together, Shiro crouching down by the threshold to hold her tightly.  She can feel his tears dripping onto her coat, but she’d not bothered with these happy tears her human is shedding.  She knows that the sobs are those of relief, and if she were capable, she would be crying as well. Her Takashi, her home, has come back  Just like she knew he would.

can you believe that Marvel manages to defy expectations and continue making high quality content for the MCU


I seriously zero-ed in on the negative, mostly because I get frustrated by how little attention Steve’s issues and flaws get. So that write-up is very one-sided. Steve isn't just his depression, frustration and self-loathing. He’s a lot of things.

Like I shot down a few positive qualities that people tend to give him that I don’t agree with. I don’t think he’s good with people. I think he struggles with people and not in a shy way, but in a ‘I can think of seven million rude-ass things to respond with and only five that are only mildly-rude so maybe I should just keep my mouth shut’ way.

I don’t think he’s so inherently good that he doesn’t struggle doing the right thing or being a nice person. That’s what I meant about him not being a 'good person’, and I really shouldn’t have put it like that because Steve is a good person. He’s a very good person. The thing is he has to try to be good, he puts a lot of effort into being good and he holds himself to very strict, very high standards and I just don’t think he’d do that shit if being good came easy. Steve has too much anger and frustration and depression for it not to be a struggle. It's hard not lashing out when you feel that shit. Its hard to juggle forward momentum with acceptable verbal responses, but Steve does it because in his mind, its what he has to do, otherwise he's wrong, or more wrong than he already is. That struggle is what makes him a good person, because he consistently has to choose and he consistently makes the 'right’ choice. Steve is good, but its not inherent in the way people like to portray it. He isn’t only full of good opinions of people and he does think about what would be the easy way out and what would be the most beneficial for him, fuck everyone else. He just makes the choice to put himself last despite whatever else he thinks. The point being he thinks that shit in the first place.

Steve struggles with people, but that doesn’t mean he’s awful to be around. He does his best to hide all the shit inside him, right? So he tries to be as pleasant as he can. And although he’s not very pleasant, considering pre-serum his default is quiet and sullen looking, he’s smart as a whip and has a sharp sense of humor which can be v. attractive. He may only know how to speak in snark, but people like snark and he’s very good at choosing when and how to express himself. He’s good at choosing the right snarky thing to say at the right time, he just waits for those times. That’s why I roll my eyes when he gives Tony shit for always having an answer because hAHAHA STEVE YOU ARE exactly the fucking same in that regard. You always have an answer when people push at you and its always the best thing you can come up with at the time and you can come up with some doozies. 

And when he’s comfortable, talking comes easier and by the time he’s Cap, he’s used to snarking with people Not Bucky and doing it in a socially acceptable way. He tries to play light. Taken at face value, that’s attractive. 

I don’t think Sam or Bucky pity Steve. They think the shit he holds himself to is pretty unfair and that he should give himself a break, but they also respect how hard he tries and they respect his box because they know he needs it and its just part of who he is. They like him for who he is; imperfect, smart, funny, creative, caring. They like helping him feel at ease with himself, to help him crack open the door to the box, or even just help him feel less constrained by it. 

Sam and Bucky (pre-first avenger) are both better people than Steve is, and I mean inherently. Things come easier for them and they both know that and both respect Steve because they can recognize he’s having to try. I don’t think either of them have a hero complex. Sam helps people for a living–helping people is what he goddamn does and it isn’t for a sense of pride or superiority, its because he’s a fucking angel. People need help and he’s good at giving it and it makes him feel fulfilled. I’m sure he takes pride in his work but it’s a result of his work, not his reason for it. Bucky cares for and puts himself out there for Steve because he thinks Steve deserves that, he thinks Steve is worth that. Its something he can give him and he’s certain Steve should have that kind of loyalty. He’ll champion Steve especially because it seems like no one else will. Bucky knows all the ways Steve goes under appreciated (how hard he tries and how stubborn he is to keep going being chief among them) and it burns him up inside that this kid who has so much inside him is going unnoticed and has been convinced he has to stamp all that fire down to get by. Bucky wants Steve to be happy because not only does he like the snarky little shitlord that he is, but he also sees his potential and wants to help Steve reach it however he can. Usually he’s just making sure the kid stays alive long enough to get there, because that’s the help Steve will accept. 

So like Steve? He’s an unhappy person. But he does his absolute best not to take that out on anyone but himself. He puts the comfort of others before his own and he’s damn good at articulating (if heavily censoring) himself, so he’s not too hard to be around so long as you don’t expect him to be very energetic. He’s not used to having conversations with more than one or two people at once and he’s certainly not used to being the center of those conversations–he would avoid both of those things as politely as goddamn possible. If you can’t handle snark, he’s not gonna talk to you much and what he does say will probably be as polite as he can make it, but if you think snark is charming and can appreciate his wit, you’ll probably have a good conversation and he’ll be far more open to it. Steve’s a good guy, he’s just not very good at making himself happy so he’s honestly kinda shit at making other people happy, too. But he still tries. Steve fucking tries

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Can you maybe do a close up of gruncle stans face as a profile picture . That would be amazing

if u mean like draw a brand new pic of stan’s face then probably not since i’m still busy w schoolwork, but for now i’ve got these older pics i cropped (+ one i never posted):

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Okay, so I have to say this first- my ridiculous “dancing” and shuffling in the background is just me imitating what he usually does while dancing to Shake It Off when we’re at home. I am by no means a good dancer, but I promise I wasn’t actually trying here 😂. In fact I tried to crop me out, but the video already cut Taylor off a bit at one part :( so I didn’t want to make it any worse, but here we have Leyton “holding Tay’s hand” via the side mirror while bopping down the road to live vocals accompanying the radio. You know, while she casually drives down the sidewalk in a mini-Mercedes. Casual.

The Garde and their phones
  • John: cheapest, most ecological smartphone that does everything it needs to do. Currently has an htc, but his old models have always been Androids. He likes to customize his phone. Whenever he gets a new phone, he spends hours up to days to get the layout exactly how he wants it to be.
  • Sarah: Newest iPhone with the prettiest and girliest case. Wallpaper and app organization constantly changes. Includes many emojis for contact names. Out of all the Garde, she posts the most snapchat stories. Also has "feed goals" on Instagram
  • Six: Older version of iPhone. Cracked screen and a kickass home button sticker. Various emo stickers stuck on a simple clear case. Mostly uses to listen to music; always brings headphones everywhere
  • Marina: Not the newest iPhone, but not as old as Six's. Backgrounds are always selfies of her and another Garde, mostly Eight, Six, Ella, and sometimes Sarah. Has a pretty floral case which she never changes. Always careful to keep phone in good condition
  • Eight: Switches between Apple and Samsung. Is always breaking his phone one way or another, and constantly replacing it. Each year he has to go through at least two phones. One year he broke five phones and Marina got mad at him for being so clumsy. Isn't the most tech-savy, so his layouts/backgrounds are quite basic as well as his social media.
  • Nine: Likes Samsung because he claims Apple is too mainstream. Has S6 and loves the camera quality, as its great for taking gym workout pictures. However he isn't the best at picture taking and his lighting and filters make his photos unattractive but shh he doesn't know that yet
  • Ella: Older hand-me-down Samsung phone from John, who helps her recustomize the phone to fit her preferences. Usually uses it to play many games or stalk people on social media.
  • Sam: Newest iPhone to keep updated with current technology. Likes to take the phone apart to study the insides. His phones are jail broken and has many security features installed.
  • Adam: flip phone.

After about 2 years of talking about it, I’ve finally finished my Mary/Maria (of Harvest Moon) cosplay!!

External image

This is the only cosplay I’ve put together that didn’t involve sewing. I already had everything except the dress (which I bought real cheap today ;D)
The wig could use a little work, but aside from that I’m SO EXCITED!!!
Now, to find another harvest moon cosplayer to give my blue feather to…


things that the signs need to hear
  • Aries: you're fiery personality isn't always funny and cool. You're one of the most intelligent signs so you should know this. sometimes you need to just stop acting like a total asshole.
  • Taurus: you're good qualities can sometimes be mixed with your bad. There's a difference between being down to earth and patient and being lazy. Don't be known for being boring and lacking excitement okay? bc ur really cool!! Let people see that!
  • Gemini: don't be so flighty. Your friends need you even if you're on some self discovering adventure do not forget who's always there for you. especially when they call.
  • Cancer: shhhh just chilllllll. If you think you're being manipulative you probably are and I know you don't always mean to be. Natural crybabies. Don't dwell. Cancers are such nostalgic dwellers. It's okay to move on.
  • Leo: calm down, little lion. figure out your roar before you go and use it. Your firecracker personality can be both positive and negative. Think before you speak.
  • Virgo: you're so very intelligent but don't let that detach you from people who care about you. It's okay to not let your brain control you sometimes.
  • Libra: you're very popular and likable don't let that get to your head and inflate your already decent sized ego, libra.
  • Scorpio: listen. You gotta start trusting people. I know it's hard but I promise you'll find people who are just as loyal as you and it's easier than you think. You have a good heart. Use it!!!!
  • Sagittarius: You're hilarious and just the right amount of chill you are some of the best friends to have and I hope you get the appreciation you deserve! Don't let your easy going personality take over though. It's okay to let your other emotions show and let people know when you're upset.
  • Capricorn: you want to be the boss over people but you want to be independent too. you have a strong personality use it for good bc you could easily use it for evil! Unclench your teeth and let one slide, boss. No use being angry over spilled milk.
  • Aquarius: you already know you're crazy so let more people see that sweetheart on the inside that every Aquarius has. You make life very fun.
  • Pisces: I know you're stuck in the clouds but sometimes you have to come down. do what's best for you and the people who care endlessly for you. What are you unsure of? You're a beautiful soul with a lovely mind but you are undoubtedly the most babied sign. Show the world you aren't just a cry baby. You CAN stand your own, lil one. Staying in a safe place isn't always the best tactic.
A short dialogue in which car theft is used as a metaphor representing various aspects of racism, including, but not limited to, cultural appropriation, whitewashing, the concept of "reverse racism," and the "educate me" derailing technique.
  • Cop: You're under arrest for grand theft auto.
  • Driver: What? I was just APPRECIATING that person's car!! They should be FLATTERED.
  • Cop: Still, the car isn't yours to appreciate, and the owner is very upset that you're driving it without their permission.
  • Driver: Shouldn't it be about the quality of the driving, not the rightful owner of the car? Maybe I'm just a better driver than them!
  • Cop: I'm sure the owner is a fine driver. Besides, it doesn't matter how good a driver you are, this isn't your car to drive. You're going to have to give it back.
  • Driver: What, so when I take a car away from THEM, I get arrested, but THEY can take one away from ME without any problem? I'd like to press charges for reverse theft.
  • Cop: There's no such crime as reverse theft, sir, they're just taking back a car that belongs to them in the first place.
  • Driver: How DARE you say reverse theft isn't a crime? It might not be as bad as regular theft, and it may not be illegal, but it still HURTS to have this car taken away!!
  • Cop: Sir, I'm looking here and it seems you have another outstanding warrant for grand theft auto. Have you stolen another car?
  • Driver: No, my GRANDFATHER stole that car and left it to me when he died. It's not my fault it got stolen, so why are you trying to make me feel guilty about it?
  • Cop: The driver still wants their car back, sir, it doesn't matter who stole it, the fact is that it WAS stolen and you're the one who has it.
  • Driver: That's so unfair!! I shouldn't have to give up MY car just because of something bad my grandfather did!!
  • Cop: It's not your car, sir, it's theirs, and you need to give it back.
  • Driver: UM, you don't fight theft with more theft. I don't see why I should have my car taken away because my grandfather was a car thief!! I'm not a car thief, I shouldn't be punished for what my grandfather did!
  • Cop: You ARE a car thief, sir, you're sitting in a stolen car right now. Both cars need to be returned.
  • Driver: That's so unfair!! How am I supposed to get around?
  • Cop: I suggest you BUY a car, much like the owners of this car and the one your grandfather stole.
  • Driver: What, so I have to pay my hard earned money to buy a car and they get theirs back for free just because I stole it? Why do THEY get special treatment?
  • Cop: They don't, sir, they just want the cars that belong to them.
  • Driver: God, why do they have to make EVERYTHING about car theft? It's not even a problem in this country anymore.
  • Cop: I feel like I should point out the irony of a man who doesn't own a car claiming car theft isn't a problem in this country while sitting in a car he stole, but I feel like you'll refuse to hear it.
  • Driver: Wow, you're ASSUMING that I don't own a car of my own just because I have two cars that ARE stolen? Who's the REAL car thief?
  • Cop: Still you, you're literally sitting in someone else's car.
  • Driver: So I guess I can't take a taxi or get my friends to drive me places, or else you'll arrest me for grand theft auto because I'm "in someone else's car."
  • Cop: You MUST know that's not comparable to this situation. The difference there is that your friends INVITE you to ride in their car, and that you PAY to ride in a taxi, and that both your friend and the taxi driver can refuse to let you use their car if you don't agree to follow their rules.
  • Driver: No, I did NOT know that. Maybe instead of arresting me, you should EDUCATE me on what I did wrong, and ask me NICELY to give the cars back.
  • Cop: Sir, it isn't my responsibility to educate you, it's your responsibility to learn the law. You should know that stealing cars is wrong, and you can't blame everyone else for not telling you not to do it. Plus, if you'll notice, you're still not giving the cars back even now that you know it's wrong, and I've now explained to you several times WHY it's wrong, but you didn't seem to take "the owners of the car didn't want you to take it and insist you give it back" for an answer.