quality of these caps is shit

animation meme cringe comps are so unnecessary lmao 

most of the cringe comps are videos made by children. young children do not have much experience with animation. 


putting a child’s work into a cringe comp and telling them that “lol xD this is so cancerous XDDD drink bleach!!!” makes them feel terrible. plus, most of the people who make cringe comps have 0 experience with animation and are mostly grown ass people. 

animation is fucking hard as shit. dont expect a young child to make perfect disney quality animations. instead, give them constructive criticism. tell them how to improve. dont shit on their hard work. 

so, blame Steffi, but I’m watching ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ again & why are we not talking about how absolutely precious lil’ baby Raúl is with his awkward bambi legs, as adorable and confused Riff Raff, when Frank-N-Furter primps and poses him at the beginning of “I Can Make You A Man”??? 

like he just gets snatched on up and even tries to turn ‘round but noooooo.

& when he fixed his hair after “the sweat from his pores” I squeaked out loud.

& then he gets massaged and he’s like “omg no”.

& like then Frank-N-Furter starts dancing so Riff Raff is like ‘hey alright’.

& at the end he’s like “omg omg omg nooooo” all just to get tossed right off.

I still love you, Riff Raff.


Color Palette Meme ☆ ☆

Asked by @kirei-na-jinsei: Lelouch//Color(s) I Associate with this Character

Is this what love feels like? - Race x Reader

Race X Queen of Brooklyn Badass! Reader

Requested by: Anon

“Race x Queen of Brooklyn Badass!Reader? I would love you forever if you wrote this for me! (Not that I don’t already love you)”

A/N: Thank you anon!! Here’s what you asked for :)) It’s my first time writing an imagine so here we gooo + Sorry if she’s not as badass as you imagined! 

Also: I didn’t really edit this thoroughly so if there’s mistakes and such, ignore them haha


Brooklyn. Friendliest place on earth, with the most friendly people. – Well, at least that’s what they say.

But to the Newsies of New York? They’d disagree.

Why? Because of the notorious Y/N L/N. That was why.

Secretive. Mysterious. Tough. And never spotted. She was known for being the most roughest and toughest newsie of New York. Only a few had seen her face and that made her sound even more intriguing that she was before. Always on the run from the fuzz, like a modern day Robin Hood. She only did what she had to do, and took what she had to take. The stealing and law-breaking was never for herself. It was for the children back at the refuge.

As a young girl, Y/N had spent most of her childhood at that crummy prison, struggling to feed herself everyday even until now. When she finally reached 15, she broke out of the miserable place to finally be free; visiting every so often to find food for the rest of the helpless children. Spot Conlon, King of Brooklyn at the time, had found her stealing food from a cafe, and he took her under his wing. They were inseparable since. He taught he everything she needed to know about New York: Street Smarts, how to soak someone, how to sell papes, and just regular everyday tips that would help her in life.

And how did you know all this?

Because you are her.

Y/N L/N, Queen of Brooklyn, was you.

And here you were, two years later. The supposed Queen of Brooklyn herself, running away from nothing. You had gotten sick of the same old city and wanted to see something new. Maybe a different city? Maybe a small town. All you knew is that you wanted to get out of Brooklyn for one damn day. And that’s what you decided to do. So tonight you were set. Tonight you were going to explore the unexplored. It sounded stupid, but hey. A girl’s gotta dream right?


It was dark. Not pitch black, but dark enough that you could see the shadows lurking behind you. Dark enough to get soaked without even knowing what hit you. The only light in sight was the multiple street lamps that produced the littlest amount of brightness, meaning you couldn’t see a thing. It was cold, and windy and you just wanted to rest.

“Stupid plan. I should’ve stayed in Brooklyn. There’s nothing here anyway.” You muttered to yourself, hugging the small vest you wore closer to your chest. No inn, or anywhere to sleep was in sight and you could swear no one would be out in the streets at this hour. Little did you know, there were two men creeping up behind you. Once you did notice though, you were pushed into an alley.

“Look at what we have here.” A voice sneered. “It’s one of them newsies. And it’s a goirl!”

You were on the ground and all you could see were two stocky, well built, men looking over you.

The Delancey brothers. You’ve heard a lot about them.

“Leave me alone.” You ordered, getting up to your feet. The men just grimaced and sent each other a look. One of them grabbed ahold of your hand and pulled it so that it would behind you head and out of reach. Wincing, you tried to punch him with your free hand, but the man had pinned that down too.

“I usually don’t beat up pretty women like you, but you look like street scum. And- you’re one of them filthy newsies.” The other man taunted.

“You’re going to regret this boys.” You warned them, giving each of them a glare as they laughed at you.

“Ohohoh- I’m soooo scared.” They laughed. “Are you gonna hurt me? Hm? You’re gonna hurt me?”

You brought up your head to look them straight in the eyes. “Why, Yes! However did you know?” You spat, sarcasm and false enthusiasm lacing in your tone. As the two men looked at each other puzzled, you brought up your leg and kicked one in the crotch. He winced in pain and immediately let go of your hands. The other one was about to bring his fist to your eye, and for a second you thought he would too, but as his arm flew towards you, you quickly ducked and dodged his punch. The man  you had kicked earlier was beginning to stand up but you swiftly kicked him back to the ground. 

You thought you had won, when suddenly, a punch was thrown towards your face. Grimacing in pain, you brought a hand to your eye. That was definitely gonna leave a mark in the morning. As you lay on the ground, shaking and awaiting a hard kick from one of the two, you suddenly hear a pounding of footsteps, some shouting and next thing you knew, you were sitting up, facing an incredibly worried blonde haired boy. He had a cigar between his teeth, and his eyes danced with worry. 

“Hey Miss, You alright?” The boy asked, timidly taking his hand and brushing some hair out of your eyes. As you looked up at him, you gave him a small frown.

“I could’ve taken them. I didn’t need your help.” You state, picking yourself off the ground. “I would’ve soaked ‘em by now.”

The boy cocked an eyebrow and gave you a knowing look. “Sure you would.” He smirked, as he proceeded to sit on a nearby bench. “You have a black eye and a busted lip. If I hadn’t come along, you’d be a goner.” 

He patted the seat next to him and you sluggishly walked over. As you sat down next to this hero of some sort, you began to notice some more of his features. Under this dim light, his eyes appeared to be a navy blue. His tousled locks appeared golden under the street lamp, and his newsboy cap was tilted at the slightest. At least, you believed he was a Newsie. He practically had all the qualities to be one. 

“Hey-uh Miss?” He said, breaking the silence. Bringing your head to look up at him, he gave you a small smile. “You sure youse alright?”

Your head was spinning, and you honestly felt like shit, but this boy somehow was making you feel better. 

“Yeah, I’m fine.” You answered, sending him another smile.

“Could I get ‘ya name then?” 

“Could I get your’s first?” You asked, giving him a teasing smirk. 

“Fine, I’m Racetrack- Just call me Race. Ise one of them Manhattan Newsies nearby.” Race answered, taking off his cap to run his hand through his hair. 

That was hot do that again.

You only smiled and nodded. “Racetrack hm? Nice name.”

“Could I get yours now?” He asked, waiting for your answer.

You couldn’t just give away your name now. You were the Queen of Brooklyn. Once you told him your name, he wouldn’t treat you normally anymore. At least that’s what happened when you told some newsies at the Bronx before. And besides, the lesser people that knew about you and your appearance, the lesser descriptions the cops would have.

“How about you find me a place to stay and I’ll think about it.” You offered, being amused at his impatient reaction.

“Fine. We’ll go to the Lodging house. Come on, this way.”


As the two of you neared the Lodging house, he stopped in his tracks.

“Alright- before ‘ya go in, you have to be real quiet. The guys in here are already sleeping and they ‘aint like being woken up.” He informed you, keeping his voice at a hush.

You just nodded in understanding, following Race.

“Here, you can sleep on my bed, I’ll just sleep on the floor.”

Widening your eyes you shook your head. “No, I couldn’t. Here, I’ll just move over. You can sleep on that side of the bed.” You declined, scooting over to the side you’d be sleeping on.

As you waited for his response, all you got was a cocky smirk and a raised eyebrow. “Wanting to share beds with me already? My my, someone’s taking it too fast.”

Your face got red and you lightly slapped his arm. “Shuddup. Can we just sleep?” You whined, not wanting to suffer from more embarrassment. Race nodded his head in amusement and scooted in beside you. Your gaze was directed towards the ceiling, not wanting to make any eye contact with him. While you played with your fingers, which was a nervous habit, Race cleared his throat.

“Are you alright?” He asked nonchalantly, placing both of his hands behind his head.

You nodded silently, before turning to face him. “And what about you?” you questioned. “You doing okay?”

He only sighed and smiled to himself. “The prettiest girl in New York is right next me, of course I’m alright.” He muttered quietly so you couldn’t hear.

You took a deep breath and closed your eyes. A million things were running through your mind. Quite a handsome boy was laying next to you at the moment. Too bad you had to leave early the next morning. You didn’t need to run far away. Right here was good enough. And you could sense that back in Brooklyn, Spot was worried sick. You couldn’t leave him there without telling him. Not after all he’d done for you. 

Opening your eyes, you took a look at Race beside you. He had significantly moved in closer, for his nose was inches away from yours. His eyelids were fluttered shut and the corner of his mouth were tugged into a shy smile. He looked so peaceful when he slept. Turning again so you’d face him, he mumbled something then placed his arm around your waist. You held your breath, squirming out of this awkward situation, but once you were out of his grasp, he stirred. His arm reached for you again, and this time you moved in. He hugged you tightly, pressing you against his chest.

Woah, He’s really warm.

You took a look at him if he was fully asleep, and once you could confirm he was, you slowly let your head rest in the crook of his neck. You felt peaceful here. Safer than you’ve ever felt.

You felt like home.

Fluttering your eyelids closed, you smiled, not wanting for tomorrow to come.


Morning had dawned, and you still had a few hours before the rest of the Newsies woke up. You had gotten up an hour ago, and you were prepared to leave. As you quietly crept towards the exit, you suddenly heard an audible groan.

Turning your head quietly to the sound of the noise, you were met with a sleepy Racetrack. His usually untamed hair had gone even more crazy, as it was curled up in different directions. You stifled a laugh to see him like this. This wasn’t the same boy you met last night.

And that was also a good thing. Race looked so good in the morning. His face glowed, even though he looked deadpanned and tired. Why was he so- so -

“Where are you goin?” Race interrupted your thoughts. “Wait- don’t tell me you’re leavin already!” He exclaimed, getting a few whines from the boys.

“I hafta go, Race.” You shushed him, then explained that you had to leave now or you’d waste time. He only nodded his head and frowned as you sent him a small wave “goodbye”.


You stopped in your tracks, and faced the sleepy boy once again.

“I never got your name.”

You looked at the boy, and how fond you thought of him even though you’d only met him last night. No one was awake, and if you told him your name, none of his friends would believe him since you would’ve left.

You’ve got nothing to lose.

As Race awaited your answer, you walked back over to him and whispered your name in his ear. His eyes widened as he looked you up and down again. He had just met the Queen of Brooklyn herself.

More importantly, he had met her with all her borders down. Her soft side. The side she’d never admit she had.

As Race stood there, awestruck, you gave him a peck on the cheek and proceeded back to the exit to start your trip back to Brooklyn.

“Visit me in Brooklyn sometime alright?” You said as you gave him a wide grin.

“I sure will.”

As he watched you run out the exit, he sighed and smiled to himself. His chest felt all fuzzy and warm, and he couldn’t wipe the smile off his face.

Is this was love felt like?

‘Cause I could get fucking used to this.


So this was my first imagine/actual writing thing!! Hope you enjoyed :)) - 🐸 

ok if it all works out, i’m gonna start trying to answer some of the infinity war questions i’m getting toward the end of the week. just a general psa though: i am….. not ready to jump on the pessimistic/bitter train regarding tony’s role in the movie yet??

mostly there’s a lot of “oh god no i can’t deal with this stress” going on here at this end with how real life is a shit show (personally and politically lol) and my fave (616 tony) is Gone and mcu is my last life line (imagine this level of desperation lmao!!) but like for whatever it’s worth, i have been able to rationalize my desperate last-ditch positivity with a few semi-objective reasons

1) honestly i am shutting out any “was the letter supposed to fix everything??” worries from my life because we’ve heard from both the russos and rdj that the team is split and steve is still “s-listed”

2) we also know that the avengers rift is going to be their biggest weakness against THANOS like if we’ve got a story where a space titan will be waged against AVENGERS INTERPERSONAL CONFLICT then yeah i already know that said interpersonal conflict is not gonna be an easy fix. if i’m worried about anything, i’m worried that tony will (rightfully) be resenting steve to the point where it hinders their group performance and that’s where any “tony painted as A Villain” worries would live if i had any, and,

3) i really don’t have any at this point because i think that what’s missing from the idea that “tony’s emotional reactions to steve might be depicted as a problem and that’s a bad thing” is the fact that those would be REACTIONS to SOMETHING STEVE DID and i’m telling myself people are underestimating how much the movie will focus on the fact that steve betrayed tony’s trust and tony has no reason to trust him and basically how justified tony is going to look

4) i am telling myself that based on the premise that this movie will ACTUALLY be a team-perspective movie rather than a STEVE-perspective movie. as much as people say that cap 3 was “an avengers movie, not a cap movie,” it WASN’T. it was never meant to be, i can’t count how many times the cap 3 creative people and actors reiterated that “at the end of the day, this is a captain america movie” and whether or not people think it was a successful cap movie, the fact is, we have NOT seen this creative team (russos + m&m) actually legitimately setting out to make an AVENGERS movie. the cameras in cap 3 were following steve 90% of the time, we don’t actually know what this sort of stuff looks like in a movie where we get to follow *tony* when he walks out of the room as well, and

5) EVEN THOUGH cap 3 was a movie that followed steve’s perspective, the russos still wanted it to not take steve’s side. they said multiple times that they were going for a 50-50 team cap vs team iron man split and they cared to do that within the constraints of a movie that followed steve’s line of sight and honestly? i may be too far up my pro-tony ass but i think they all did a GREAT JOB getting tony’s side to come across, in a movie where he was working against the PROTAGONIST so i really have no reason to believe they won’t do a good job with tony when tony is ALSO a protagonist

6) a billion things these guys could have said about the avengers status and whereabouts re: infinity war and they SPECIFICALLY zoomed in on tony to talk about how TONY is already addressing the main threat in this movie with no input from steve & co, like to people’s pessimistic “tony will HAVE to get steve’s help UGH” i raise the other side of that coin, aka “how fucking bad will these guys look when they’re all together and TONY turns out to have been the one Doing Shit while these guys were incognito somewhere because they’re on the entire world’s shit list by their own hand” –> i daresay that’s tony’s perspective on the whole deal and again we HAVE NOT SEEN ANY OF THIS TOLD THROUGH TONY’S PERSPECTIVE YET

7) also idk how many of you were here for this but like i spent months crying about the things i wished i could see in a civil war adaptation and i STRAIGHT UP GOT EVERYTHING I WANTED (minus the glass punching scene like that was literally the One Thing)??? lol i specifically remember posting something like “please introduce tony by having him wax poetic about Future so that his Ideal may be juxtaposed with all the shit that follows” and full offense cap 3 legitimately gave me “REFRAME THE FUTURE!!” AND “bitter The Futurist tone a la Confession” i’m still in awe because this wasn’t a “oh this is in the comics, i WANT it” sort of thing, it was a “if these people know two shits about tony they’re gonna think a little and extrapolate and givE ME THIS” thing and THEY WENT THERE GOOD LORD i’m still !!!!!!!! at tony’s cap 3 introduction i mean on top of everything else it is ALSO A *PERFECT* PARALLEL TO HIS IM1 MERCHANT OF DEATH INTRO

(HONESTLY??? HONESTLY??? tony receiving an award (IM1) vs tony giving an award (cap 3), tony distracting himself with people’s shallow attentions (IM1) vs backstage avoidance!tony stark (cap 3), “it’s an imperfect world but it’s the only one we’ve got” (IM1) vs “REFRAME THE FUTURE! STARTING NOW!” (cap 3), tony’s reaction to christine vs tony’s reaction to mrs spencer like fuckiNG HONESTLY GUYS the post-IM1 movies WISH they’d been this good at drawing tony’s character development lmao)

truth is, these people Knew Their Tony Stark Shit, full offense, and idk if it was m&m or the russos or rdj or the power of all my desperate prayers, all i know is that those same elements are present in infinity war and honestly?? honestly?? i am so entirely ready for that level of Tony Stark Quality ™ in a movie thAT ACTUALLY HAS AN OBLIGATORY TONY STARK FOCUS and i have SO MANY BAD THINGS IN MY LIFE RIGHT NOW, PLEASE LET ME BE HAPPY FOR FULL 20 SECONDS

“I think it’s wrong to display this male fairy tail character as at all feminine or with any minor ”“”“traditionally”“”“ feminine traits or qualities, it’s disrespectful”

What’s disrespectful is ur fuckin attitude bitch femininity isn’t an insult lET THE BOYS BE PRETTY

5 reasons why I love Lenny...

…and why you should too.

Bleeder is the forgotten child of the Mads’ film fandom. So I’ve decided to embark on a one-person campaign to fix this travesty, because Lenny is a babe and so far only me and @devereauxsdisease seem to be clued in on this hidden gem of a character.

1. He spends most of his free time alone in his bedroom, watching movies

Which, let’s be honest, is pretty much the same thing all of us on here do.

2. He is so done with everyone’s shit

Lenny’s friends have a lot of, uh, issues but he’s not here for any of it.

‘Jesus Leo leave me alone’

‘I just want to watch my movie and you guys won’t shut up’

‘Yes and the problem is you guys and your mouths gdi’

‘Well, I’m double-fisting drinks at a hot dog shop so that should tell you all you need to know’

3. He is the patron saint of awkward crushes

This dollbaby cannot function around people he finds attractive. At. All. And his response to that issue? Just run away from them.

‘Oh hey, it’s the cute girl at the diner. Let’s stare at her through the window like a stalker and then run away awkwardly when she notices me.’

‘Oh hey, it’s that cute girl again, better run through traffic even though I have nothing to talk to her about, and then follow her halfway home like a dweeb’

‘No, and it’s not because I stole it after you touched it or anything weird like that, no siree.’

‘Oh hey, she’s down the street waiting for me to meet up with her, maybe I should just RUN THE FUCK AWAY’

So cute.

So well-meaning.

So unable to handle social situations.

4. He is unapologetic about his obsessions

This sweet little chickadee loves movies and never shuts up about them. Ever. If he’s having a conversation, it’s probably about horror films or his favorite actors. Oh, you’re tired of hearing about films and think Lenny should get some new interests?

Lenny dgaf.

5. He wears the hell out of a velvet blazer

Just look at this fine piece. Just look.

…Need I say more?

IN CONCLUSION: Y’all had best get over HERE and watch Bleeder so we can get more rare pair fics with this babe. And maybe even read my fics featuring him.


dunno how to start this but i guess we all know that this is indeed a beautiful number. Because of the 5k I will kinda extend this post so either you bear with me or you can just scroll for your name. 
Anyways tumblr has been an amazing experience so far I met people whom I cannot live without anymore even if they probably don’t know that - but trust me guys your blogs make my days shine you don’t even know. Tumblr has also taught me a lot for example that there is a lot of sexual stuff I’ll never want to do. But Tumblr has allways been a little project of mine-  like I mostly blog my own stuff maybe 4% of my posts are reblogs from other blogs not because I don’t want to share them but because I want to keep going with “my own stuff” and see where it’ll take me.

To get to the point i love to do follower forevers because it enables me to show all bloggers that I appreciate that i love them and respect them and that my “no-reblogging-mentality” is just me being stupid again.

so I have some words to say to some people  (god this post will be so embarrassing and akward later on) to keep this shorter i will only mention multuals this time even if there are still a lot of non multual blogs i love- let’s get started

@simplykasumi Thank you for being my first follower like holy shit I just started my blog and had someone as big as you following me really kept me going thank you very much.

@gaston26 & @grimdark13 you 2 are like following me since forever reblogging and liking everything I post in an endless battle of who is my #1 follower this month - thanks for allways liking even the shitiest of post like i could literally just write “penis” and you would like it holy shit.

@nemesis-of-reason my anime analytics dude I will never get rid of our weeb talk with you i can unleash my nerd power to the fullest.

@more-moe-more-problems thanks for inspiring me to make a blog and allways answering my shitty questions thanks for mio monday and thanks for following me.

@cutegirlsdoingcutethings thanks for loving mmmp even if he’s very tsun sometimes.

@cute-girls-from-vns-anime-manga thanks for noteboosting me a lot thanks for all the vns knowledge and the links to get them myself 8) and thanks for following me very early on supporting me when i was at like 100f.

@tippy-the-rabbit you are a special one, very nice you allways support little blogs  note- and follower-boosting them a lot you keep getting new people on my dash thank you very much for that.

@xdeyuix It’s my boy dewo dude we both know we don’t talk much to each other but boy you are someone I could allways rely on and it’s allways so much fun chatting with you thank you very much for being such a nice person.

@dutch-kun like there is a lot I want to say to you but first and foremost thank you for being a friend. You talk to me everyday, we diss each other, enjoy cancerous memes, snapchat, game, ragequit. I’m having a lot of fun with you. You are the closest friendship I have build on this site and i want us to continue having fun.

@onee-samaaa you know when you start a tumblr blog you have to pick 5 peops to follow? Tumblr recommended you and god tumblr has good taste sommetimes.

@crimsonphase as if twintails and sin isn’t worth anyones time. I know that I’ve been following for nearly 2 years now and I still don’t regret it.

@derp-creeper this grill will never change his icon but who can blame him.

@deadecchi look at anime nowadays - fanservice everwhere - ecchi is more alive than it has ever been. If you haven’t allready check him out I’m enjoying literally everything he posts because he is looking for and i quote “a certain quality in posts”.

@yuubarii I’ll never forget your citrus story. Thanks for sharing your good cosplay and quality anime girls and yuri on my dash.

@hiratzuka we just have a lot of taste in common. If you like my taste in anime girls you’ll like his taste too.

@ipscell do it for Rize. Do everything for the Rize.

@zsaber met you in oppaigamings stream and never regretted following you. Good post but you probably follow him anyway.

@world-of-hikari we haven’t talked in a while still love you though <3</p>

@shinobukaka Kakaka - Kakakakaka.

@hishiron 10/10 taste like how can someone not like tlr and cute anime grills.

@is-the-order-a-destroyer-new It’s basically ordering a loli but this blog delivers cute girls and posts of every kind/age.

@lolisarereligion thats why I am an atheist.

@squidmiku is it a squid? is it a miku? aww shit man it’s both.

@themorganiser doing anime caps like me but probably faster and better. 

@jyoshikausei quality posts everywhere just check the blog out it’s worth your time trust me.

@jacobtheslothone good taste, good posts - has sloth in his name!

@hakujiin talk to us in discord man - jk - Haku is a good one definitely worth your time.

@the-anime-girls-blog the name is what you get and trust me - you want it!

@sprenkx Marion likes Noire too. Thanks for the great moments in the discord chat.

@chilly-ashiteru I wish your stream would start earlier - check chilly out if you want to see a weeb streamin with some bloggers every once in a while.

@milkbeam refined taste in cars and knows where to place your nut. (there I said it)

@hexagon431 this guy seems to like everything you post and i like everything he posts + good taste in music.

@animeswimsuits I swear one day I will fuck ya.

@doujinsforthelols whoever runs this blog must be a fucking genius.

@askthinkharder good questions everyday.

@itasha weeb cars. Will never own but treat em with respect.

@vesperiastar good art - refined taste he can draw like a god. Marion - thank you for Marion.

@jared-rebolledo this  guy started sending Momo art to me - the way to my heart is pretty easy.

@moeitall do it - moe everything!

@prince-toshiro I swear i’m still sorry for that Pandasexual joke.

@anime-scarves scarves are good very good.

@aceserena thanks to your lesson i will never ever trigger a transgender, trap, shemale ever again.

Well thats it sorry to everyone I missed

BTW thanks to everyone in the in the discord chats having a wonderfull time with you love you all.

PS: I’m kinda happy that I don’t have that many multuals xD